Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

G Surnames

Gainer, Warren W., to Mrs. Ann Mariah Snell, May 1, 1855. By Darling Jones, J. P.
Gainey, Jesse J., to Leah Sipple, April 14, 1920. By J. M. Foster, M. G.
Galloway, Watson, to Mary Haggat, March 6, 1887. By N. M. Whiting, M. G.
Gammage, Daniel E., to Lizzie L. Hendley, Oct. 25, 1896. By G. T. Jennings, M. G.
Gammage, Earnest, to Lizzie Williams, Nov. 12, 1903. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Gammage, Homer G., to Ola Moon, April 23, 1902. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Gammage, Maurice E., to Ida L. Pope, Dec. 12, 1906. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Gammage, M. E., to Mattie P. Pope, Nov. 11, 1904. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Gammage, W. H., to Mrs. Georgia A. Barron, May 8, 1890. By T. J. Adams, M. G.
Gardner, Daniel, to Hennie Johnson, Dec. 24, 1890. By Chas. D. Adams, M. G.
Gardner, E. M., to Mrs. M. S. Crenshaw, Jan. 18, 1930. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Gardner, John Robert, to Cinthia Yarbrough, June 4, 1822. By L. C. Pitts, J. P.
Gardner, Grey B., to Hannah Tooke, April 6, 1819. By Stephen Gatlin, J. P.
Gardner, J. D., to Susie Doughlas, Feb. 28, 1902. By John F. Sparrow, J. P.
Gardner, Willie N., to Celia Mae Rycroft, Oct. 25, 1915. By J. A. Sconyers, M. G.
Garner, Henry M., to Lila D. Pate, Dec. 26, 1931. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Garner, John Robert, to Annie Laurie Wynne, Feb. 7, 1912. By F. McCullough, M. G.
Garner, Richard, to Martha Pope, March 22, 1831. By H. L. Davis, J. P.
Garrett, Benjamin, to Annie Belle Kimberly, Jan. 1, 1911. By Martin Coody, J. P.
Garrett, Jacob M., to Sallie L. McPhail, May 22, 1904. By Gideon Horne, M. G.
Garrett, Meady, to Mary Jane Bryan, Aug. 29, 1879. By W. M. Miles, M. G.
Gatlin, Benjamin. to Sadie Cobb, Nov. 28, 1918. By D. L. Daniel, J. P.
Gatlin, Harrell, to Ruby Stewart, Dec. 20, 1908. By W. J. Pearman, M. G.
Garrett, Tiny I., to Matilda Striplin, Sept. 7, 1865. By James Hartley, J. P.
Gatlin, Joseph L., to Lizzie Harrell, Sept. 9, 1884. By W. R. Steely, M. G.
Gatlin, J. L., Jr., to Annie Evans, Jan. 2, 1916. By N. W. Hurst, J. P.
Geaslin, Louis E., to Elizabeth M. Blalock, Aug. 9, 1906. By W. H. Sledge, M. G.
Geiger, Charles Leroy, to Viola Gertrude Howell, May 22, 1903. By A. I. Simms, M. G.
Gelfin, Ashley W., to Nancy Brown, Jan. 7, 1864. By James M. Wood, J. P.
Gerald, Robert, to Lizzie Mae Sapp, Aug. 9, 1908. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
Gestman, John D., to Sibby A. McDutfie, Oct. 11, 1840. By Soloman C. Spivey, J. P. C.
Gibbs, Delma, to Faye Coleman, Oct. 7, 1933. By L. H. Glenn, Ordy.
Gibbs, William W., to Leto Sapp, Dec. 27, 1910. By John T. Harvard, J. P.
Gibson, George W., to Bessie Watson, Feb. 7, 1915. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Gibson, John S., to Jimmie Cormack, Nov. 23, 1932. By M. L. Elrod, M. G.
Giddens, Abraham, to Susie Hinson, Dec. 29, 1870. By James Hartley, J. P.
Giddens, Abraham, to Frances Stegall, Dec. 25, 1828. By Aser Pipkin, J. P.
Giddens, A. L. P., to Nancy Holstead, Sept. 29, 1861. By James Hartley, J. P.
Giddens, I. M. P., to Jane Bostwick, Sept. 27, 1857. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Giddens, James M., to Edna Barlow, Dec. 18, 1866. By James Hartley, J. P.
Giddens, John J., to Mary E. Smith, Nov. 14, 1875. By J. F. Stokes, J. P.
Giddings, Abraham, to Frances Starling, Jan. 27, 1892. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Giddings, Charlie, to Charity Lucinda Roland, Nov. 16, 1902. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Giddings, Charlie, to Stanley Smith, March 31, 1899. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Giddings, James, to Charity Skipper, Dec. 19, 1895. By J. T. Holland, J. P.
