Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

R Surnames

Radford, Robert, to Eliza Coley, Jan. 18, 1845. By James Williamson, M. G.
Ragan, Alexander, Jr., to Nanie 11. Lowery, Oct. 25, 1894. By James T. Ryder, M. G.
Ragan, Clyde, to Estelle Jones, Jan. 5, 1919. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Ragan, D. L., to Ida T. Anderson, Nov. 8, 1895. By J. D. Chapman, M. G.
Ragan, E. K., to Louisa Gibson, Sept. 21, 1882. By H. R. Felder, M. G.
Ragan, Henry Lafayette, to Edith Claire Elder, June 20, 1934. By Ralph Moore, M. G.
Ragan, John J., to Lucy Landfair, Nov. 6, 1882. By T. B. Green. J. P.
Ragan, Ruhin G., to Lois Carter, June 27, 1926. By B. S. Williams, M. G.
Ragan, Rufus to Minnie Lancaster, Dec. 23, 1894. By E. A. Sanders, M. G.
Ragan, Thomas B., to Dovie Bell Wimberly, Oct. 9, 1889. By John F. Eden, M. G.
Ragan, W. H., to Elizabeth Knight, June 18, 1922. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Ragens, Elias to Elizebeth Rozar, March 25, 1819. By Samuel Robinson, J. P.
Ragin, John Felder, to Laura Estelle Broadwell, Nov. 4, 1914. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Raiford, C. P., to Carrie Tarlley, Feb. 3, 1889. By James D. Mauldin, M. G.
Raines, Samuel T., to Deran Brown, Dec. 14, 1856. By Seaborn Southall, J. P.
Ramage, Tobe, to Willie Ann Adkins, Jan. 3, 1904. By W. H. Barrs, J. P.
Ramsey, John, to Vester Williams, June 6, 1886. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Ramsey, Henry, to Caroline Ewing, July 3, 1845. By Reubin Runnells, J. P.
Ramsome, Wille Van, to Thelma Brannen, Jan. 12, 1924. By Chas. R. Harvard, J. P.
Randit, Clifton N., to Sallie C. Furney, Jan. 21, 1901. By J. B. McGehee, M. G.
Raney, Samuel, to Nancy Boothe, Aug. 30, 1829. By James Brown, J. P.
Ranson, J. J., to Annie Kemp, Nov. 27, 1889. By P. A. Jessup, M. G.
Rawl, Franklin M., to Ellender Dewitt, May 26, 1836. By B. M. Bracewell, J. I. C.
Rawlins, Benjamin, to Latesia Hogans, June 3, 1839. By John C. Rawlins, J. P.
Rawlins, G. W., to M. D. Horne, May 1, 1873. By W. M. Miles, M. G.
Rawlins, James C., to Nancy Giddings, Oct. 17, 1868. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Rawlins, John A., to Bessie Lee Anglin, July 29, 1933. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Rawlins, Nicholas, to Nancy Forsit, March 6, 1834. By Thomas W. Rawlins, J. P.
Rawlins, Thomas, to Harriett Dykes, Jan. 28, 1867. By James Hartley, J. P.
Rawlins, Thomas J., to Elender Davis, Jan. 11, 1840. By John C. Rawlins, J. P.
Rawlins, William, to Epsey Sheffield, Aug. 29, 1845. By James M. Hamilton, J. P.
Rawls, John, to Sarah Clawton, April 14, 1819. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
Rawls, John, to Caroline M. Taylor, March 7, 1821. By Allen Tooke, J. I. C.
Read, E. E., to Rosa Lundy, Jan. 26, 1895. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Reagan, J. R., to Samantha J. Smith, Nov. 13, 1879. By W. J. Trammell, J. P.
Redd, W. T., to M. S. Chalker, Sept. 21, 1871. By A. Hoggsett, M. G.
Redding, David, to Sarah Harrell, April 8, 1869. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Redding, William, to Carrie Willis, June 17, 1888. By J. S. Evans, M. G.
Reddy, John, to Margaret Meadows, Aug. 29, 1865. By James William.son, M. G.
Reed, Hugh, to Minnie Belle Aultman, Dec. 28, 1919. By J. V. Joiner, J. P.
Reed, Peter, to Nancy Martin, Dec. 2, 1866. By Jordan W. Allen, M. G.
