Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

I Surnames

Irby, Roy H., to Allice Hayden, Aug. 17, 1918. By Charles H. Lee, M. G.
Ivey, Augustus, to Eva Clark, Dec. 20, 1874. By A. B. Spencer, J. P.
Ivey, Charlie, to Sallie Cobb, Sept. 7, 1898. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Ivey, Jacob J., to Emma Willoughby, Nov. 10, 1907. By J. T. Hill, M. G.
Ivey, James S., to Harriet Jelks, Nov. 18, 1813. By Stephen Gatlin, J. I. C.
Ivey, James S., to Mrs. Diadime Jeter, Oct. 14, 1827. By Owen Dillard, J. P.
Ivey, Noah W., to Annie Willoughby, May 23, 1908. By J. T. Hill, M. G.
Ivey, Thomas E., to Minnie Bell Henderson, April 4, 1906. By C. McKinney, N. P.
Ivey, Walter M., to Alice Virginia Finleyson, Dec. 20, 1898. By J. A. Harman, M. G.
Ivey, Will J., to Lou Conner, Aug. 14, 1907. By D. R. Pierce, J. P.

J Surnames

Jackson, Arthur W., to Minter R. Peacock, Jan. 17, 1908. By R. Simms, M. G.
Jackson, Cato, to Racheal Adams, Dec. 25, 1872. By William Smith, J. P.
Jackson, D. Graham, to Annie L. Hendricks, April 26, 1910. By H. P. Myers, M. G.
Jackson, Gardner, to T. Ann Wilkinson, July 25, 1851. By R. Smith, M. G.
Jackson, Guy DeLacy, to Marie Walker, Dec. 11, 1912. By Wade A. Parks, M. G.
Jackson, Henry, to Amanda Owens, Feb. 5, 1883. By R. Reynolds, N. P.
Jackson, Henry, to Lula Mobley, May 4, 1902. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Jackson, J. T., to Bettie Jackson, July 18, 1891. By A. C. Pipkin, J. P.
Jackson, James S., to Sarah Fountain, March 5, 1924. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Jackson, Jesse, to Fannie Grimsley, Aug. 24, 1911. By J. H. Pritchett, M. G.
Jackson, Prentice R., to Mary Jelks Braggs, Sept. 11, 1924. By W. D. Ogletree, M. G.
Jackson, Robert, to Amelia Hooks, Jan. 2, 1845. By John Buchan, J. P.
James, Eddy, to Mrs. Anna Davis, June 10, 1927. By Rev. H. B. Coleman.
James, J. J., to Jane Defnall, Jan. 6, 1887. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
James, P. L., to Julia Palmer, April 7, 1912. By John T. Harvard, J. P.
James, Richard, to Lula Wynne, Dec. 26, 1886. By John Ross, M. G.
James, Robert R., to Emma L. Williams, Oct. 25, 1877. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
James, William E., to Anna Register, July 23, 1885. By H. P. Cowan, J. P.
Jamerson, Dr. Mack D., to Gussie Grimsley, Jan. 20, 1904. By M. A. Morgan, M. G.
Jamison, Samuel, to Mrs. Nancy Jones, June 5, 1817. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
Jelks, Exom N., to Bessie Coates, Nov. 10, 1886. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Jelks, James O., Jr., to Elizabeth Phillips, July 4, 1865. By James W. Trawick, M. G.
Jelks, James O., to Mary Polhill, March 19, 1833. By B. W. Bracewell, J. I. C.
Jelks, James O. Jun., to Mollie S. Way, Feb. 9, 1876. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Jelks, John J., to Temperance O. Oliver, Feb. 9, 1871. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Jelks, N. A., to Lila J. Napier, May 2, 1900. By R. VanDeventer, M. G.
Jelks, Needham P., to Mary Kate Smith, Dec. 12, 1912. By Charles L. Greaves, M. G.
Jelks, Dr. N. P., to Kathleen Lampkin, Dec. 6, 1870. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Jelks, Dr. Nathaniel P., to Catherine E. Pate, Dec. 20, 1892. By T. W. O’Kelly, M. G.
Jelks, N. W., to Mary E. Bozeman, Dec. 21, 1871. By Charles A. Fullwood, M. G.
Jelks, William A., to Mattie Jordan, April 22, 1885. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Jelks, William O., to Mary Peacock, April 28, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Jenkins, Ellis W., to F. R. Anderson, July 26, 1855. By Jesse R. Horne, M. G.
