Agreement of June 29, 1825

Council House, Broken Arrow, Creek Nation, 29 June, 1825.

Resolved by the Chiefs and Warriors in Council assembled that after a suitable consideration which the nature of the case demands, they solemnly and strictly declare for themselves and for the whole Muscogee Nation, that all of the late General McIntosh’s party who have opposed the Laws of the Nation, are hereby pardoned to all intents and purposes, and they are hereby invited to return to their usual places of abode or elsewhere, and their to dwell in the full enjoyment of peace & security and of all their rights and privileges guaranteed to them by our Laws.

The property which they have with them, & that which is in the Nation owned by them when they left it is theirs. Such of their property as may have been lost or destroyed contrary to the known laws of the Nation which once belonged to General McIntosh & Samuel Hawkins or others shall be restored or paid for to the proper owners by the Nation whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the United States Agent after hearing both parties in Council that it was or any part of it taken or destroyed contrary to the Laws of the Nation. Either party may appeal from the decision of the Agent to the Secretary of War, whose decision in the case shall be final.

Some individuals of the pardoned party are justly indebted to the nation for monies borrowed in different amounts and otherwise, for which the Nation expect to be paid. –But the authorities of the Nation will wait patiently a reasonable time until these debtors can be prepared to reimburse the National Treasury. In every case, at all times these misguided and unfortunate people are required to conform to the Laws of the Nation and to obey and respect the proper authorities, and conduct themselves as good citizens of the Nation. A general talk shall be given in public and observed by the whole Nation, that these people shall be secure in their persons and property. Any person or persons who shall kill any of the pardoned party on any presence for past offenses shall suffer Death. And it is clearly to be understood that they are to be in no respect punished or held accountable for the past, but are in future subject to all the restraints of the Law and entitled to the privileges of good citizens.

Done in Council and subscribed in behalf of the whole Nation.

Tustinuggee Hopor his x mark

Tuskeneehuk his x mark

Opothee Yoholo his x mark

Yoholo Mico his x mark

Tustenuggee Mald his x mark

Oftfuskee Yoholo his x mark

Mad Wolf his x mark

Enedhlah Toholo his x mark

Hopoi Hajo his x mark

Mad Tiger his x mark

Tuskenuhuh of Caseteck his x mark

Creek Nation,

Collection: Indian Treaties Acts and Agreements. Web. © 2016.

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