Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933

Surname T

Abbie Thomas
Alex Thomas (Ho-tim-o-nubbee)
Becky Thomas (Ma-con-ti-mah)
Dan Thomas
Ella Thomnas
George Thomas
Hickman Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Jim L. Thomas
Jophn Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Long Thomas (Hicatubbee)
Lucy Thomas
Mary Thomas
Minnie Thomas
Mollie Thomas
Susie Thomas
Vicey Thomas
Wash Thomas
Wilmon Thomas
Charlie Thompson
Felix Thompson
Lillie Thompson
Robert Thompson
Tom Tikeli-Yearby
Alex Tillis
Houston Tillis
Jane Tillis
Murphy Tillis
Steve Tillis (Kon-ne-o-tubbee)
Adaline Tom,
Archie Tom (Li-shubbee)
Elan Tom
Emaline Tom
Mollie Tom
Polly Tom
Sarah Tom
Willia (Con-che-ha-tubbee) Tom
William Tom
Dave To-ma-ha-tubbee
Eban Tookolo
Elan Tookolo,
Ellen Tookolo
Emaline Tookolo
George Tookalo
Katie Tookolo
Mary Tookolo
Rena Tookolo
Donald Tonubbee
Becky Tubbee
Caroline Tubbee
Jim Tubbee
John Tubbee
Lillie Tubbee
Liney Tubbee
Sampson Tubbee
Sanders Tubbee
Sim Tubbee
Tom Tubbee
Winnie Tubbee
Betsy Tuffamah
Ellis Tuffamah
Era Tuffamah
Ishaman Tuffamah
Lucy Tuffamah,
Sallie Tuffamah
Suella Tuffamah
Tom Tuffamah
Willis Tuffamah


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5 thoughts on “Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933”

    1. Descendant of HOPIA. My family is Harrington. My grandfather was William Bailey Harrington was born in 1896 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Despite all documentation, oral history, language and traditions, we were never permitted to enroll. Any help to join Mississippi Band is appreciated. Thank you!

  1. I cannot find the “Cs” in the online list of Mississippi Choctaw claims 1933. I am researching my sons Choctaw heritage and believe their great grandmother Addie Viola Loper Currie was full blood. Thank you.

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