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Bartlett Family Genealogy

Typing on six onion skinned papers, Ralph Sylvester Bartlett presented his lineage in the early 1900’s. His Bartlett family were early pioneers in Kittery Maine in the section later known as Eliot Maine. Whether he ever meant to compile these pages into book form is left for you to interpret, but somebody did eventually compile the 6 pages they had of his family tree. We provide the entire 6 pages in digital format below the transcription.

Ralph Sylvester Bartlett, A. B., A.M., LL.B., of Boston, Massachusetts; b. 29th. April, 1868, in Eliot, Maine; attended town schools of Eliot, 1872-1882; prepared for college at Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine, class of 1885; received degree A.B. at Dartmouth College, 1889, A.M., 1892, LL.B. Magna cum laude. Law School of Boston University, 1892; admitted to the Suffolk Bar, 1892; admitted to practice in the United States Courts, 1894; associated in practice with former Gov. William E. Russell from 1892 until the latter’ s death in 1896; since engaged in the practice of his profession in Boston with offices in the Exchange Building; delegate to the National Farmer’s Congress at Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1890; Active Member First Corns Cadets, Massachusetts National Guard, 1894-1903; now Honorary and Veteran Member of same; served with this organization in Coast Defence Duty during Spanish-American War, 1898; traveled extensively in this country and abroad; Republican and unmarried.


The lineage of this family in America is traced back to Adam de barttelot who came over with William the Conqueror from Normandy, France, to England, and fought at the battle of Hastings. He received grants of land in Sussex, where he settled. The estate of the Barttelot family in England, consisting of several thousands of acres of land and granted more than 800 years ago, has descended in the male line of the Barttelot family to the present day. The estate is situated in Stopham, Pulborough, Sussex, on the River Arun, and the mansion upon the estate is known as Stopham House. Upon the estate is the old Stopham Church where many members of the early generations of the Barttelots are buried. The subject of this memoir visited the estate in the summer of 1914, just before the outbreak of the war. The present head of the family is Sir Walter Barttelot who owns and occupies the estate. He is now serving in the European Tar with the rank of Major. Lady Barttelot, his wife, in a letter to the subject of this memoir under date of September 14, 1915, writes, “My husband, Major Sir Walter, is serving in the Dardanelles on Sir Ian Hamilton’s Staff. He was very badly wounded by a bullet through the lung at the Battle of the Aisne on September 14, 1914. He was then serving with his Regiment, the 2d Coldstream Guards, and went out with them with the Expeditionary Force. He made a most wonderful recovery and returned to active service about three months ago. Sir Walter’s brother Lieut. Nigel Barttelot, was killed when commanding his Destroyer, H. M. S. Liberty at Helgoland”. Sir Walter Barttelot‘s father was killed in the Boer War. In the sixteenth century the swan crest was introduced in the Barttelot arms to commemorate the right of the family to keep swans upon the River Arun, a right granted by William the Conqueror. Hence, the Barttelot crest – a swan couched argent, wings expanded. Adam de Barttelot was buried in Stopham, 1100;

his son William Barttelot De Stopham, who was buried in Stopham Church; his son John Barttelot, Esq., who was buried in Stopham Church;

his son Richard Barttelot, Esq ., who was buried in Stopham Church;

his son Thomas Barttelot, Esq., who was buried in Stopham Church; m.Assoline De Stopham, dau.of John De Stopham;

their son John Barttelot, Esq ., who, in command of the Sussex troops, captured the castle of Fontenoy in France. To him near the close of the fifteenth century was granted the castle, one of the crests of the Barttelot arms. The original arms of the family in England were sable, three sinister falconer’s gloves, argent, arranged triangularly, two above, one below, prndent, bands around the wrist, and tassels golden. He m. Joan De Stopham, dau. and co-heir of John De Stopham; their son

John Barttelot, member of Parliament for Sussex County, who died in 1453. He fought at Agincourt; m. Joan De Lewknow, dau. and heir of John De Lewknor; their son

Richard Barttelot, Esq., who d. in 1432; m. Petronilla, heir general of Walton, their son

John Barttelot, Esq., of Stopham, who died in 1493; m. Olive Arthur, dau.of John Arthur of London and heiress of Syheston; their son

Richard Barttelot, Esq., of Stopham, d. at Tournay, in France in 1514, m. Elizabeth Gates, dau.of John Gates, their son

Edmund Barttelot, Esq., of Ernly, who d. in 1591, m. wife’s name not given; their son

Richard Barttelot, Esq., who was b. in England between 1580 and 1590, and emigrated to America in 1635, was the original ancestor of this line of the Bartlett (formerly spelled B-A-R-T-L-E-?) family in America.