Jenkins, George J., to Alma B. Chancy, June 1, 1902. By J. W. Domingoes, M. G.
Jenkins, Isaac D., to Sarah Rodgers, Jan. 13, 1861. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Jenkins, J. L., to Ella V. Waldress, Feb. 11, 1883. By George C. Clark, M. G.
Jenkins, Marion, to Mary Castle, June 3, 1928. By J. D. Means, J. P.
Jennings, Cleveland, to Ada Smith, Oct. 18, 1908. By W. J. Pearman, M. G. D. C.
Jennings, F. T., to Sarah Elizabeth Harvey, May 29, 1921. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Jennings, Jesse Lewis, to Agnes Kemp, July 9, 1916. By John M. Carroll, J. P.
Jennings, John C., to Matra Drake, Jan. 27, 1932. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Jennings, Lewis W., to Jane Cook, Jan. 17, 1861. By Hardy Powers, J. P.
Jennings, Louis, to Susie Pittman, Feb. 17, 1882. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Jennings, Mansfield, to Sarah Frances Horne, June 3, 1933. By Frank Cochran, M. G.
Jennings, Med. J., to Lula Daniel, March 27, 1904. By S. W. McAllister, M. G.
Jennings, Thomas J., to Mary E. Goodman, Dec. 3, 1872. By Z. H. Morgan, J. P.
Jenson, Carl, to Minnie E. Dorminy, Dec. 26, 1909. By B. T. Mansfield, M. G.
Jerigan, Bradley, to Mrs. Sarah Strickland, July 17, 1898. By J. A. Harmon, M. G.
Jernigan, John C., to Ruby Sanders, June 20, 1920. By W. L. Wright, M. G.
Jessup, B. F., to Lizzie Coley, June 16, 1906. By G. J. Davis, M. G.
Jessup, F. N., to Martha L. Stapleton, Dec. 31, 1869. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Jessup, P. A., to E. M. Pipkin, Dec. 27, 1869. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Jessup, W. S. C., to Eliza Lister, June 8, 1867. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Jeter, William, to Mrs. Susan C. Love, April 6, 1876. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Jewell, James, to Anna Meriweather, Jan. 9, 1876. By F. B. Green, J. P.
Jewell, Thomas, to Rosa Ann Smith, Sept. 30, 1847. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Jiles, Arshen, to Ada Hooks, Sept. 9, 1917. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Jiles, Erric, to Inez Davis, June 16, 1920. By H. B. Coleman, M. G.
Jiles, J. L., to Emma L. Lancaster, Nov. 23, 1913. By W. C. Embry, M. G.
Johnson, Aaron, to Nancy Daniel, March 21, 1816. By James Bracewell, J. I. C.
Johnson, A. F., Rev., to Lee Annie McCormick, Aug. 22, 1912. By S. Rindolph, M. G.
Johnson, B. B., to Martha E. Hall, Sept. 18, 1857. By Benjamine A. Hudson, J. I. C.
Johnson, C. W., to Mable Wheeler, Nov. 24, 1912. By J. H. Pritchett, J. P.
Johnson, Charles A., to Carry Moore, June 1, 1925. By C. M. Hobart, M. G.
Johnson, Claud L., to Francis R. Stokes, Nov. 19, 1933. By J. H. Barton, J. P.
Johnson, Darling, to Sarah Ann Lacey, July 9, 1846. By Benjamin Hobbs, M. G.
Johnson, Evans L., to Sarah Davidson, Dec. 9, 1886. By David H. Hendley, J. P.
Johnson, F. J., to Mary V. Smith, Aug. 11, 1899. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Johnson, George F., to Nany Pearl Johnson, Nov. 19, 1905. By J. M. Kelly, M. G.
Johnson, Henry O., to Mrs. Gena Hill, Jan. 16, 1905. By J. H. Mather, M. G.
Johnson, Herbert, to Ollie Gilbert, Oct. 3, 1931. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Johnson, Isreal, to Martha Bush, Sept. 29, 1836. By William Farnell, J. P.
