Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

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4 Jefferson Ratliff. Mary Ann McLain
5 John Forbison*
6 Mary Ann Wilson. William V. Shepherd
7 Samantha Wilson. Samuel Crossland
11422314 Sarah Charlotte Freeman*
2 Mary Elizabeth Freeman. John Ross Meigs
3 Cynthia Louisa Freeman
OK 4 Sauna Keziah Freeman. William Noel Stewart
5 Henry Benajah Freeman. Elizabeth Goss
6 Georgianna Freeman. Nathaniel Wofford
11423314 Mary Elizabeth Vickery. David McLaughlin Beck
2 John Henry Vickery. Mary Doss
3 Malinda Jane Bennett. Sidney L. Erwin and William James
4 James Newton Vickery. Martha Emma Padgett
5 Frances Isabelle Vickery
6 Frank Scott Vickery. Lydia Padgett nee Bettis
11424314 Simpson Clark Bennett* Emily Kell
2 Eliza Levisa Bennett. Daniel Ross Coody
3 Malinda Jane Bennett. Sidney L. Erwin and Wiilliam James Kuhn
11425314 Malissa Arminda Cordery. Austin McLain and William Sanders
2 David Jackson Cordery*
OK 3 Andrew Cornelius Cordery. Alice Schmidtman nee Hildebrand and Mary Belle McGeehon
4 Charlotte Jane Cordery. Almon Martin
5 Lucy Ann Cordery*
6 Mary Susan Cordery* Lewis R. Coody
11426314 Wilborn Vickery
2 Samuel Vickery
3 Elsie Jane Vickery* Henry Clay Lowrey
4 Henry Vickery
5 Mary Vickery. Henry R. Collins
6 John Vickery. Elizabeth J. Quinton
7 Susan Vickery. James Monroe Lowrey
11427314 Josephine Cobb. Josiah M. Pugh
2 Josephine Cobb*
OK 3 Mary Elizabeth Cobb. Walter Scott Agnew
4 Margaret Charlotte Cobb. George Zufall
11428314 Rufus Benton Cobb. Mary Kell
2 James Henry Cobb. Alice Chisholm and Ida Still nee Hollingsworth
3 Edward Cobb* Nannie Harper
4 Charles Nathaniel Cobb*
5 Howell Cobb


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

1 thought on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family”

  1. I am pleased to observe that details on ancestors are invaluable in terms of confirming family oral history using naming traditions. I have noted that the Collins family genealogy is not mentioned here. Members of the Cherikee Collins family again originates with the Delaware Indians in New Jersey then to the Choptank Indians living in Eastern shore virgina and moving from Delaware colony. Have any historical sources related to the Collins fam free families if color Shawnee Ind. fam genealogies among the Lewes Indians DE-MD in a compiled genealogy? Cherikee in
    Cherokee Strip, OK or among the Kanza Sioux in SEMissouri? I am researching family connections to the Great Woman Nippy Houston and that Sam is a cousin who is directly related to me via this Cordery-Rogers lineage to my GGf chf. J. Rogers!! Thanks for the info! Drive out the white people! I am grateful to the Native American people for giving blood, good fortune, worthwhile great life ! God Damn the US!

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