The Logansport Story

“The Logansport Story” provides an extensive history of Logansport, Indiana, detailing the city from its earliest settlement to its thriving present. It chronicles the arrival of Alexander Chamberlain as the first permanent settler, the establishment of key institutions like the Cass County Circuit Court, and the birth of the first business. The circular touches on the cultural and social progress of the city, with mentions of the YWCA, the VFW, and numerous other clubs and organizations fostering community development. Notable events like the 1916 tornado and the devastating 1913 flood are recounted, alongside tributes to pivotal figures such as public officials, educators, and local heroes. The circular serves as both a comprehensive review of Logansport’s historical milestones and a homage to its influential residents.

“The Logansport Story” encompasses a wide array of topics, shedding light on the first settlers, the establishment of various institutions, and the significant contributions of its citizens to the fabric of American society. From Alexander Chamberlain, the first permanent settler, to the formation of the Cass County Circuit Court in 1829, and the advent of the first business at the Point, this circular provides a comprehensive overview of the milestones that have shaped Logansport and its surroundings. It also highlights the cultural and social evolution of the city, with mentions of the YWCA, the VFW, and the inception of clubs and organizations that have contributed to the community’s growth.

Readers are invited to explore the evolution of Logansport through its tales, such as the real twister that struck in March 1916, the establishment of the Logansport State Hospital, and the city’s response to the greatest disaster resulting from the 1913 flood. The circular not only chronicles the historical events that have left a mark on the city but also pays tribute to the people who have made significant contributions to its legacy, including public figures, educators, and local heroes.

