Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

U Surnames

V Surnames

Vanlandingham, A. A., to Mary Garrett, Nov. 24, 1889. By B. G. Pope, M. G.
Vanlandingham, Jethro, to Mrs. Jane Joiner, Nov. 18, 1902. By A. M. Simms, M. G.
Vanlandingham, J. D., to Jessie Chalker, Oct. 1, 1905. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Vanlandingham, Jethro C., to Katei Lee Williams, Dec. 26, 1909. By B. F. Mansfield, M. C.
Vantrol, Augustus P., to Mrs. Georgia Pennick. June 3, 1894. By S. B. Whipple, J. P.
Varnadore, Joseph, to Mary Pope, March 8, 1827. By John Anderson, J. P.
Varnadore, Joseph, to Elizebeth Hughett, May 5, 1836. By Simeon Russ, J. P.
Vaughn, Asa F., to Lizzie Sewell, Jan. 9, 1896. By Levi Harrell, J. P.
Vaughn, A. J., to Alice G. Wood, April 28, 1895. By W. H. Singletary, M. G.
Vaughn, Charlie R., to Mamie McNeil, Sept. 7, 1890. By R. Pope, M. G.
Vaughn, Daniel, to Rachel Lee, Jan. 19, 1832. By Adon Scarborough, J. P.
Vaughn, Edwin, to Josephine McAllister, July 22, 1923. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Vaughn, E. J., to Louise Holt, Oct. 28, 1931. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Vaughn, Freeman, to Nancy Holt, Oct. 28, 1871. By Duncan Daniel, J. P.
Vaughn, G. C., to Annie Mae McKinney, Dec. 21, 1922. By M. M. Pierce, J. P.
Vaughn, George L., to Vinney Holt, Nov. 10, 1904. By J. W. McAllister, J. P.
Vaughn, G. L., to Carrie Kirkpatrick, July 21. 1918. By E. M. Horne, J. P.
Vaughn, George M., to Ina Lou Taylor, Dec. 24, 1931. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Vaughn, Henry V., to Lilly Floyd, Feb. 22, 1892. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Vaughn, J. B., to Eliza Banton, March 15, 1896. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Vaughn, James H., to Clifford Mays, Jan. 22, 1923. By J. W. Chalker, J. P.
Vaughn, J. E., to Clifford Cross, Dec. 4, 1894. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Vaughn, Jesse E., to Mary J. Smith, Aug. 12, 1933. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Vaughn, John, to Ina Etheridge, Dec. 23, 1873. By Larkin Joiner, G.
Vaughn, R. H., to Matilda Pope, Feb. 27, 1883. By J. H. Dicison. N. P.
Vaughn, Riley W., to Ora E. Haley, Nov. 21, 1909. By W. B. Bassett, M. G.
Vaughn, R. T., to Susan Thompson, Dec. 29, 1866. By Wm. C. McNair, J. P.
Vaughn, Robert, to Eldora Daniel, Oct. 21, 1930. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Vaughn, T. H., to Edith Crozier, Dec. 9, 1900. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Vaughn, William H., to Mary Roberts, Sept. 12, 1867. By Larkin Joiner, G.
Vaughn, Wm. S., to Caroline Smith, Jan. 4, 1860. By L. S. Thompson, J. P.
Vaughn, Walter, to Thelma Hair, Aug. 17, 1919. By B. C. Murrell, N. P., Dodge Co.
Vaun, Jasper, to Easter Watson, Oct. 16, 1890. By J. F. Green, J. P.
Vickers, James M., to Mrs. Mary Tooke, Dec. 15, 1825, By Washington Lancaster, J. I. C.
Vickers, John L., to Jane Thomas, Oct. 21, 1828. By W. B. McGehee, J. P.
Vining, H., to Mrs. Iola Spencer Brown, Oct. 17, 1911. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Vinson, John L., to Carrie P. Willis, Nov. 9, 1876. By Daniel M. Farm, M. G.
Vinson, Thomas S., to Kate Grimsley, Dec. 3, 1899. By W. J. Flanders, M. G.
Vinson, Thomas, to Lelia Williams, Dec. 14, 1930. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Vinson, William, to Louisa Wallace, March 15, 1885. By James M, Nixon, J. P.

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Pulaski County GA,

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