Location: Pulaski County GA

A Fresh Look at Ocmulgee Bottoms

Many of the most fundamental assumptions by the Anthropology profession concerning the Pre-European history of the Lower Southeast were developed during the mid-20th century as a result of a massive, federally-funded excavation of archaeological sites near Macon, GA. While today, anthropologists, museums and the National Park Service present a united front stating that the body of knowledge, which resulted from the Ocmulgee Bottoms studies, was the result of comprehensive analysis, plus well-thought out consensus by some of the most brilliant men of their time, the truth is quite a bit different.


The Natural History of Ocmulgee Bottoms

Ocmulgee Bottoms is a corridor of the Ocmulgee River Flood Plain in the central region of the State of Georgia that begins at the Fall Line in Macon, GA and continues 38 miles southward to near Hawkinsville, GA. This region is located in Bibb, Twiggs, Houston, Bleckley and Pulaski Counties. The Ocmulgee River’s velocity slows dramatically upon entering the Bottoms and has a serpentine channel. Over the eons, the river here has meandered frequently across the breath of the flood plain, leaving hundreds of ponds and swamps, plus a deep layer of rich, alluvial soil. On top of the alluvial soil is from one to ten feet or red clay that was deposited during the period when cotton was cultivated in the Piedmont, upstream.

Roll of Company F, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry

Roll of Company F, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards). Mustered into the Confederate service, August 6, 1863, at Hawkinsville, Georgia B. N. Mitchell, captain H. H. Whitfield, first lieutenant W. M. Oliver, second lieutenant L. H. Harrell, third lieutenant E. W. Coney, first sergeant A. C. McPhail, second sergeant R. F. DeLamar, third sergeant H. D. Hendley, fourth sergeant William Miller, fifth sergeant E. D. Fountain, first corporal; Robin Mercer, second corporal John McKinney, third corporal Moses T. Fort, fourth corporal J. B. Mitchell, bugler Privates J. H. Anderson Milton Bozeman G. W. Bowen J. Bowen G. W. Budd

World War One Soldiers from Pulaski County Georgia

  Douglas Anderson H. P. Anderson Robert Anderson Emory Asbell DeLamar Atkinson Lee Attaway Max. Bagby J. H. Bagby C. B. Bailey (April, 1918, December, 1918. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, Camp Greenleaf, Chickamauga Park). C. H. Bailey E. H. Bailey 0. D. Bailey H. Barfield Isadore Barker W. H. Barlow D. M. Barnes Sterling Barrow J. T. Bartow Emory Bass John Bembry C. L. Bennett L. M. Bigsby Harry Black J. L. Black J. Y. Black Wiley Black W. C. Black N. J. Bozeman E. E. Bragg Leon. Branan, Tandy Thomas Branen D. E. Brazeal E. J. Brown J. P.

Pulaski Greys: Company K, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Company K, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C. S. A., as compiled by the late A. C. Pipkin. (Fourth Company, from Pulaski County) S. M. Manning, captain. Enlisted March 4, 1862; elected lieutenant-colonel, March 22, 1862; mortally wounded at Cedar Run, Va., August 9, 1862; died, 1862. H. H. Whitfield, first lieutenant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; promoted to captain, March 22, 1862; resigned, June 27, 1863. John H. Pate, second lieutenant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; promoted to first lieutenant, March 22, 1862; promoted to captain, June 27, 1862; elected major, July 28, 1863. E. A. Smith, second

Roster of Pulaski County Georgia Volunteers

Company G, Eighth Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Infantry, C. S. A., First company to leave Pulaski County. Compiled by the late D. G. Fleming: T. D. L. Ryan, captain. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned March 2, 1863. Geo. W. Carruthers, first lieutenant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned January 1862. S. W. Taylor, Jr., second lieutenant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned January 1863. John A. Young, first sergeant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; transferred to Regimental Band of Musicians, June 25, 1861; elected first lieutenant, February, 1862; promoted to captain, March 5, 1863, killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. Daniel H. Mason, second

Regimental Band of Musicians, Eighth Georgia

Roster of soldiers who served in the Regimental Band of Musicians, Eighth Georgia. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. A. H. Affleck-(Detailed from Co. G) June 1, 1861 (see roster Co. G). A. A. Marck-Co. A, June 1, 1861; succeeded Affleck as leader, January, 1862 (see Co. A). A. Starowski-Co. G, June 1, 1861 (see Co. G). John A. Young-Co. G, June 1, 1861; elected lieutenant, afterwards captain (see Co. G). John H. Lowery-Co. G, June 1, 1861; killed at First Manassas (see Co. G). F. Schwab-June 1, 1861 (see Co. C). Chas. Henry Speer-June 1, 1861 (see

Pulaski Blues: Company F, 27th and 31st Georgia Infantry

Roster of soldiers who served in Company F, 27th and 31st Georgia Infantry. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA and were known as the Pulaski Blues. Warren D. Wood, captain Isaac Woodard, first lieutenant William D. Brunson, second lieutenant Joel D. Wilson, second lieutenant Thomas J. Mills, captain Henry M. Bozeman, first lieutenant John A. Harrell, first lieutenant, promoted to captain W. O. Gwyn, first lieutenant George H. Camble, second lieutenant Joseph Miller, second sergeant, promoted to first sergeant William E. Hanner, fourth sergeant Charles J. Bradshaw, first corporal and regular drummer William R. Taylor, second corporal Hamilton

Officers of the 14th Military District

Following is a list of officers of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Companies, 14th Military District First Company-Benjamin Harrell, captain T. J. Baker, first lieutenant S. C. Nicholson, second lieutenant Willis Harrell, third lieutenant I. B. Hamilton, fourth lieutenant Second Company I. E. Booth, captain Seaborn Jones, first lieutenant P. H. Purser, second lieutenant I. T. Ard, third lieutenant W. A. Rouse, fourth lieutenant Third Company D. Sapp, captain J. M. Stokas, first lieutenant W. W. Dishgo, second lieutenant J. H. Anderson, second lieutenant Ed. Pipkin, third lieutenant John W. Simpson, fourth lieutenant. Fourth Company A. C. McPhail,

Muster Roll of Georgia Militia – New District

Muster Roll of Georgia Militia, Pulaski County, Georgia, March 4, 1862 – New District W. M. Oliver, captain E. F. Way M. Scarborough Pleasant Willson E. H. Coney E. B. Royal T. H. Wooten, first lieutenant W. W. Culpepper, second lieutenant R. C. Smith, third lieutenant W. H. Chancey John McKenney Jas. Bynam R. Marchman Joseph Andrews P. Partin T. T. Malden Joseph Graham Joseph Bynam Jefferson Bynam Jas. Williams W. D. Conner C. M. Bozeman, Jr.