Early History of the Bartlett Family in America

Richard Bartellot, son of Edmund Barttelot, who emigrated to America and settled in Newbury Massachusetts in 1635, spelling his name “Bartlet” instead of “Barttelot”. He d. in Newbury 25th of May, 1647; his wife’s name is not given.


  1. Joan Bartlet, b. 29th. January, 1610; m. before 1640 William Titcomb.
  2. John Bartlet, b. 9th. November, 1613; d. 5th. February, 1678.
  3. Thomas Bartlet, b. 22d. January, 1615.
  4. Richard Bartlet, b. 31st. October, 1621, of whom later.
  5. Christopher Bartlet, b. 25th. February, 1623; d. 15th. March, 1669.
  6. Anne Bartlet, b. 26th. February, 1625.

Family of Richard Bartlet and Abigail ?

Richard Bartlet, b. 31st October, 1621; d. in 1698; his will dated 10th. April, 1695, being proved 18th. July, 1698; he lived first at Oldtown in Newbury, removing to Bartlet’s corner near Deer Island, at the Merrimac River. He is said to have been “a facetious and intelligent man,” and was for several years a Deputy to the General Court; m. Abigail, who d. 8th. March, 1686.

Issue (Born in Newbury)

  1. Samue Bartletl, b. 20th. February, 1645; d. 15th. May, 1732; m. 23d .Lay, 1671, Elizabeth Titcomb.
  2. Richard Bartlet, b. 21st. February, 1648; d. 17th. April, 1724; m.l8th. November, 1673, Hannah Emery.
  3. Thomas Bartlet, b. 7th. September, 1650, d . 6th. April, 1689, m. 21st. November, 1685, Tirza Titcomb.
  4. Abigail Bartlet, b. 14th. March, 1653; d. in 1723; m. 27th. May, 1700, John Emery, of Newbury.
  5. John Bartlet, b. 22d. June, 1655, of whom later.
  6. Hannah Bartlet, b. 18th. Dec. 1657, d. unmarried between 1698 and 1723.
  7. Rebecca Bartlet, b. 23d .May, 1661; d. in 1723; m. 5th. September, 1700, Isaac Bayley of Newbury.

Family of John Bartlett and Mary Rust

John Bartlet was b. in Newbury, 22d. June, 1655, d. 24th. May, 1736, at the age of eighty; he was a tanner and innholder and lived in Newbury; m. firstly, 29th. September, 1680; Mary Rust, and she was living in 1693; he m. (secondly) 13th. November, 1710, Dorcas Phillips of Rowley, who d. 18th. January, 1719.

Issue (Born in Newbury]

  1. Mary Bartlet, b. 17th. October, 1681; d. 29th. March, 1682.
  2. John Bartlet, b. 24th. January, 1682; d. in 1752.
  3. Mary Bartlet, b. 27th. April, 1684, d. 19th. March, 1707; m. July, 1700, John Bailey.
  4. Nathaniel Bartlet, b. 18th. April, 1685; he lived in Exeter, New Hampshire; m. Meribah Littlefield of Kittery.
  5. Dorothy Bartlet, b. 13th. August, 1686, and was living in 1733; m. 6th. June, 1707, John Ropes of Salem, Massachusetts.
  6. Sarah Bartlet, b. 27th. November, 1687; d. before 1733; m. December, 1707, Joseph Fowler of Ipswich.
  7. Hannah Bartlet, b. 13th. March, 1688; m. Nathaniel Brown of Wenham.
  8. Nathan Bartlet, b. 23d. December, 1691, of whom later.
  9. Abigail Bartlet, b. 12th. August, 1693; was living in 1733; m. Samuel Goodhue, of Exeter.
  10. Alice Bartlet, b. 18th. March, 1694; d. before 1733, probably unmarried.
  11. Mary Bartlet, m. l2th. January, 1722, Joseph Jacobs of Ipswich, d. before 1733.
  12. Gideon Bartlet, b. about 1703, d. September, 1793.
  13. Seth Bartlet, d. in 1759, m. Sarah Merrill.
  14. Elizabeth Bartlet, m. 13th. April, 1725; m. Josiah Bartlett.
  15. Rebecca Bartlet, m. 15th. July, 1725, beacon Daniel Coffin of Newbury and was living in 1753.


