1910 Ottawa Census

Census of the Ottawa Indians of Quapaw Agency, Okla.
on June 30, 1910, taken by Ira C. Deaver, Supt. & Spec. E Dist, Okla.

The Number is the Roll Number, and these may change from census year to census year. In this case, the first number represents the number you will find the individual on the 1909 census and the second number represents the current roll number for 1910.

1910 Ottawa Census

Old #New #Indian NameEnglish NameRelationshipAgeSex
11Delphia P. BaldwinMother50F
32Ella BaldwinDaughter18F
54Marilla BaldwinDaughter16F
65Buddie BaldwinSon15M
76Norah BaldwinDaughter10F
87Zora BaldwinDaughter10F
43Della Baldwin (Wright)Daughter18F
28George Baldwin22M
99Henry C. Baldwin31M
1010William BaldwinFather29M
1111Bertha BaldwinDaughter8F
1212Frank Henry BaldwinSon4M
1513Fred BaldwinFather25M
1614Cleo BaldwinDaughter4F
1715Edith King BarlowMother27F
1816Lucia Emma BarlowDaughter7F
1917Mary Jennison BiddleMother27F
2018Erma Louisa BiddleDaughter7F
2119James Walter BiddleSon5M
2220Maude Pooler BergenMother26F
2321Charles O. BergenSon6M
2422Charles Bryon38M
13224Joseph Brennon43M
13325Charles Breenon24M
2626Richard Clark68M

Digital Census Images


The Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940, Microfilm Publication M595, 692 rolls. Washington, D. C., : National Archives and Records Service, 1967.


Quapaw Agency,


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