Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933

Surname B

Alice Ben Bell
Amon Bell,
Clede Ben Bell,
Ellen Bell,
Floyd Bell,
Mack Bell
Ellen Bell
Emma Bell
Evan Bell
Geneva Bell
Gipson Bell
Hugh Bell
Ike Bell
Leona Bell
Lucy Bell
Lillian Bell
Mamie Bell
Mandy Bell
Nicholas Bell
Pat Bell
Thompson Bell
Tom Bell
Tonie Bell
Sallie Bell
Susiana Bell
Viola Bell
Willis Bell,
Jempson Ben
Monroe Ben,
Sallie Mae Ben
Augustine Billie
Clement Billie
Eva Billie
Jessie Billie
Jaggie Billie
Jennie Billie
Lona Billie
Lum Billie
Neicie Billie
Tom Billie
Williston Billie
Alice Billy
John Billy
Jordan Billy
Lilly Billy
Sallie Billy
Wade Billie
George Bull
Hickman Bull
Hickman Bull
Pink Bull
Sissy Bull


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5 thoughts on “Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933”

    1. Descendant of HOPIA. My family is Harrington. My grandfather was William Bailey Harrington was born in 1896 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Despite all documentation, oral history, language and traditions, we were never permitted to enroll. Any help to join Mississippi Band is appreciated. Thank you!

  1. I cannot find the “Cs” in the online list of Mississippi Choctaw claims 1933. I am researching my sons Choctaw heritage and believe their great grandmother Addie Viola Loper Currie was full blood. Thank you.

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