Surname: Cordery

Ancestor Register of Esther Steelman Adams

A Genealogy of the Lake Family

A genealogy of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbour in Old Gloucester County in New Jersey : descended from John Lade of Gravesend, Long Island; with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. This volume of nearly 400 pages includes a coat-of-arms in colors, two charts, and nearly fifty full page illustrations – portraits, old homes, samplers, etc. The coat-of-arms shown in the frontspiece is an unusually good example of the heraldic art!

Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Thomas Cordery. Susannah nee Sonicooie 1112 Sarah Cordery. John Rogers 2 Lucy Cordery. Robert Rogers OK 3 Nannie Cordery. Parker Collins 4 Charlotte Cordery. Henry Vickery 5 David Cordery. Charlotte Goss 6 Hettie Cordery. Henry Vickery and John Vance 7 Early Cordery. Charlotte Berryhill 8 Susan Cordery. John Mosley 111213 Robert Rogers. Mary Ann Baptiste and Mary Scott Jones 2 William Rogers. Mary Vann Neely nee McNair and Louisa Reedy OK 3 Johnson K. Rogers*  Octavia Ann Mount 4 Joseph Rogers. Hannah Foster 5 Lovely Rogers 6 Mary Rogers. Nicholas Byers McNair