Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

L Surnames

Lacey, James, to Winny Barton, March 20, 1853. By Seaborn Southall, J. P.
Lacey, John M., to Jane Nobles, Oct. 12, 1854. By L. Southall, J. P.
Lacy, John S., to Gertrude Benjamine, Aug. 2, 1925. By E. F. Morgan, M. G.
Laidler, James K., to Emily McLamore, Feb. 15, 1903. By W. T. Brown, J. P.
Laidler, James K., to Tempsy C. Faircloth, July 2, 1916. By George W. Nobles, M. G.
Laidler, J. M., to Palmer Dennard, Aug. 28, 1932. By W. M. Conner, M. G. Laidler, James W., to Lena Mae Nobles, March 3, 1928. By S. J. Burrows, J. P.
Laidler, Jesse. to Minnie Lee Lewis, July 14, 1928. By W. N. Conner. M. G.
Laidler, Seaburn, to Gladys Faircloth, Nov. 1, 1924. By W. N. Conner, M. G.
Lamar, Gus, to Gene Buchan, June 23, 1912. By N. H. Burch, 11. G.
Lamar, John B., to Laura F. Baskin, July 12, 1903. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Lamar, Lucius H., to Maggie Lee Lindrey, April 21, 1901. By R. A. Wilson, M. G.
Lamb, Floyd, to Anna Rogers, Sept. 10, 1857. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Lamb, Harry B., to Lily Mae Bozeman, July 28, 1912. By B. F. Jones, J. P.
Lamb, James M., to Anna Perry, Feb. 3, 1876. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Lamb, John, to Mary Bryant, April 2, 1817. By Samuel Robinson, J. P.
Lamb, John F., to Willie Mae Nobles, May 19, 1912. By Nathan H. Burch.
Lamb, John R. to Mary E. Partin, Oct. 2, 1879. By Jackson Nobles, M. G.
Lamb, J. Richmond, to Daisy Martin, July 13, 1906. By Albert P. Seagers, M. G.
Lamb, King, to Lizzie Perry, Dec. 10, 1911. By J. H. Pritchett, M. G. Lamb,
Leander, to Emma Bigelow, Jan. 3, 1889. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Lamkin, James L., to Sarah Ann E. Dillard, Aug. 2, 1842. By Wiley F. D. Holder, J. I. C.
Lamkin, L. A. L., to Eudora Bohannon, May 18, 1869. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Lampkin, Joe, to Mary Ashley, May 31, 1873. By Levi H. Harrell, J. P.
Lancaster, Albert, to Belle Ashley, March 23, 1933. By G. G. Harrison, M. G.
Lancaster, Clinton C., to Mary F. Braddy, April 3, 1898. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Lancaster, Grady Harrell, to Nina Williams, Dec. 27, 1914. By W. J. Hardy, M. G.
Lancaster, James M., to Julian Regan, Jan. 24, 1843. By Wright Lancaster, M. G.
Lancaster, James, to Mary Atkinson, June 13, 1869. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Lancaster, J. B., to Alma Bryant, April 11, 1931. By M. Cohen, N. P.
Lancaster, Jason, to Mary Ann Brown, July 31, 1851. By Wright Lancaster, M. G.
Lancaster, Jessie, to Ella McAllister, June 22, 1903. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Lancaster, J. W., to M. E. Flemming, Dec. 15, 1869. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Lancaster, John S., to Zella Sanders, Nov. 14, 1899. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Lancaster, J. S. N. Bart, to Georgia T. C. Cobb, May 5, 1901. By J. S. Evans, J. P.
Lancaster, Joe B., to Janette Martin, April 16, 1927. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Lancaster, M. A., to Edna Harrell, Dec. 12, 1872. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Lancaster, M. G., to Ella Holder, Oct. 8, 1903. By Martin Coney, J. P.
Lancaster, Marcellus S., to Kate Sapp, Sept. 23, 1900. By J. S. Evans. J. P.
Lancaster, Oscar, to Hattie McLendon, Nov. 21, 1909. By Wm. H. Budd, M. G.
Lancaster, Rabun M., to Fannie Eugene Horne, July 1, 1922. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Lancaster, Ralph, to Mary Jewell Willis, Nov. 19, 1933. By T. J. Giddings, J. P., Bleckley Co.