Reese, Dall, to Lizzie Belle Gibbs, Aug. 19, 1900. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
Reeves, Asher, to Civil Kornegary, Dec. 21, 1820. By Jno. A. Williams, J. I. C.
Reeves, Charles E., to M. A. Lane, Feb. 28, 1883. By H. C. Cowan, J. P.
Reeves, Henry, to Rocksy Clarisa Hornegay, May 27, 1819. By James Roach, J. P.
Reeves, J. M. Kibbie, to Ida Lee O’Neil, March 17, 1895. By Geo. S. Johnson, M. G.
Reeves, J. T., to Mary E. Taylor, Nov. 18, 1850. By R. A. Conner.
Reeves, James E., to Mattie Wynne, Nov. 28, 1897. By D. F. Ridley, M. G.
Reeves, James T., to Ladie Tripp, Nov. 8, 1899. By George F. Powell, M. G.
Reeves, John, to Mary Davis, Oct. 31, 1811. By M. Horne, J. P.
Reeves, M. Whit, to Mamie C. Woodard, Nov. 25, 1900. By J. Howard Carpenter, M. G.
Reeves, Oscar L., to Valentine Anderson, June 27, 1907. By E. H. McGehee, M. G.
Regan, Charles, to Edy Rozar, July 14, 1825. By Moses P. Gedding, J. P.
Regan, L. H., to M. E. Daniel, Dec. 30, 1875. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Regan, John, to Lydia Lovin, March 21, 1920. By Joseph Wood, J. P.
Regans, Alexander, to Sophiah Davis, Dec. 21, 1852. By David Sapp, J. P.
Regans, Isham, to Clarice B. Pitts, April 25, 1817. By William Williams, J. P.
Regin, William, to Sarah Buckhalter, Dec. 26, 1833. By Jno. J. Taylor, J. I. C.
Register, Daniel W., to Lucile Nobles, July 4, 1921. By H. B. Coleman, M. G.
Register, John B., to Sarah McPhail, Aug. 1, 1878. By J. M. Bridges, J. P.
Register, John F., to Anna J. Grimsley, Sept. 24, 1890. By Chas. B. Adams, M. G.
Reid, William, to Sarah Williams, Aug. 29, 1880. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Reinerton, Arthur, to Lavirne Singleton, July 14, 1934. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Renew, General Jackson, to Arlie Peavy, July 21, 1919. By S. O. McCorvey, J. P.
Renew, John, to Sarah Ann Brown, April 9, 1844. By Charles Powell, J. P.
Renfroe, John G., to Mrs. Martha W. Johnson, April 21, 1892. By Chas. D. Adams, M. G.
Renfroe, Samuel W., to Vera Agnes Kimberly, Dec. 28, 1933. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Revel, Blanche, to Mary Giddens, March 6, 1933. By J. B. Evans, M. G.
Reynolds, Charley M., to Lucy Summerford, Feb. 13, 1907. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Reynolds, C. M., to Lilla Mae Trammell, Dec. 18, 1913. By Jno. T. Harvard, J. P.
Reynolds, Charlie, to Kate Blue, Nov. 7, 1904. By J. A. Nelson, M. G.
Reynolds, Charlie M., to Pearle Lancaster, Dec. 29, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Reynolds, Claude H., to Clyde Dupree, Feb. 3, 1904. By H. C. Bucholtz, M. G.
Reynolds, John A., to Hettie McKinney, Feb. 28, 1890. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Reynolds, J. B., to Fannie Baker, March 4, 1886. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Reynolds, John D., to Rebecca E. Howell, Jan. 18, 1888. By T. J. Hobbs, M. G.
Reynolds, Joseph W., to Sallie E. Burch, Dec. 15, 1879. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Reynolds, Lovard E., to Carmella McKinney, Jan. 17, 1897. By E. M. Clarke, M. G.
Reynolds, Merlana, to Emma Starley, Jan. 15, 1885. By M. E. Slappey, J. P.
Reynolds, Monroe W., to Mary Ida Sparrow, Feb. 1, 1904. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Reynolds, Reubin E., to Elizabeth F. Turner, Oct. 25, 1860. By Reubin Bullington, M. G.
Reynolds, Reuben E., to Mrs. Emily Williams, May 4, 1911. By H. C. Poole, M. G.
Reynolds, Reuben F., to Ella Gammage, Aug. 28, 1890. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Reynolds, Stephen, to Mary Jane McKey, May 19, 1839. By R. H. Burkhalter, J. P.
