Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933

Surname Y

Leana Graham,
Francis Gipson,
Nola Gipson,
Bart Gipson,
Lucy Gibson,
Homer Gibson,
Sophia Gibson,
John Lee Gibson,
Gusta Gibson,
Martha White Golden,
Jimmy Gipson,
Fannie Gipson,
Annie Gipson, I
kie Gipson,
Steve Gipson.


Beaman Jack

Isaac Jack

John Jack

Liza Jack

Tom Jack

Cara Jacoway,

Cawa (?) Jackoway,

Isabell Jacoway,

Kelley Jacoway,

Mina Jacoway,

Rufus Jackoway

Sealy Jackoway,

Simmon Jackoway,

Summers Jacoway,

Alex Jackson,

Alice Jackson,

Betsie Jackson,

Caway Jackson,

Chris Jackson,

Eliza Jackson,

Fannie Jackson,

Fatie Jackson,

Franklin Jackson,

Gibson Jackson,

Jeff Jackson,

Lena Jackson
Lillie Jackson,

Lottie Jackson,

Mamie Jackson

Martha Jackson,

Martha Jackson,

Martha Jane Jackson,

Mary Ann Jackson,

Meck Jackson
Missie Jackson
Molly Jackson
Prince Jackson
Sally Jackson,

Sam Jackson

Solomon Jackson,

SolomonJackson (Me-ha-te-tubbee)

Sonie Jackson,

Tom Jackson,

Tubby Jackson
W. W. Jackson

Wesley Jackson,

Wilie Jackson,

Willis Jackson (Ah-la-pin-tubbee)

Becky Jacobs

Martha Jacobs

Teach Jacob,

Albert James

Mattie James,

Ludie Jeff

Melton Jeff

Amos Jefferson

Billie Jefferson

Billie O. Jefferson

Brockston Jefferson

Edmund Jefferson

Elsee Jefferson

Elsie Jefferson

Idel Jefferson
Lena Jefferson

Martha Jefferson

Newt Jefferson
Onie Jefferson
Oscar Jefferson
Otis Jefferson
Willie Jefferson
Willis Jefferson

Ike Jemmie

Adam Jim

Albert Jim

Albert Jim

Amon Jim

Aney Jim

Annie Mae Jim
Arvin Jim

Becky Jim

Ben Jim

Ben Jim
Benney Jim

Beth Jim

Billy Jim

Bob Jim

Chaney Jim

Cooly Jim

Dicey (or Bicey) Jim

Dixon Jim
Dora Jim
Elijah Savell Jim

Eliza Jim

Ellen Jim

Emma Jim
Ermon Jim
Fabie Jim

Fingley Jim

Frances Jim

Fronie Jim

Goodman Jim

Henry Jim

Hopkins Jim

Isaac Jim

Jack Jim

Jackson Jim-Isaac

Jane Jim

Jim C. Jim

Jimmy Jim

John Jim

Lacen Jim

Lee Jim-Isaac

Lee Johnson Jim

Lena Jim

Lillie Jim

Lina Jim

Lissie Jim

Logan Jim

Lona Jim
Loraine Jim
Lou Jim
Lysander Jim

Martha Jim-Isaac

Mary Jim

Mollie Jim

Ona Jim

Racy Jim

Rose Jim

Sallie Jim

Sannie Jim

Silma Jim

Simmon Jim

Steve Jim

Susie Jim

Tillie Jim

Tom George Jim

Tycoolie Jim

William Jim-Isaac

Willie Jim

Wilson Jim-Isaac

Alie Jimmy

Bicey Jimmy

Ike Jimmy

Lee Jimmy

Mabel Jimmy

Silas Jimmy

Viola Jimmy

Will Jimmy

Edna Joe

Emily Joe

Johnnie Joe

Hudson Joe

Langley Joe

Alex John

Anderson John
Bettie John
Betsy John

Billy John

Bob John
Cleta John

Cornelia John

Edgar John

Emil John, Jr.

Grundy John

Ira John
Jacvk John

Jewel John

Josh John
Joshua John

Lee John

Lyecana John
Mandy John
Musilena John
Ona John

Rhoda John

Sallie John

Sarah John

Sookey John

Susie John

Josie Johnnie

Alton Johnson,
Beatrice Johnson

Ellen Johnson

Frank Johnson
Lorena Johnson
Reubina Johnson
Svenie Johnson
Alice Johnson

Bessie Johnson

Billie Johnson

Edgar Johnson

Frank Johnson

George Johnson

Henry Johnson

Henry Johnson

Jim Jack Johnson

Johnny Johnson (E-lu-nah-tubbee)

Lieby Johnson

Lucy Johnson

Lula Johnson

Martha Johnson

Miller Johnson

Mollie Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Nicey Johnson

Sam Johnson

Samville Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Seanna Johnson

Smith Johnson

Wesley Johnson

Willie Johnson

Coglan Jollis

Henry Jones

Joe Jones (Oon-te-ah-tubbee)

Mary Jones

Clarice Jordan

Bell Joshua

Emma Joshua

Eva Joshua

Jane Joshua

Joe Joshua

Jane Joshua

Lucy Joshua

Lucy Joshua

Martha Joshua

Sam Joshua

Sillian Joshua

Simon Joshua


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5 thoughts on “Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933”

    1. Descendant of HOPIA. My family is Harrington. My grandfather was William Bailey Harrington was born in 1896 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Despite all documentation, oral history, language and traditions, we were never permitted to enroll. Any help to join Mississippi Band is appreciated. Thank you!

  1. I cannot find the “Cs” in the online list of Mississippi Choctaw claims 1933. I am researching my sons Choctaw heritage and believe their great grandmother Addie Viola Loper Currie was full blood. Thank you.

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