Title page to the Aroostook War

Muster Roll of Captain James Clark’s Company

Muster Roll of Captain James Clark’s Company of Light Infantry in the Detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service “by the State, for the protection of its Northeastern Frontier, from the twentieth day of February, 1839, the time of its rendezvous at Bangor, Maine, to the eleventh day of May, 1839, when discharged or mustered.


James Clark


William E. Atwood


Nathaniel D. Eaton


Joseph Leslie
Solomon York
John N. Emerson
Timothy M. Cook


William M. Johnson
Ezekiel C. Jackson
Laomi S. Herrick
Hazen Messenger


John Swan
Jacob Swan
Amazias Dodge


Allen, Samuel
Baker, Edward D.
Baker, Samuel
Barden, Oren
Bean, Carlos
Bither, Ira
Blake, Levi
Blagdon, Samuel
Budge, John N.
Bunker, Silas, Jr
Chadman, John O.
Corliss, William
Cross, William
Cushman, Joseph
Dunning, Valentine
Dyer, Benjamin
Eddy, George W
Foss, John E
French, David,
Glidden, Hiram,
Goodwin, Francis
Grant, Arthur L.
Grover, Abraham
Hale, Reuben
Harris, William
Herrin, Bowman
Herrick, Thomas C.
Hewes, Daniel
Hinckley, Lorenzo
Howard, Charles A.
Jenness, John
Low, Charles
Luce, Freeman
Mansel, Ira
Mayo, Enoch R.
Mayo, William H.
Mclntire, Philip
Miller, Jason
Millet, Samuel V.
Mitchell, Nelson
Myrick, Reuben
Norcross, Israel
Patterson, Benjamin
Perkins, Nathaniel P.
Prescott, James
Reed, George B.
Reed, Harvey
Rose, Joseph
Sargent, Darius
Shaw, John
Shaw, Nathan S.
Smith, Gorham
Spratt, Dudley D.
Stevens, Howard
Stinchfield, Daniel L.
Swan, Hiram
Swan, Nathaniel
Sylvester, Elijah
Triggs, Augustine
Vincent, Willard
Wadleigh, Azariah
Walker, Aaron H.
Webber, George B.
Wheelden, Peter
Whittier, Charles
Willey, William

Aroostook War,


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