Reynolds, Thurmond, to Eva Broadway, March 26, 1927. By D. L. Ridley, J.P.
Reynolds, Wm. T., to Mary E. Holland, May 14, 1904. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Reynolds, William W., to Janie Brown, April 26, 1887. By E. M. Whiting, M. G.
Rhodes, Daniel, to Mrs. M. E. McPhail, Oct. 13, 1868. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Rhodes, Daniel, to Margaret Reeves, July 15, 1812. By H. Fulghum, J. I. C.
Rhodes, Jefferson D., to Cleo Hinson, April 11, 1909. By J. A. Taylor, M. G.
Rhodes, McDaniel, to Sarah Jeter, May 2, 1833. By B. W. Bracewell, J. 1. C.
Rice, Alexander, to Janie Flemming, Nov. 5, 1906. By Charles L. Greaves, M. G.
Richardson, Ada, to Charlotte Moore, March 9, 1821. By H. King, J. P.
Richardson, Clyde, to Clarice Pollock, June 30, 1921. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Richardson, Henry Grady, to Bennie Lancaster, Nov. 1, 1917. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Richardson, Harry Spencer, to Eva Lucile Sharp, Dec. 18, 1921. By J. A. Sconyers, M. G.
Richardson, Leon D., to Emma L. Edwards, Sept. 28, 1918. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Richardson, L. W., to Nanie McCullers, Oct. 18, 1911. By W. H.Holmes, M. G.
Richardson, Stephen, to Mattie King, Dec. 27, 1888. By J. S. Evans, M. G.
Richardson, Steve L., to Leuline Williams, May 4, 1932. By John G. Logan, M. G.
Richardson, William B., to Fathai M. Davis, Feb. 17, 1889. By T. J. Meadows, N. P.
Richardson, William Benjamin, to Thelma Bailey, Nov. 26, 1923. By W. D. Ogletree, M. G.
Richardson, William F., to Alice F. Dykes, May 26, 1910. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Richardson, William F., to Alice Lee Calhoun, Dec. 27, 1909. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Ricks, Samuel T., to Florence C. Gay, Aug. 28, 1893. By J. B. Mills, M. C.
Rickenbaker, John D., to Lizzie Nobles, Dec. 24, 1888. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Rickenbaker, Joseph A., to Maude H. Nobles, April 27, 1887. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Rickerson, Geo. W., to Gladys T. Benderman, Oct. 12, 1924. By Wade M. Lard, M. G.
Ridley, D. L., to Martha E. Singleton, March 21, 1872. By James F. Baker, N. P.
Ridley, John N., to Susan J. Smith, Jan. 20, 1871. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Ridley, Louis F., to Angie Chalker, Jan. 13, 1897. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Ridley, P. Ira, to Mattie E. Nutt, Dec. 18, 1895. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Ridley, Watson, to Myrtle Spradley, Feb. 1, 1920. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Ridley, William, to Minnie Chalker, April 16, 1923. By J. E. Lee, J. P.
Ridley, William, to Mrs. Mary Norris, Oct. 28, 1860. By Reuben Bullington, M. G.
Rigsby, Edgar, to Laura Cheek, Jan. 20, 1926. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Rigsby, Melton, to Georgia F. Dykes, May 26, 1910. By Wade H. Parks.
Riley, Wm. C., to A. L. Coley, July 7, 1873. By D. L. McLeod, J. P.
Risley, Printice H., to Emmie M. Watkins, Sept. 4, 1918. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Rivers, J. D., to Lily Mae Ellis, Oct. 15, 1885. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Rivers, Lewis J., to Susie Tooke, April 28, 1889. By J. T. Lee, M. G.
Roach, Charles, to Martha Wallace, Nov. 11, 1830. By Wiley Kent, J. P.
Roach, David, to Martha Coalson, June 6, 1822. By L. Pitts, J. P.
Roach, George Samuel, to Kemper Thompson, Dec. 26, 1918. By Wm. L. Wright, M. G.
Roach, Stephen, to Sarah Horne, Sept. 6, 1821. By Benjamin Howell, J. P.
Roads, Joseph, to Amanda Woods, Oct. 30, 1855. By Calvin Minchew, J. P.
Roberts, S. M., to Nellie McLane, Sept. 11, 1910. By Charles Harris Nash, M. G.
