Pulaski County GA

The One-Day School

About seventy-five years ago, two young men, John Polhill and Dick Carruthers, who had just finished high school, were elected co-principals of the Hawkinsville Academy. The school opened auspiciously with quite a number of students. The school building consisted of only one large room. John occupied a seat at one end of the room and …

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Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Pulaski County Academy’s Records Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy was organized 1808. The date of 1st record is 1840 (Acts 1840, p. 13; Cobb p. 1194, 12/19/1840). 1821 Pulaski County Academy. 1832 Pulaski Walnut Branch Academy. 1840 Pulaski Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy. Number chartered 3 (Secondary Education in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher. Pulaski County Academy-Higher …

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Roster of Pulaski County Georgia Volunteers

Company G, Eighth Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Infantry, C. S. A., First company to leave Pulaski County. Compiled by the late D. G. Fleming: T. D. L. Ryan, captain. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned March 2, 1863. Geo. W. Carruthers, first lieutenant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned January 1862. S. W. Taylor, Jr., second lieutenant. Enlisted …

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History of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Pulaski County, Georgia

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was erected in 1871. Before that time the church had very few members here. Dr. and Mrs. Golding came to Hawkinsville in January 1862. Mrs. Golding wrote Rev. H. K. Rees, rector of Christ Church in Macon, informing him that several young people here were interested in the church, and suggested …

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The Natural History of Ocmulgee Bottoms

Ocmulgee Bottoms is a corridor of the Ocmulgee River Flood Plain in the central region of the State of Georgia that begins at the Fall Line in Macon, GA and continues 38 miles southward to near Hawkinsville, GA. This region is located in Bibb, Twiggs, Houston, Bleckley and Pulaski Counties. The Ocmulgee River’s velocity slows dramatically upon entering the Bottoms and has a serpentine channel. Over the eons, the river here has meandered frequently across the breath of the flood plain, leaving hundreds of ponds and swamps, plus a deep layer of rich, alluvial soil. On top of the alluvial soil is from one to ten feet or red clay that was deposited during the period when cotton was cultivated in the Piedmont, upstream.

Biographies of Pulaski County Georgia

Biographies of Pulaski County, Georgia: The following collection consists of 104 biographies of Pulaski County Georgia. These persons were either born and raised in Pulaski County or settled the county at an early date in it’s history (pre 1900). They consist of men in the County of Pulaski, who were considered by the author to be the religious, business, governmental, professional, and agricultural leaders of the various communities in Racine. Sometimes they were included simply because they “subscribed” to the manuscript prior to publication.

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