Lancaster, Robert O., to Mollie Sapp, July 1, 1889. By M. A. Lancaster, J. P.
Lancaster, Roy, to Beluah Cofield. Sept. 15, 1933. By D. C. Russell, M. G.
Lancaster. Thomas R., to Emmie Maud Slade, Jan. 23, 1926. By S. A1. Anderson, AI. G.
Lancaster, Washington, to Nancy Johnson, March 11, 1817. By William Williams, J. P.
Lancaster, Washington. Jr., to Margaret Brown, Jan. 4, 1855. By James M. Buchan, J. P.
Lancaster, William, to Pheriby Wilson, Nov. 8, 1842. By Wright Lancaster, M. G.
Lancaster, Willie E., to Amanda Holliday, Nov. 1, 1909. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Lancaster, William S., to Sue F. Denson, March 20, 1879. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Lancaster, Wright, to Mary Daniel, May 15, 1817. By James Bracewell, J. I. C.
Land, Andrew J., to Mattie A. Durden, Aug. 4, 1889. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Land, Benjamin T. to Mary F. Stroupe, Oct. 18, 1903. By G. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Land, Ira, to May Walters, Oct. 16, 1872. By E. H. Godwin, M. G.
Land, James R., to Eula Perkins, Oct. 4, 1903. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Land, Johnnie W., to Rumetta Lolis, Dec. 2, 1933. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Land, Robert, to Sallie Stinton, Aug. 25, 1901. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Landerford, Thomas R., to Penelope Jones, Nov. 16, 1851. By J. E. Tharpe.
Landfair, Allen, to Nancy Wynne, Dec. 20, 1874. By A. Harris, M. G.
Landfair, Austin A. to Laura Killibrew, Jan. 29, 1905. By J. M. Pritchett, M. G.
Landfair, Austin H., to Nancy A. Skinner, Oct. 13, 1839. By R. H. Buckhalter, J. P.
Landfair, James J., to Mattie E. Wynne, Oct. 11, 1882. By Arch. Harris, M. G.
Landfair, Jesse, to Mary Frances Perdue, Feb. 27, 1912. By John B. Brown, M. G.
Landfair, Jordan, to Eldora Hall, Sept. 24, 1904. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Langsley, William, to Oneda Lancaster, Aug. 28, 1926. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Landin, James, to Elizebeth Rolin, Jan. 7, 1842. By B. B. Dykes, J. I. C.
Landrum, Thomas, to Mattie Andrews, Feb. 21. 1912. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
Lane, Raymond, to Pearley Rozier, Dec. 26, 1911. By W. J. Harvey, M. G.
Langford, James Bullard, to Annie Mae Crosby, Dec. 9, 1917. By A. J. Parker, M. G.
Lanier, Avery E., to Mary Lula Churchwell, Sept. 16, 1888. By J. M. V. Williams, J. P.
Lanier, Avery E., to Airs. Laura M. Louis, Feb. 26, 1902. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Lanier, Geo. C., to Sarah E. Peddy, June 16, 1920. By W. L. Bright, M. G.
Lanier, James H., to Mary Walker, April 20, 1868. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Lanier, James H., to Carrie Foster, Jan. 31, 1897. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Lanier, Oscar E., to Florence Clyde Hobbs, By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Lanier, William P., to Faustine Jones, Jan. 24, 1912. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Lanier, William P., to Katunah Jordan, April 26, 1925. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Lankford, William, to Samantha Budd, Nov. 17, 1872. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Larasey, Moses, to Penny Williams, July 6, 1838. By Johnathan Wood, J. P.
Laricy, David, to Eddie McGehee, Aug. 6, 1898. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Laricy, J. Z., to Mrs. M. J. Laricy, Jan. 24, 1886. By R. E. Reynolds, J. P.
Laricy, Moses J., to Mrs. Jane C. Smith, Aug 31, 1887. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Larkins, William S. to Sarah Odom. Nov. 7, 1839. By A. Odom, M. G.
Lashley, Charles C., to Belle J. Ward, Oct. 14, 1888. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Lashley, Joel L., to Mrs. Mary J. Armestead, Aug. 27, 1886. By G. F. Powell, 11. G.
Lashley, J. T., to Annie Jenkins, April 10, 1903. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Lashley, John W., to Susie Williams, April 27, 1887. By George B. Stanburg, M. G.