Roberts, Josiah, to Elizabeth Taylor, March 24, 1872. By M. Barber, J. P.
Robbins, George W., to Mary Millen, Feb. 19, 1865. By Duncan C. Daniel, J. P.
Robinson, Nathaniel G., to Betsy Wheeler, Oct. 20, 1813. By David Brown, J. P.
Robinson, P. H., to Nancy Sherry, Aug. 18, 1865. By Daniel N. Fann, M. G.
Robinson, Samuel, to Lucy Dean, Nov. 16, 1867. By Wm. J. Robertson, M. G.
Roe, James W., to Georgia Hobbs, March 5, 1890. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Roebuck, Jackson B., to Emma Beachman Johnson, June 20, 1921. By C. M. Ledbetter, M. G.
Roebuck, Lou Allen, to Willie A. Southerland, Oct. 3, 1897. By D. F. Ridley, J. P.
Roebuck, Lew Allen, to Smitha Smith, Sept. 12, 1837. By R. H. Buckhalter, J. P.
Roebuck, Louallen, to Mary Ann Mikiel, Aug. 29, 1843. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Roebuck, Samuel, to Martha Jane Henderson, May 8, 1845. By R. H. Buckhalter, J. P.
Roebuck, Thomas W., to Mrs. Drusilla H. Henderson, July 27, 1865. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Roebuck, William, to Clarisa Reeves, Jan. 19, 1826. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Roden, Charles F., to Mrs. Mollie E. Jelks, April 19, 1881. By H. A. Felder, M. G.
Rodgers, Abram, to Nancy Blackshear, March 5, 1874. By O. A. Herrington, J. P.
Rodgers, Cisero R., to Julia Garrett, June 6, 1887. By D. G. Pope, M. G.
Rodgers, J. R., to Elizabeth Atkinson, Sept. 3, 1857. By John L. Evans, M. G.
Rodgers, James W., to Ava Johnson, Feb. 22, 1849. By James J. Kinchen, J. P.
Rodgers, John, to Lucretia Womack, Dec. 23, 1819. By Green Brown, J. P.
Rodgers, John, to Mary Yawn, Aug. 1d, 1865. By A. I. Hargroves, M. G.
Rodgers, Isaac, to Georgia Garrett, April 5, 1888. By D. G. Pope, M. G.
Rodgers, William, to Sarah Ann Mullis, Oct. 20, 1863. By James Hartley, J. P.
Rodgers, William, to Edith Crumbley, March 30, 1854. By George Dupree, J. P.
Roe, Matthew, to Mrs. Sallie Bryant, April 29, 1911. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Rogers, Charles, to Edith Peacock, April 25, 1845. By John C. Rawlins, J. P.
Rogers, George E., to Lula Sapp, Jan. 3, 1891. By S. A. Sheffield, M. G.
Rogers, Jackson, to Sarah Jane Hall, Oct. 9, 1856. By George Dupree, J. P.
Rogers, James M., to Harriett Ella Lou Dillard. Nov. 16. 1902. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Rogers, James M., to Viola Skipper, Dec. 8, 1907. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Rogers, O. T., to Myra Means, May 26, 1922. By K. Read, M. G.
Rogers, Robert, to Susan Lewis, March 15, 1857, By Will H. Darsey, J. P.
Rogers, Robert, to Eliza Lewis, Feb. 18, 1851. By D. C. McPhail, J. I. C.
Rogers, Robinson, to Sarah Mullis, Sept. 11, 1845. By James Hinson, J. P.
Rogers, Thomas, to Mary E. Jones, Jan. 15, 1871. By John A. Rozar, Not. Pub.
Rogers, Sampson A., to Corrine Higgins, Aug. 15, 1896. By P. T. McGriff, Ordy.
Rogers, Verny, to Dolly Reynolds, Oct. 17, 1909. By T. J. Giddings. J. P.
Rogers, William, to Mary Lee, July 19, 1818. By Samuel Robinson, J. P.
Rogers, William, to Rebecca Brown, Jan. 30, 1838. By John Rozier. J. P.
Rogers, William P., to Sarah W. Harrell, Dec. 21, 1861. By Asa Harrell, J. P.
Rogers, William W., to Mattie E. Beachman, Feb. 22, 1883. By George C. Clarke, M. G.
Rogers, Wilmer, to Mae Hall, Nov. 16, 1933. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Rolan, John, to Alley Yearta, May 9, 1822. By Lewis Holland, J. P.