Johnson, J. R., to Adie Mae Martin, Sept. 1, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Johnson, James F., to Mattie Sangester, Dec. 1, 1886. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Johnson, James Jun., to Nancy Seabert, Feb. 14, 1819. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
Johnson, Jesse, to Ruth Akins, Nov. 3, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Johnson, Jessie M., to E. E. Brazeal, Jan. 23, 1890. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Johnson, J. O., to Carrie Bell Rycroft, Jan. 18, 1920. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Johnson, J. W., to Blonnie Young, Oct. 30, 1919. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Johnson, Joel, to Marina Cofield, April 21, 1820. By Allen Tooke, J. P.
Johnson, John W., to Mrs. Mary Grantham, Dec. 20, 1885. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Johnson, John W., to Electra E. Smith, July 28, 1897. By S. B. Whipple, J. P.
Johnson, Joseph B., to Mary Ann Thompson, Nov. 4, 1887. By E. H. Goodwin, M. G.
Johnson, Lonnie H., to Mary Lou Mason, April 7, 1933. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Johnson, Malcolm, to Eula Mae Culpepper, April 20, 1919. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Johnson, Morgan M., to Mrs. Matenza A. Wood, March 15, 1887. By E. M. Whiting, M. G.
Johnson, Micheal E., to Basheba L. Sewell, Sept. 3, 1924. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Johnson, Richard, to Mary Sturdivant, July 5, 1821. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Johnson, Robert, to Eliza Aikin, July 12, 1914. By J. B. Porter, J. P. B. C.
Johnson, Samuel A., to Mrs. Tempie E. Johnson, Sept. 18, 1904. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Johnson, Stephen, to Sallie Walden, June 20, 1899. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Johnson, Stephen, to Mary Hawthorne, Jan. 24, 1882. By Wm. Hawthorne, D. D.
Johnson, Stephen Lee, to Lilian E. Coleman, July 1, 1907. By Chas. L. Greaves, M. G.
Johnson, Troy, Jr., to Lora Georgia Pool, Jan. 24, 1886. By Arch. Harris, M. G.
Johnson, Wiley, to Permelia Sailes, Feb. 24, 1872. By D. H. Farm, M. G.
Johnson, William, to Elizabeth Armstrong, Jan. 24, 1822. By Wm. Hawthorne, D. D.
Johnson, Zachriah T., to Nancy S. Holly, Jan. 8, 1871. By Isreal Johnson, J. P.
Johnson, Willie E., to Mary Ann Wynne, Jan. 3, 1907. By Charles L. Green, M. G.
Johnson, Willis Chesley, to Susie Shurley, Nov. 14, 1917. By W. H. Ketchum, M. G. Jr.
Johnston, Bryant, to Mary Thomas, Jan. 26, 1832. By Jno. J. Taylor, J. I. C.
Johnston, Micajah, to Martha McGriff, Jan. 6, 1831. By Edward Ryan Banker, J. I. C.
Johnston, Richard, to Jane Johnson, Nov. 27, 1823. By W. Lancaster, J. I. C.
Joiner, B. C., to L. A. Jenkins, Jan. 20, 1881. By W. S. Ramsey, M. G.
Joiner, B. F., to Susan Nicholson, Dec. 19, 1871. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Joiner, Calvin, to Mrs. Mary E. Armstrong, Nov. 21, 1880. By S. M. Blount, J. P.
Joiner, Charlie E., to Edessa Dupree, Oct. 28, 1900. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Joiner, Curtis, to Eviliner Knight, Sept. 27, 1838. By Wiley Holder, J. P.
Joiner, David Wynne, to Laura Evelyn Tripp, Dec. 24, 1916. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Joiner, Dennis, to Sarah E. Williams, Oct. 23, 1870. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Joiner, J. W., to Minnie Hatcher, April 18, 1891. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Joiner, Joseph W., to Mattie T. Jessup, Jan. 3, 1890. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Joiner, John J., to Sarah J. Turner, Jan. 13, 1869. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Joiner, Lewis, to Elizabeth Taylor, Oct. 25, 1813. By William Hawthorne, D. D.
Joiner, Lucian C., to Lessie Wilkinson, Feb. 10, 1895. By G. W. Stapleton, M. G.
Joiner, Needham, to Julia Rogers, Feb. 25, 1869. By John M. Bohannon, N. P.
Joiner, Samuel, to Della Hatcher, July 10, 1900. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Joiner, Thomas, to Janett Sheffield, Oct. 5, 1870. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Joiner, Thomas J. J., to Nancy Hutto, May 6, 1839. By William Phelps, J. P.