Lasseter, John, to Mary Campbell, July 24, 1842. By Daniel Dupree, J. P.
Lassiter, James B., to Bessie Coley, Feb. 9, 1899. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Lassiter, Jesse, to Mollie Whitfield, April 3, 1892. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Lassiter, Jim, to Mrs. Mary Lou Knight, July 28, 1930. By J. W. Chalker, J. P.
Lassiter, Joseph, to Rachel Smith, June 12, 1879. By E. H. Godwin, M. G.
Lassiter, Joseph F., to Quintine Wade, Nov. 25, 1886. By W. R. Steely, M. G.
Lassiter, Thomas, to Bessie Reeves, May 1, 1904. By J. R. Smith, J. P.
Lassiter, Z. W., to Nettie Turner, Nov. 3, 1886. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Lathrop, Charles T., to Margaret R. Michael, Nov. 1, 1854. By James Williamson, M. G.
Lathrop, James W., to Margaret A. Warren, July 1, 1846. By A. T. Holmes, M. G., Haynville.
Lathrop, Matt. to Mary Lathrop, Jan. 3, 1875. By J. F. Ryles, N. P.
Laudermilk, H., to Jane Sheffield, July 19, 1933. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Lavender, James T., to Louisa M. Wynne, Jan. 3, 1893. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Law, A. J., to M. P. Mills, Jan. 14, 1886. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Law, Hiram, to Minnie Pearson, Oct. 30, 1909. By G. W. Stubbs, M. G.
Law, T. G., to C. E. Rutherford, Nov. 23, 1884. By John Ross, M. G.
Lawdon, Lawson, to Margaret Jordan, April 1, 1871. By Henry Armstead, M. G.
Lawney, James F., to Sarah Dupree, Jan. 30, 1867. By M. C. Jordan, M. G.
Lawrence, Proctor B., to Carrie M. Pooler, June 19, 1872. By Henry E. Reese, M. G.
Lawrence, Hiram L., to Mrs. Mary Graves, Aug. 2, 1865. By James Williamson, M. G.
Lawson, James F., to Bertie Haskins, March 31, 1907. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Lawson, J. L., to Dora P. Hill, July 26, 1903. By S. P. Whipple, J. P.
Lawson, Shine B., to Emma V. Adams, Nov. 27, 1878. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Lay, E., to Nettie Hancock, May 14, 1921. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Layton, Thomas W., to Annie Laurie Lewis, July 15, 1917. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Lee, Daniel W., to Pheobe Fountain, May 3, 1860. By F. L. Harris, J. P.
Lee, Elias, to Francis Mullis, July 26, 1845. By John Lee, J. P.
Lee, Eli F., to Joanna Harrell, Oct. 9, 1853. By John L. Evans, J. P.
Lee, E., to Madine Newman, Dec. 18, 1926. By R, D. Abney, Ordy., Bleckley Co.
Lee, Franklin L., to Carrie Hooks, Dec. 22, 1901. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Lee, George, to Elizabeth Barlow, Sept. 10, 1885. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Lee, James, to Alley H. Waldon, May 1, 1822. By James Allen, J. P.
Lee, James F., to Maud May Richardson, Dec. 24, 1911. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Lee, James M., to Mary Ann Hancock, Nov. 18, 1856. By Calvin Minchew, J. P.
Lee, J. W., to Mattie J. Meadows, May 13, 1888. By W. R. Steely, M. G.
Lee, Jesse E., to Jane Nobles, Dec. 14, 1875. By J. F. Barber, N. P.
Lee, Jessie M., to Tillie Collins, May 15, 1910. By J. H. Pritchett, M. G.
Lee, John, to Eliza Dykes, June 5, 1831. By B. Milton. M. G.
Lee, John, to Nancy Westley, March 4, 1841. By John Powell, O. M. G.
Lee, John F., to Josephine Barlow, Dec. 10, 1878. By W. W. Fowler, M. G.
Lee, Joseph Lewis, to Laura W. Trisch, Oct. 18, 1915. By Walter M. Lee, M. G.
Lee, Jordan, to Margaret Stapleton, Dec. 27, 1866. By H. Harrell, J. P. Lee,
Lewis, to Eugenia A. Smith, Dec. 13, 1871. By R. C. Holton, M. G.