Family of Capt. Nathan Bartlett and Shuah Heard

Capt. Nathan Bartlet, b. in Newbury, 23d. December, 1691; d. 1775; moved to that part of Kittery, now Eliot, in 1713. Captain Bartlet was a ganner and did a prosperous business. He purchased, in 1725, 60 acres of land at Sturgeon Creek of John Wittum for £250. The following year he bought 20 acres of land of Peter Wittum, paying therefor £100.” An old deed from John Heard to his son-in-law, Capt. Nathan Bartlett, in 1725, gives him a tract of land at Third Hill with one-half part of Stoney Brook and one third part of a saw-mill built by James Emery and Maj. Charles Frost adding this note “that it is to be understood that the above given and granted premises are not to be reckoned as any part of my daughter, Shuah’s, portion”. This land and other land which he purchased became the homestead place of his descendants. Captain Bartlet built (about 1718) a brick house near John Heard’s home, the present site of the Bartlett homestead, making the bricks on his land bordering on Sturgeon Creek. This brick house was partially destroyed by an earthquake about 1737, and Captain Bartlet built about 1740 the oak timbered two and a half story Colonial house, now standing, in which five generations of the Bartlett family have been born and reared. He m. 10th. March, 1714, Shuah Heard, b. 15th. January, 1694, dau.of Capt. John and Phebe (Littlefield) Heard. Phebe (Littlefield) Heard, Maj. Charles Frost and Dennis Downing were killed by Indians at Ambush Rock, in that part of Kittery, now Eliot on Sunday, 4th. July, 1697, while returning on horseback from the meeting house in the Parish of Unity, in the Precinct of Berwick, where they had attended divine service. A bronze tablet marks this spot. The body of Phebe Littlefield Heard was buried in the old burying ground upon the farm in Eliot, belonging to the heirs of Sylvester Bartlett. A bronze tablet also marks this spot. These tablets were erected by Ralph Sylvester Bartlett, the subject of this memoir.


  1. Shuah Bartlet, b. 1st. January, 1716, m. 15th. November, 1732, Dr. Edmund Coffin, b. 19th. March, 1708; he was a practicing physician in Kittery, and his home was near the home of Capt. Nathan Bartlet; they had thirteen children; Dr. Edmund Coffin was a son of Hon. Nathaniel Coffin, of Newbury, Massachusetts.
  2. Mary Bartlet, b. 1st. March, 1718; m. (firstly) Thomas Dennett; m. (secondly) ? Lord .
  3. Nathan Bartlet, b. 30th. April, 1720; d. 7th. May, 1720.
  4. Phebe Bartlet, b. 8th. May, 1721; m. February, 1739, John Dennett, of Portsmouth.
  5. Abigail Bartlet, b. 6th. December, 1723; d. 3d. June, 1800; m. (firstly) in 1741, John Shapleigh, son of Maj. Nicholas Shapleigh; m. (secondly) Moses Hanscom.
  6. John Heard Bartlet, b. 8th. April, 1726; d. 28th. July, 1805; he was the first Bartlett to graduate from Harvard College, graduating therefrom in the class of 1747. His grandfather, John Heard, in his will bequeathed him £50, and then added an additional £50 in consideration that his father intends to educate him at the College”. After graduation John Heard Bartlet settled near Third Hill, Kittery, in that part now Eliot). He was a school teacher, Trial Justice, Clerk of Judicial Court, and in 1757 was a Lieutenant in Sir William Pepperrell’ s Regiment called “The Blue Troop of Horse”; he m. (firstly) in 1747, Dorcas Moulton of York, who d. 29th January, 1788; m. (secondly) June 15th. 1788, Elizabeth Atkinson, widow; m. (thirdly) Bertha Miriam in 1799, widow, of Berwick, who d. 11th. April, 1817, aged eighty two years.
  7. Hannah Bartlet, b. 29th. October, 1728; m. 9th. June, 1745, Robert Cutts, who was the eldest son of Maj. Richard Cutts of Cutts Island.
  8. Nathan Bartlet, b. 3d. November, 1730; d. 21st. May, 1736.
  9. James Bartlet, b. 24th. May.1732; d. 17th. September, 1738.
  10. Sarah Bartlet, b. 25th. December, 1735; d. January, 1736.
  11. Nathan Bartlet, b. 31st. March, 1737, of whom later.
  12. Sarah Bartlet, b. 26th. May, 1741; m. 17th. September, 1762, Capt. John Wentworth of Kittery.

Family of Nathan Bartlet and Sarah Shapleigh

Nathan Bartlet, b. 31st. March, 1737; d. 18th. June, 1775; lived in his father’s house; m. 9th. June, 1757, Sarah Shapleigh, who d. 17th. December, 1805, dau.of Capt. John and Dorcas (Littlefield ) Shapleigh.