Joiner, William, to Martha Harrell, Oct. 18, 1866. By Duncan C. Daniel, J. P.
Joiner, William G., to Mary E. Turner, Nov. 5, 1870. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Joiner, William H., to Cornelia W. Smith, March 3, 1896. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Joiner, William L., to Frankie Rozar, Feb. 3, 1902. By J. W. Domingoes, M. G.
Joiner, William W., to Elizabeth Joiner, Dec. 11, 1891. By A. C. Pipkin, J. P.
Jones, A. C., to Centhia J. Trippe, Oct. 17, 1888. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Jones, A. C., to Beulah Ward, Aug. 1, 1906. By E. W. Evans, M. G.
Jones, Adam H., to C. H. Stapleton, Jan. 17, 1877. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Jones, Albert A., to Mamie Cook, Dec. 23, 1906. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Jones, A. W., to Fannie A. Daniels, May 13, 1886. By P. E. Lee, J. P.
Jones, A. Warren, to Catherine A. Miller, June 25, 1922. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Jones, Anderson T., to Claudia G. Richardson, Jan. 20, 1899. By J. S. Evans, M. G.
Jones, Allen S. E., to Lilie Gertrude Wood, Feb. 9, 1896. By J. T. Holland, J. P.
Jones, Archibald, to Tobitha Martin, Dec. 27, 1850. By R. Smith, M. G.
Jones, Arthur, to Mrs. Eliza Gear, Sept. 11, 1839. By R. H. Buckhalter, J. P.
Jones, Arthur J., to Bettie Mae Smith, Feb. 8, 1905. By W. H. Barrs, J. P.
Jones, Avner F., to Hattie McAllister, Dec. 1, 1897. By W. B. Sapp, J. P.
Jones, B. F., to M. C. Hobbs, Dec. 4, 1870. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Jones, Ben F., to Mamie Simmons, Oct. 5, 1893. By W. A. Glenn, N. P.
Jones, C. L., to Rosa Evens, Aug. 11, 1912. By S. C. Mitchell.
Jones, Cleveland, to Lena Cook, Feb. 17, 1907. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Jones, Charles Spann, to Aileen Missimia Russell, June 2, 1917. By J. H. Scruggs, M. G.
Jones, Darlin, to Luezar Night, April 23, 1831. By J. B. Bush, J. P.
Jones, Darling, to Martha Jane Sparrow, Feb. 7, 1836. By D. B. Halsted, J. 1. C.
Jones, David R., to Lucy Mae Pope, Feb. 8, 1920. By A. Chamblee, M. G.
Jones, Earnest M., to Allie Mertice Brown, Dec. 24, 1919. By A. Walters, M. G.
Jones, Elias, to Kathleen McCullum, April 20, 1887. By R. R. Wimberly, J. P.
Jones, Emmett, to Rubie Sauls, Nov. 9, 1926. By J. Henderson, N. G.
Jones, George S., to Allie Coody, Oct. 6, 1907. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Jones, Green, to Louisa Jones, Dec. 16, 1863. By J. W. Phelps, J. P.
Jones, Green E. G., to Ann E: Davis, Sept. 21, 1854. By Asa Harrell, J. P.
Jones, Hardy, to Sarah Mullis, Dec. 29, 1842. By John Lee, J. P.
Jones, Herman, to Elizabeth Bryan, March 15, 1821. By Blekley Edins, J. P.
Jones, Hoaz, to Priscilla Farnell, Jan. 26, 1825. By Nelson Clayton, J. I. C.
Jones, Howell, to Zolla Knight, Sept. 19, 1915. By John T. Harvard, J. P.
Jones, Irby, to Mattie Mullis, Dec. 11, 1910. By B. F. Jones, J. P.
Jones, J. D., to Elois Cochran, June 19, 1891. By John S. Vaughn, J. P.
Jones, J. K., to Mollie Lyttle, May 4, 1903. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
Jones, James H., to Elizabeth Skinner, April 4, 1850. By James J. Kinchen, J. P.
Jones, James A., to Nancy Moon, Sept. 2, 1865. By Alfred Maples, M. G.
Jones, Joe W., to Dovie Deals, April 9, 1928. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Jones, Joel H., to Mary Will Jones, April 27, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Jones, John, to Sarah Defuall, Dec. 20, 1863. By J. W. Phelps, J. P.
Jones, John E., to Clifford Asbell, July 9, 1907. By G. W. Grooms, J. P.