Lee, Mock W., to Annie L. Lanier, June 4, 1912. By J. E. Seales, M. G.
Lee, Moses G., to Martha Yerta, Jan. 14, 1847. By John Lee, J. P.
Lee, Perman, to Mary Williams, Aug. 19, 1932. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Lee, Robert N., to Dollie Braddy, June 24, 1922. By H. B. Coleman, M. G.
Lee, Thomas J., to Mrs. Sarah R. Barney, Oct. 27, 1886. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Lee, William, to Malicia Stokes, Dec. 24, 1846. By Hardy Powers, J. P.
Lee, Wm. W., to D. E. Mitchell, Nov. 2, 1873. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Lee, Willie, to Mattie Watson, Sept. 22, 1906. By Chas. L. Greaves, M. G.
Leek, Daniel, to Sallie Miller, Nov. 15, 1823. By W. B. McGehee, J. P.
Legg, George W., to Namoie Methvin, Oct. 20, 1920. By W. L. Wright, M. G.
Leggett, F. M., to Mamie McLeod, May 17, 1908. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Leggitt, Fudge E., to E. Ida Mullis, Nov. 12, 1902. By Lamar Simms, M. G.
Lemon, A. J., to Mozelle Hunt, Aug. 29, 1932. By J. H. Barton, J. P.
Lennard, Green P., to Susan Ann Askew, Jan. 4, 1852. By Berry Hobbs, M. G.
Leonard, Jacob J., to Mrs. Mary J. Defnall, Feb. 11, 1877. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Lester, James D., to Caroline Parsons, Oct. 27, 1932. By W. D. Budd, M. G.
Lester, James J., to Penelope Vickers, April 10, 1827. By E. R. Bancker, J. I. C.
Leverett, Wiley, to Larra C. Crowder, Oct. 15, 1854. By Richard T. Smith, J. P.
Leverett, Willie Frank, to Angie Kathleen Johns, Oct. 22, 1919. By W. L.Wright, M. G.
Levingston, Jacob, to Sarah Jenkins, June 5, 1865. By John J. Rozar, J. P.
Levingston, Martin, to Rachel Joiner, Nov. 17, 1829. By James Brown, J. P.
Lewis, Arthur, to Ospy Scarborough, April 1, 1843. By John Lee, J. P.
Lewis, David, to Dicey McCormack, Jan. 9, 1823. By L. C. Pitts, J. P.
Lewis, George D., to Mrs. Odessa Roe, Feb. 10, 1907. By C. McKinney, J. P.
Lewis, Green, to Belle Smith, Jan. 16, 1898. By W. T. Brown, J. P.
Lewis, Green, to Louise Foster, Oct. 3, 1904. By W. T. Brown, J. P.
Lewis, H. J., to Minnie Martin, Nov. 26, 1899. By R. E. Reynolds, M. G.
Lewis, Jacob, to Laura Dupree, July 17, 1879. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Lewis, Jesse, to Jane Fountain, Jan. 15, 1828. By David Wood, P. G.
Lewis, Jesse, to Nancy Hicks, June 8, 1845. By Wright Lancaster, M. G.
Lewis, John B., to Maggie M. Fleming, Nov. 29, 1876. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Lewis, John F., to Mary Lee Lamar, Nov. 24, 1884. By M. W. Beckwith, Bishop of Ga.
Lewis, John J., to Mattie Watson, Sept. 22, 1906. By Chas. L. Greaves, M. G.
Lewis, Lee, to Lula Dixon, June 23, 1907. By L. C. Kimberley, J. P.
Lewis, Melton J., to Mollie Horne, Dec. 12, 1887. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Lewis, O. F., to Edna Singleton, Dec. 28, 1829. By J. V. Joiner, J. P.
Lewis, Robert G., to Mary Jelks, Dec. 5, 1883. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Lewis, T. J., to Pauline Kitchen, July 3, 1933. By R. N. Cobb, J. P.
Lewis, Thomas S., to M. G. Pate, Dec. 12, 1883. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Lewis, Wesley, to Elizebeth Swain, May 22, 1855. By Calvin Minshew, J. P.
Lewis, William, to Gable E. Scarborough, Oct. 21, 1838. By Lamkin Vandevier, J. P.