  1. Dorcas Bartlet, b. 9th. January, 1758, m. 20th. June, 1776, Nathan Coffin.
  2. James Bartlet, b. 24th. November, 1759, of whom later.
  3. Shuah Bartlet, b. 11th. November, 1761; m. 28th. March, 1782, Stephen Ferguson.
  4. Nathan Bartlet, b. 21st. November, 1763; m. Abigail Staples.
  5. Alice Bartlet, b. 22d. January, 1767; m. ? Gile of Alfred, Maine; no children.
  6. Mary Bartlet, b. 16th. March, 1768; m, 19th. November, 1799, George Libby.
  7. Lucretia Bartlet, b. 4th. November, 1771; m. ? Hodson.
  8. Sarah Bartlet, b. 14th. January, 1775; m. l9th. February, 1795, George Frost.

Family of James Bartlett and Lois Hill

James Bartlett (the spelling of the name “Bartlet” was in this generation B-A-R-T-L-E-T-T); b. 24th. November, 1759; d 30th. October, 1836, was a Revolutionary soldier, a private in Capt. Richard Topers’ Company of Colonel Gerrish’s Regiment; he was nineteen years of age at time of service and was on guard duty at Winter Hill, Somerville, Massachusetts, from 20th. July, to 14th. December, 1778; he m. 30th. May, 1782; Lois Hill, b. 29th. May, 1757, d. 3d. October, 1838, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Ferguson) Hill. They lived in the old Bartlett Homestead in Eliot, Maine, which is now owned by the heirs of James W. Bartlett.

Issue .

  1. Elizabeth Bartlett, bapt. 6th. May, 1784, m. 28th. December, 1802, Samuel Shapleigh, and moved to Lebanon, Maine; they had seven children.
  2. Shuah Bartlett, bapt. 21st. June, 1784; m. 1st. February, 1810, Andrew Emery and moved to New Portland, Maine; they had four children; Hiram A. Emery, late of Brooklyn, New York, was one of her sons.
  3. James Bartlett, b. 18th. June, 1787; d. in New Portland 4th. March, 1875; m. 28th. November, 1814, Lucy Knowlton; they lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and of this union there were three sons and three daughters.
  4. John Hill Bartlett, b. 9th. December, 1789; d. 21st. January, 1878; m. 8th. February, 1814, Phebe Burbank; they lived in North New Portland and of this union there were seven sons and five daughters. Mrs. Abbie E. Shapleigh of West Lebanon, Maine, is one of the daughters.
  5. Nathan Bartlett, b. 2d. February, 1792, of whom later.
  6. Sarah Bartlett, b. 16th. July, 1796; d. 24th. November, 1883; m. 24th. December, 1812, Hugh Kennison; they lived in Temple, Maine; of this union there were seven sons and four daughters, among the living daughters being Miss Myra A. Kennison.
  7. William Bartlett, b. 4th. October, 1797; d. 12th. March, 1882; m. 11th. March 1824, Abigail Burbank; they lived in New Portland, Maine; of this union there were three sons and four daughters.

Family of Nathan Bartlett and Mehitable Emery

Nathan Bartlett, b. 2d. February, 1792; d. 15th. October, 1865; he was a farmer and lived in the Old Bartlett homestead in Eliot, Maine, now owned by the heirs of the late James, V. Bartlett; m. 25th. December, 1817, Mehitable Emery, dau.of William and Philomelia (Webber) Emery, who d. 1st September, 1857.

Issue .

  1. Lucinda Bartlett, b. 24th. May, 1819, d. 7th. May, 1852.
  2. Sylvester Bartlett, 4th. July, 1822; d. 24th. April, 1901.
  3. Elizabeth S. Bartlett, b. 14th. June, 1824; d. in Eliot, 28th. January, 1898, m. 11th. November, 1873, Edwin P. Farley of Lockport, Illinois .
  4. Sarah Bartlett, b. 30th. August, 1826, m.1st. March, 1860, Hiram W. Emery, and lived in Lockport, Illinois, where she died 11th. January, 1875.
  5. James W. Bartlett, b. 1st. July, 1828; d. 2d. January 1915; m. (firstly] Caroline A. Goodwin; m. (secondly] Lydia F. Worster.
  6. Justin S. Bartlett, b. 11th. September, 1830; d. 3d. January, 1866; m. 12th. January, 1857, Emily D. Shorey; they had two children who died in childhood.


Sylvester Bartlett was born in the old Bartlett homestead in Eliot, 4th. July, 1822; d. 24th. April, 1901; after his marriage he was actively engaged for several (Balance follows on page 87). 1



  1. The manuscript abruptly ends on page 6 with the last words of “Balance follows on page 87.” Since page 6 is the last included in the manuscript we must presume the remaining pages were lost before publication.[]

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