Jones, John H., to Margaret Taylor, Oct. 4, 1855. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Jones, Joseph, to Martha Peacock, Sept. 18, 1866. By Loving Evans, J. P.
Jones, Leroy, to Lena Chambers, Aug. 14, 1910. By J. M. Pritchett, M. G.
Jones, Marvin, to Frances McNeal, Jan. 1, 1927. By Pope Hewlett, M. G.
Jones, Mathew F., to M. J. Bagsby, Oct. 20, 1877. By A. M. Williams, M. G.
Jones, Mitchell, to Annie Brown, Dec. 22, 1903. By H. C. Bucholz, M. G.
Jones, Oliver, to Sarah Defaull, Dec. 20, 1863. By J. W. Phelps, J. P.
Jones, Oliver, to Fannie Graham, Aug. 26, 1900. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
Jones, Hall, to Mary Hendley, Nov. 21, 1860. By Duncan C. Daniel, J. P.
Jones, Roach, to Jenny Harrell, Dec. 24, 1878. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Jones, Robert, to Chrystine Peacock, Feb. 16, 1865. By Joel Mullis, J. P.
Jones, Robert Luke, to Annie D. Daniel, April 18, 1927. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Jones, Samuel F., to Mrs. Ann Wallace, April 21, 1840. By R. H. Burkhalter, J. P.
Jones, Samuel, to Zelphian Evans, April 18, 1878. By Levi H. Harrell, J. P.
Jones, Sherman, to Delia Horne, Feb. 13, 1887. By J. M. Lamb, J. P.
Jones, Thomas, to Eliza McKinney, March 26, 1874. By John Churchwell, M. G.
Jones, Thomas W., to Ella Lee, Dec. 21, 1919. By W. B. Cheshire, M. G.
Jones, William A., to Celista L. Wood, Oct. 15, 1857. By Calvin Minchew, J. P.
Jones, William Green, to Stella Pearl Fauster, May 5, 1922. By Geo. E. Wood, J. P.
Jones, William T., to Lula B. Collins, Dec. 17, 1885. By J. G. Wright, M. G.
Jones, William W., to Lilia Mae Jones, April 16, 1922. By E. M. Horne, J. P.
Jones, Willie, to Ida Mullis, Dec. 13, 1896. By J. F. Holland, J. P.
Jones, Wilmer, to Lilia Mae Black, Oct. 4, 1914. By D. L. Daniel, J. P.
Jordan, Ben. W., to Maggie Bridges, Sept. 8, 1895. By T. W. Trammell, J. P.
Jordan, D. F., to C. R. Mason, May 17, 1872. By Mose McCall, M. G.
Jordan, F. M., Dr., to Mattie C. Walker, April 2, 1885. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Jordan, Floyd, to Eleanor Conner, March 18, 1838. By Simeon Russ, J. P.
Jordan, George W., to Ann Rebecca Walker, March 26, 1850. By Jesse H. Campbell, M. G.
Jordan. George W., Jr., to L. M. Mason, March 7, 1877. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Jordan, George Walker, Jr., to Marian Green, May 30, 1922. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Jordan, John R., to Mrs. Mary J. Brown, Dec. 16, 1875. By J. F. Barber, N. P.
Jordan, May W., to Mary Lou Buff, June 2, 1904. By H. C. Bucholz, M. G.
Jordan, William E., to Lucy Anderson, June 29, 1934. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Julian, J. E., to Jennie Dixon, Aug. 19, 1917. By F. Hall, M. G.
Jump, John F., to Margaret Sapp, May 17, 1870. By T. W. Owens, J. P.
Jump, John H., to Lizzie Stewart, March 21, 1895. By J. P. Thompson, J. P.
Jump, Ruell H., to Catherine Daniel, Dec. 1, 1897. By W. B. Sapp, J. P.
Jump, Thomas, to Sarah Coleman, Sept. 24, 1837. By William Sapp, J. P.
Jump, Willie, to Dora Holder, Aug. 9, 1903. By Martin Coney, J. P.
Justice, Frank, to Minnie Lee Driggers, Sept. 5, 1904. By George W. Jordan, J. P.
Justice, John H., to Janie Bateman, Nov. 26, 1906. By J. R. Smith, J. P.

Marriage Records,

Pulaski County GA,

AccessGenealogy.com Georgia Marriage Collection. Transcription from original records.

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