Lilly, John E., to Mrs. Mary F. Dykes, Feb. 23, 1881. By A. C. Pate, J. S. C. O. C.
Lindsay, Joseph, to Mrs. Catee Bacon, Feb. 26, 1885, By G. W. Stapleton, M. G.
Lindsey, Jack, to Mattie Bullington. Sept. 20, 1903. By D. L. Bailey, J. P.
Lindsey, Jarrett, to Martha Joiner, Aug. 25, 1850. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Lindsey, Jonah J., to Martha C. Bryant, Jan. 1858. By James G. Davis, D. D.
Lindsey, Oscar D., to Mamie C. Floyd, Sept. 5, 1909. By T. J. Giddens, J. P.
Lindsey, Stephen, to Lilian Reed, July 21, 1907. By W. H. Holmes, M. G.
Lindsey, William, to Melvina Sutton, April 9, 1841. By Joseph B. Sauls, J. P.
Linsey, Garrett, to Wisey Buches, May 16, 1869. By George Dupree, J. P.
Linsey, Jarret, to Eliza Hardy, Aug. 4, 1844. By Dixon T. Cross, J. P.
Linsey, Jarrett, to Mrs. Martha Ann Simpson, Nov. 24, 1853. By Laikin Joiner, M. G.
Linsey, John, to Lottie Clements, Sept. 23, 1837. By William Farnell, J. P.
Linsey, Richard, to Amanda Shivers, May 6, 1856. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Lister, Aaron, to Rebecca Rawlins, Oct. 17, 1871. By L. T. Thompson, J. P.
Lister, Daniel, to Nancy Horne, June 4, 1866. By Daniel N. Farm, M. G.
Lister, David D., to Ruth M. Cook, Dec. 19, 1931. By C. E. Long, M. G.
Little, Berry, to Nancy Scott, Feb. 12, 1858. By R. F. Delamar, J. I. C.
Little, Berry, to Carrie Evans, Aug. 29, 1891. By J. F. Sparrow, J. P.
Little, Dee, to Edna Martin, July 23, 1932. By J. N. C. Lowe, J. P.
Little, George, to Martha Womack, March 2, 1820. By Wm. Hawthorne, D. D.
Little, James, to Sarah Rowland, Oct. 27, 1821. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Little, Jimmie, to Janie Wynne, June 5, 1902. By J. B. Brown, N. P.
Little, John T., to Ella Manning, Jan. 3, 1383. By H. P. Cowan, J. P.
Little, Jones, to Lizzie Davis, Dec. 4, 1881. By W. H. Cordell, M. G.
Little, Jones, to Lona Skipper, Sept. 6, 1908. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Livingston, John, to Caroline Yawn, Nov. 8, 1840. By Coalman Sanders, J. P.
Livingston, John S., to Ella Sanfor, Jan. 24, 1867. By John J. Rozar, J. P.
Livingston, Martin, to Mary Harrell, Feb. 16, 1835. By John Marshall, M. G.
Livingston, Thomas J., to Mary Moor, Dec. 26, 1830. By Clayton Bradshaw, J. P.
Locke, Charlton, to Jessie Smith, Dec. 28, 1913. By George W. Nobles, M. G.
Lockman, Aaron J., to Mary Ann Sheppard, Feb. 19, 1913. By J. D. Vanlandingham, J. P.
Lockridge, Joseph W., to Harriett Middleton, June 11, 1887. By H. H. Wynne, J. P.
Lolis, M. E., to Falty Graham, July 10, 1923. By G. W. Holliday, J. P.
Long, E. L., to Mazell Davis, May 8, 1909. By J. K. Smith, J. P.
Long, Matthew J., to Susie E. Lester, Jan. 2, 1887. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Long, W. H., to Lilie Wells, March 5, 1923. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Loper, Lewis M., to Smithey Johnson, Oct. 6, 1819. By Furney F. Gatlin, J. P.
Lord, Benjamin F., to Callie Hudson, June 20, 1895. By S. A. Sheffield, M. G.
Lord, Charles R., to Annie L. Riley, Feb. 15, 1899. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Lord, Robert M., to Susie A. Mullis, Dec. 27, 1891. By J. B. Barrs, M. G.
Love, Amos R., to Rachel E. Crumpler, Dec. 27, 1877. By E. H. Goodwin, M. G.