Table of Contents

Alexander Chamberlain Was First Permanent Settler
Circuit Court Organized in Cass County in 1829
Mrs. George Walters First President of YWCA’s Board
General John Tipton, Great Solder and Statesman
First business Located at Point
VFW Charter Closed with 159 Members
Rev. Turner was First Church of God Pastor
Real Twister Struck Here in March, ’16
BPW Formed Here in 1915
Altrusa Club 7 Years Old
Grace Evangelical Dates Back to 1919
McHale was All-American Football player in 1914
Orient Lodge Organized in Logansport in 1860
Trace History of Logansport Libraries Back to Year 1837
Women Voters Organized in City 19 Years
Market Street has the Right Name
Poet Who Couldn’t Read Wrote Poem About Storn That Struck City in 1845
City has Two Negro Chuches
Exchange Club Dedicated to Civic Growth
AAUW Aids Education
7,615 Horses in 1908
Logansport Was Birthplace of Many Distinguished Sons
Pioneers Brought Christianity Into The Wilderness
Reverend Post Founded First Logansport Church
Adventists Church Fifty-Six Years Old
Methodist Church Has Largest Congregation
Wabash High Several Times
Local Lion’s Club Charter Signed by 33
Columbia Street Church of Christ
Christian Science Faith Introduced by Aldrich Family
In Memorium – Antonio Palumbo 1872-1956
Porter Drug Co., Inc.
Business Names of 1877 No Longer Familiar Here
Once the Best Theater In All Indiana – The Dolan Opera House
Hendricks Printing Company
Cass Veterans Group Joined With American Legion in 1919
Telephones Came in 1881 But They had A Slow Start
Samuel Spencer Gave Spencer Park Tract
Consolidations Mark I.O.O.F. Lodge History
Powerhouse Located at 18th and Broadway
Wells and River Furnished Logansport With Water Supply until Year of 1876
Catholic Faith Brought to Logansport in 1834
City’s Greatest Disaster Resulted From 1913 Flood
Form Cooties As Fun Group
Church of Nazarene Was Built in 1938
First Business Firm Begin In 1828, Branched Out
Baker Specialty & Supply Company
Singing Clubs Popular Pastime in Early Days
Bennie Sturgeon Won Jockey Fame On Grand Circuit
Civic, Social, Fraternal Groups in City Total 140
Trade Took Place of Cash in Logansport Marketing
Knights of Pythias Lodge Approaching Eighty-First Year
Sororities Contribute to Charitable Needs
Canal Made Logansport Early Business Center
Henry Steinmetz Held Wrestling Title in Germany
Don Watson Appliances
Historical Society Museum In Home Over 100 Years Old
Spanish War Vets’ Group Numbers 14
Merrill Miller Funeral Services
Knights of Colmumbus Lodge Founded in 1901
Chamber of Commerce Dates To Before 1900
Logan Tire Service
Logansport State Hospital Largest Of Indiana’sa Mental Institutions
1934 Loganberries Brought Home Only Hoosier Basketball Crown
Many Gave Their Lives In Defense Of Country
Daniel Pratt Had Notable Public Career
Mayor Also Judge Fifty Years Ago
Superette Bllei & Farrer
Early Settlers Found Little Time For Leisurely Pursuits
Eagles Lodge Founded Here in October 1902
Gosepl Chapel Began Existence in 1934
D. P. Baldwin Was Author And Lawyer
The Keller Company
City’s Musical Culture Influenced By W. T. Giffe
Sunshine Cleaners
Graves Of Many Pioneers Unmarked And Unknown
Kroeger Funeral Home
City Contributed To National Pastime – Baseball
Traded and Labor Assembly Today Claims 3300 Members
Logan Legion Auxiliary Is 36 Years Old
Logansport Produced Many Outstanding Basket Stars
Broadway Alliance Among New Churches
Pilgrim Holiness Had Modern Edifice
925 Persons On Roll of Fidelity OES
Broadway EUB Church
Candy Company Started In 1896
Postoffices Were In Business Room
Needed License To Sell Groceries
Tipton Masonic Lodge Oldest in Logansport
Tourist and Mental Culture Clubs Oldest in Logansport
Cass Circuit Court Organized in 1829
Dr. G. N. Fitch was Senator
Bethel Tabernacle First Met in Tent
Logansport Elks Lodge In Sixty-Ninth Year
Judge Chase Was Servant And Soldier
Memorial Hospital Now in Thirty-First Year
St. Luke’s Lutheran Organized in 1884
Naming The Town-Logansport
Rotary Club Founded by 59 Members
First Cass Birth Occurred in 1828
S. L. McFaddin Was Mayor Three Times
“Bucket Brigade” Was Forerunner Of Logansport Fire Department
Wesleyan Methodist First Met in School
Cass County Medical Society
Ice in 1912 – High Water the Next Year
Chauncey Carter Drafted Original Logansport plat
Reiverside Became First City Park
Music Club Contributes to Culture
Rev. Oberlin Founded Church of Brethren
Flanegin Ace Hardware
Rufus Magee Minster to 2 Counties
Logansport Became incorporated City in 1838
Jordan Vigus Was First In long Line of Mayors
Judge Biddle Settled Here in Year 1838
First Logansport School Was Organized in 1829
Early Logansport Peace Officers Also Had Other Duties to Perform
Col. Duret Helped to Name City
Kiwanis Club 11th in State
Logansport Tax Rate In 1838 12 1/2 Cents
Episcopal Church Was Built 1843
20 Members In “Y” Club
First Bank In 1837, Numerous By 1870s
Barnett’s Bargain Barn
First Railroad Train to Logansport in 1855
Gossard Unit Here Part Of National Industry
Metal Culvert Plant Now Has 45 Employes
Columbia Brewery Started in Year 1866
Furniture Plant Started in 1837
Shafer Hardwood Has Long History in Field
Warehouses Once Lined Canal Banks Down Town
Gas Lights Put Up Here In 1863
Alpha Makes Parts for Cars, Planes and Farm machinery
First Distillery Got Chased Out
Alpha Industries
Spring Co. Moved Here From Chicago 27 Yrs. Ago
Fire Trucks Made B Universal Sold Over U.S. – Universal Fire Apparatus
Burial Vaults Product of The Norwalk Company
Powerll Co Makes Wheel Weights
Switches Inc Dates From 1947
Logansport Got Brewery in 1848
Routh Packing Co First In The City
Springs made on Southside
Ray’s Creamery Nears 60th Year in Local Field
Formea Chemical Newest Industry in Logansport
Complete Gas Works Started in Logansport in 1863
Fishing Tackle Firm Operated Here Since ’96 – John J. Hildebrandt company
R-B-M Started Small In Logansport, Made Good
Logan Machine Had Start Here In 1916
Dorner Foundry Early Industry
KLK Plant Is Now Important Industry
Revere Car Made Here Topped Field In Its Day
Midwest Plating Co Opened Here in 1937
Saw and Grist Mills in Early Local History
SUS Die Casting was Named for its Founder
Canal Made Logansport Early Center of Commerce
Inddustrial Development Back in the 1880’s
Jenney Plant Furnished First Electrical Power
Nelson Product Uses 16 Employees
Heppe Firm Made Soap Here Years
Paper Mill East of Burlington Avenue in 1880
General Tire Moved Into Logansport 10 Years Ago
Quick Film Has Steady Growth In Its History
Coca Cola Firm Here Dates Back To The Year 1884
Rendering Plant Began As the Heppe Company
France Limestone Quarry Covers Around 180 Acres
Earl Ottinger Has Water St. Plant
Land Donated For Foundry Co.
Earliest Settlers Introduced Horticulture in Cass County
Pioneer Farmers In Cass County
Uhl’s Mill Was One of Earliest And Most Flousrishing industries
Gardening Flourishes Since 1900
County Farm Bureau Dates Back to 1919
Cass County Horsethief Association Dominant Force in Horse-Buggy Days
Name County in Honor of General Lewis Cass
Cass Rural Youth Grows in 14 Years
Cass County Held First Fair More Than Hundred Years Ago
Grange plays Vital Role In County’s Rural Life
Organized County HD Club 1925
Cass Residents Engaged in Farming Total 1,944
Trace Cass Extension Activities to Eighties
Early 4-H Clubs Were Girls Only
Agriculture in County Dates Back to First Settlers
Regard Will Newman First Cass Farmer
Cass Farmers Union Organized in 1953
Pharos-Tribune Serving Its Readers For 112 Years
List of Newspapers, publisher, and dates published for Logansport and Cass County
Logansport Press History Dates Back to 1921
Large Staff Required to Produce Daily Newspaper


The Logansport story, Logansport, Indiana : Pharos-Tribune Logansport Press, 1956.


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