Roland, David, to Minnie Bryant, Sept. 1, 1895. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Roland, Eason, to Mrs. Margaret Evans, Dec. 31, 1873. By William H. Rodgers, M. G.
Roland, George, to Mary Jackson, April 20, 1873. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Roland, James N., to Willie Belle Rogers, Nov. 26, 1899. By F. B: Asbell, M. G.
Roland, George, to Mary R. Lamb, Sept. 21, 1876. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Roland, G. W., to O. O. L. Hodge, Dec. 17, 1908. By Martin Coney, J. P.
Roland, James T., to Annie Pettis, March 20, 1906. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Roland, John, to Lady F. Howell, June 4, 1890. By J. N. Nobles, M. G.
Roland, John, to Nancy Fann, Dec. 19, 1877. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Roland, John W., to Martha Dodge, Nov. 2, 1899. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Roland, Joseph, to Etta Ray, April 28, 1917. By Jno. T. Harvard, J. P.
Roland, Reubun, to Anny Williamson, Dec. 30, 1814. By Ez. C. Taylor, J. P.
Roland, Simeon E., to Amanda Ann Rozar, Aug. 27, 1849. By John Lee, J. P.
Roland, William, to Lucy Smith, Aug. 21, 1873. By James F. Barber, J. P.
Roland, William M., to Ella Evans, Jan. 20, 1912. By J. H. Estes, M. G.
Rolin, David, to Emeline Allen, Nov. 29, 1849. By John Lee, J. P.
Rolins, Davison, to Elmira Giddins, May 16, 1841. By R. H. Burkhalter, J. P.
Rollins, Samuel C., to Lavenia Goff, March 11, 1859. By John Rollins, J. P.
Rooks, Zachariah, to Evelyn Adams, Sept. 10, 1857. By C. Donaldson, J. P.
Rooney, Jeff D., to Mrs. Lula G. Jones, Dec. 25, 1899. By E. M. Whiting, M. G.
Rooney, W. Herbert, to Lou Conner, Jan. 1, 1898. By W. F. Brown, J. P.
Rooney, William, to Martha Mitchell, March 11, 1848. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Rose, A. V., to Margurite M. Wallace, Nov. 4, 1859. By S. M. Manning, J. I. C.
Rose, Albert, to Della Bradley, June 30, 1912. By W. J. Hardy, M. G.
Rose, Dr. R. M., to Kattie Flemming, April 4, 1865. By James Williamson, M. G.
Ross, Clay, to Lizzie Giddings, Oct. 20, 1901. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Ross, Daniel M., to Sallie L. Grimsley, Feb. 7, 1892. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Ross, Jesse G., to Minnie L. Grimsley, Dec. 2, 1888. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Ross, T. G., to Lucile Vaughn, April 30, 1932. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Ross, Thurman G., to Rubie Mulligan, July 3, 1926. By Alger Haskins. Ordy.
Rosser, John T., to Pearl Lee Sapp, May 8, 1904. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Rosseter. Arthur, to Elizabeth M. Wadsworth, June 30, 1838. By Wiley Holder, J. P.
Rothe, Emile, to Ruth Sanders, Jan. 2, 1904. By R. C. Sanders, M.G.
Rountree, Edward L., to Dora J. Dupree, Feb. 5, 1899. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Rountree, James, to Nancy Hendley, March 6, 1823. By W. B. McGehee, J. P.
Rountree, Thomas J., to Mrs. Eva Lamar, April 18, 1897. By L. E. Price, M. G.
Rouse, Henry, to Alice Love, Jan. 21, 1829. By Joseph Carruthers, J. P.
Rouse, William A., to Mary A. F. Lee, Oct. 10, 1850. By Adom Scarborough, J. I. C.
Rowland, Daniel, to Mary Smith, Feb. 18, 1838. By Green Brown, J. P.
Rowland, Eson S., to Martha Barton, Oct. 21, 1894. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Rowland, Hampton, to Mary Lamb, Aug. 17, 1921. By C. M. Ledbetter, M. G.
Rowland, James M., to Lou Bryant, April 28, 1901. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Rowland, James R., to Catherine Giddins, Oct. 21, 1841. By R. H. Buikhalter, J. P.
Rowland, John R., to Lillie Pettis, July 23, 1905. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Royal, Charles C., to Lillie Mae Bembry, Nov. 5, 1919. By Aquilla Chainblee, M. G.