Love, Homer, to Maggie Johnson, April 9, 1905. By W. M. Kitchens, M. G.
Love, Joe Raymond, to Ormie Jones, Aug. 19, 1908. By John P. Chatfield, M. G.
Love, John R., to S. E. Laidler, Jan. 9, 1868. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Love, Joseph W., to Mrs. Mary F. Thomas, April 28, 1878. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Love, Peter E., to Mary Bracewell, Jan. 10, 1841. By Wiley F. D. Holder, J. I. C.
Lovejoy, T. H., to Mrs. Mattie C. Napier, Jan. 15, 1898. By R. VanDeventer, M. G.
Loveless, Benjamin, to Elizabeth Dees, Dec. 19, 1930. By H. H. Horne, J. P.
Lovett, Ferdinandis, to Mary Ann Mixon, Aug. 26, 1846. By K. O’Conner, J. P.
Lovett, John M., to Mrs. Sarah M. Crump, Sept. 10, 1882. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Lovett, Landers, to Martha Allen, Aug. 3, 1869. By P. C. Smith, M. G.
Lovett, Warren, to Catherine Russ, Dec. 30, 1852. By Calvin Minshew, J. P.
Loving, Albert Jordan, to Elnor Baker, Feb. 19, 1918. By Jno. T. Harvard, J. P.
Lowe, E. Cranford, to Jostella Black, Oct. 20, 1920. By W. B. Sheshire, M. G.
Lowe, Javed, to Annie Bradford, Aug. 28, 1894. By J. E. Floyd, J. P.
Lowe, Joe Bell, to Sarah Maud Wright, Oct. 1, 1873. By R. N. Cobb, M. G.
Lowe, John M., to Clara Hester, July 5, 1906. By Lamar Simms, M. G.
Lowery, Andy L., to Mary Adams, Dec. 30, 1856. By Asa Harrell, J. P.
Lowery, Joseph I., to Martha Jane Taylor, Nov., 19, 1856. By James H. Reese, M. G.
Lowry, John Phillip, to Susie Eudora Atkinson, July 14, 1921. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Loyall, T. D., to Virginia C. Coleman, April 23, 1884. By George C. Clarke, M. G.
Loyd, Wm. G., to Frances Blount, Nov. 30, 1875. By W. J. Baker, M. G.
Lucas, Carey, to Molly Hart, Feb. 11, 1912. By P. H. Crumpler, M. G.
Lucas, Hill, to Lizzie Wynne, Oct. 30, 1904. By John B. Mills, M. G.
Lucas, Hudson, to Lilla Norsworthy, Nov. 19, 1911. By G. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Lucas, Will. M., to Edna Davis, Aug. 14, 1927. By R. J. Lancaster, J. P.
Lumby, W. F., to C. E. Taylor, Jan. 21, 1871. By H. L. Barror, J. P.
Lupo, Derwood L., to Susie O’Brien, April 10, 1910. By L. Nobles, M. G.
Lupo, Derwood L., to Theo. Barfield, Dec. 28, 1921. By Hendley F. Jelks, M. G.
Lupo, J. H., to Rhoda Nobles, Oct. 28, 1906. By A. S. Sanders, J. P.
Lupo, Rufus N., to Nora A. Cook, June 19, 1892. By P. A. Jessup, M. G.
Lupo, Silas G., to Parmelia Wrye, April 7, 1912. By Francis McCullough, M. G.
Lupo, Thomas, to Elizabeth Lambert, June 11, 1860. By F. L. Harris, J. P.
Lyles, Marion, to Jennie Chambers, Jan. 11, 1902. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
Lyles, Sherman, to Nellie Mae Nobles, Dec. 15, 1912. By J. H. Tripp, J. P.
Lyles, Wm. F., to Carrie Newman, Jan. 10, 1890. By J. S. Evans, J. P.
Lynch, William R., to Louise DeLamar, Dec. 7, 1924. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Lyons, J. E., to E. I. Rozar, March 25, 1860. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Lyon, William, to Elizabeth Wallace, March 19, 1812. By Wm. S. Lancaster, J. P.
Lytle, Robert G., to E. L. Mills, Sept. 25, 1881. By M. N. McCall, M. G.

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Pulaski County GA,

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