Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933

The 1933 Mississippi Choctaw Claimants came from the National Archives and was posted in the newspaper in Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi, in November of 1935. We present it here as a genealogy research tool for those looking for a possible Native American connection in Mississippi.

Surname A

Amanda Allen
Bessie Allen
I. C. Allen
Jim Allen
Joe Allen
Lacy Allen
Willis Allen
A. J. Anderson
Abel Anderson
Allie Anderson
Bettie Anderson
Bob Anderson
Ceyelly Anderson
Ella Anderson
Hinton Anderson
Ike Anderson
John Anderson
Kate Anderson
Lonie Anderson
Lonnie Anderson
Mattie Anderson
Mattie Anderson
Oliver Anderson
Roy Anderson
Sallie Anderson
Thelma Anderson
Ann Amos
Buty Amos
Julia Amos
Lampkin Amos


5 thoughts on “Mississippi Choctaw Claims 1933”

  1. Descendant of HOPIA. My family is Harrington. My grandfather was William Bailey Harrington was born in 1896 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Despite all documentation, oral history, language and traditions, we were never permitted to enroll. Any help to join Mississippi Band is appreciated. Thank you!

  2. I cannot find the “Cs” in the online list of Mississippi Choctaw claims 1933. I am researching my sons Choctaw heritage and believe their great grandmother Addie Viola Loper Currie was full blood. Thank you.

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