Royal, Isaac N., to Willie F. Mauldin, Oct. 27, 1897. By F. A. Burch, M. G.
Roycraft, William J., to Amander A. Wade, Oct. 10, 1886. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Rozar, Allen Robert, to Zoe Lathrop DeLamar, June 3, 1914. By J. E. Seals, M. G.
Rozar, Ashley, to Avia Harris, July 25, 1866. By J. M. Lamb, J. P.
Rozar, Ashley, to Mrs. Sarah N. F. Brown, Nov. 7, 1878. By J. B. Carroll, J. P.
Rozar, Charles A., to Sarah Lister, Jan. 13, 1800. By John Lee, J. P.
Rozar, Charlie, to Jane Braddy, April 18, 1889. By J. N. Nobles, M. G.
Rozar, Daniel; to Margurite Grimsley, Dec. 23, 1889. By Thomas J. Baker, J. P.
Rozar, Henry, to Pollie A. Pugh, Jan. 15, 1874. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Rozar, J. D., Jr., to Lillie Mae Coleman, April 8, 1906. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Rozar, James J., to Sarah Atkinson, April 1, 1866. By A. I. Hargroves, M. G.
Rozar, James W., to Isabel Lister, April 3, 1853. By Nicholas Rawkins, J. P.
Rozar, John, to Mary Regans, Aug. 3, 1856. By Thomas C. B. Law, M. G.
Rozar, Miles, to Mrs. Berte Pipkin, Dec. 16, 1901. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Rozar, Nealy, to Mary Phillips, June 25, 1860. By H. I. B. Brown, Ord. L. Co.
Rozar, Reubin, to Sarah C. Wooten, June 16, 1851. By John Lee, J. P.
Rozar, Shadrack, to Mary Reggins, April 10, 1859. By Daniel Sapp, J. P.
Rozar, Willie, to Julia Jennings, Jan. 4, 1905. By J. H. Davis, M. G.
Rozier, Charles A., to Susan Tripp, Dec. 17, 1833. By Adon Scarborough, J. P.
Rozier, Lewis, to Rubie Dupree, Feb. 27, 1929. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Rozier, Robert, to Sarah Miller, Nov. 30, 1843. By John Lee, J. P.
Rozier, William, to Bertha Coleman, Dec. 12, 1922. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Rucker, Luke, to Rubie English, Dec. 10, 1927. By J. H. Layton, M. G.
Ruff, R. Lafelle, to L. Lucile Glisson, Jan. 20, 1934. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Rutherford, Aubrey L., to Reba Fullwood, April 15, 1933. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Rutherford, Henry, to Allis Davis, Jan. 15, 1829. By Daniel Mashburn, J. P.
Rutherford, J. E., to Pansy Lamb, June 8, 1930. By W. Cobb Dennard, M. G.
Rutherford, J. K., to Opal McGlamory, Dec. 17, 1932. By J. H. Barton, J. P.
Rutherford, John A., to Dollie Bates, July 17, 1898. By J. J. Giddings, J. P.
Rutherford, John F., to C. E. Mills, Dear„ 4, 1877. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Rutherford, John W., to Carrie Mullis, May 18, 1912. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Runyan, Wm. F., to Jhonnie L. Doughlas, Nov. 28, 1930. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Ryan, Thomas D., to Sarah M. Taylor, April 24, 1849. By George Bright, M. G.
Ryals, D. F., to Hattie Jenkins, Jan. 10, 1867. By T. F. Watkins, J. I. C.
Ryals, Jacob W., to Pearl E. Miller, Feb. 12, 1934. By D. C. Bussell, M. G.
Ryals, James A., to Mary Lou Howell, April 20, 1892. By S. E. Soss, J. P.
Ryle, D. M., to M. R. Pennick, Feb. 15, 1872. By L. A. Darsey, M. G.
Ryle, Daniel M., to Mollie J. Wooten, Oct. 21, 1879. By A. M. Williams, M. G.
Ryan, Charles B., to Bertie L. Ferguson, Nov. 18, 1900. By J. A. Harmon, M. G.
Ryan, L. C., to Elnora Bozeman, April 8, 1868. By W. F. Roberson, M. G.
Ryan, Lawrence C., to Ethel McGehee, Jan. 8, 1902. By W. M. Walters, Rector, St. Luke Episcople Church.

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