Giddings, James, to Mrs. Sarena Bates, Sept. 20, 1886. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Giddings, John M., to Lanie Stewart, Dec. 22, 1881. By Arch Harris, M. G.
Giddings, John M., to Eliza Skipper, July 3, 1890. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Giddings, John T., to Mamie Asbell, Jan. 3, 1889. By G. W. Walters, J. P.
Giddings, J. S., to Etta Asbell, April 5, 1892. By J. S. Haskins, J. P.
Giddings, Richard, to Efie Hinson, Oct. 27, 1912. By M. A. Smith, J. P.
Giddings, Thomas J., to Rosa J. Scarborough, Nov. 25, 1880. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Giddins, Benjamin E. L., to Bettie C. Smith, Aug. 8, 1843. By John Powel, M. G.
Giddins, James M. P., to Elizabeth Jane Floyed, Dec. 5, 1843. By John Lee, J. P.
Giddins, John M., to Lanie Stewart, Dec. 22, 1881. By F. B. Green, J. P.
Gilbert, Alonza A., to Mary E. Sherron, Sept. 14, 1884. By W. S. Ramsey, M. G.
Gilbert, Clyde A., to Sallie V. Nelson, Jan. 26, 1924. By W. D. Ogletree, M. G.
Gilbert, E. J., to Christine Wynne, Aug. 3, 1930. By J. W. Harris, J. P.
Gilbert, Idus Brown, to Willie Frances Ryalls, Aug. 25, 1914. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Gilbert, Lucius O., to Susan Stapleton, Dec. 24, 1884. By W. H. Hosford, J. P.
Gilbert, Reese, to Julia Barlow, Nov. 27, 1932. By W. A. Conner, M. G.
Gildar, James I., to Mary E. Champion, Jan. 20, 1884. By Jackson Nobles, M. G.
Giles, B. Frank, to Emily Aline Wood, Sept. 21, 1898. By R. VanDeventer, M. G.
Giles, John, to Lois Hendley, Dec. 19, 1915. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Gillen, George H., to Lula Raiford, Dec. 23, 1885. By J. W. Domingoes, M. G.
Gillian, Clarence, to Trellie Viola Hemphill, Sept. 6, 1931. By Walter M. Peacock, N. P.
Gilstrap, James, to Hannah Nobles, Aug. 10, 1845. By James Ferrell, J. P.
Gilstrap, James, to Elizabeth Gray, Dec. 5, 1858. By Mathew Grace, J. P.
Gilstrap, Peter, to Elizabeth Edge, Oct. 13, 1826. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Gilstrap, Levin, to Betsy Bynum, Jan. 11, 1821. By Jno. A. William, J. I. C.
Ginn, Earnest, to Mrs. Julia Neal, Aug. 22, 1925. By Z. P. Hamilton, M. G.
Girtman, David, to Mrs. Sarah Fountain, June 12, 1851. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Girtman, Henry J., to Nancy L. Carrithers, July 9, 1866. By S. M. Manning, J. I. C.
Glaggen, Jenkins, to Elizabeth Ashley, Feb. 15, 1830. By Daniel Cornwell, J. P.
Glass, Thomas N., to Bettie Davis, Dec. 3, 1865. By J. N. Horne, M. G.
Glenn, J. M. D., to Elizabeth D. Johnson, Aug. 10, 1856. By C. Minchew, J. P.
Glenn, Richard, to Alma Beasley, Oct. 14, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Glenn, Robert, to Connie Towler, Jan. 11, 1930. By J. D. Means, N. P.
Glenn, Robert F., to Lizzie Dillard, Feb. 19, 1894. By M. Jordan, M. G.
Glisson, C. Stedman, to Lilian L. Anderson, June 30, 1908. By E. H. McGehee, M. G.
Glover, James B., to Ruby, R. Smith, Dec. 21, 1911. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Godfrey, Francis H., to Nancy Isler, Nov. 23, 1882. By L. C. Pitts, J. P.
Godwin, E. H., to Mrs. Dollie Dunn, Oct. 14, 1890. By J. S. Haskins, J. P.
Goette, Martin Amorous, to Minnie Mae Schneider, June 10, 1914. By Daw. J. McCarthy, Priest.
Goin, W. A., to Cora Collins, June 4, 1899. By W. J. Flanders, M. G.
Goldsmith, Hale, to Zilpha Kornegay, Sept. 26,1882. By Louis Yarbrough, J. I. C.
Goode, Eli W., to Florida Jelks, Aug. 15, 1894. By W. A. Nelson, M. G.
Goode, Nathaniel, to Ruth Boling, Sept. 6, 1931. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Goode, Needham J., to Velma Louise Mashburn, Dec. 25, 1927. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Goodman, W. H., to Irene Braddy, Dec. 21, 1916. By John T. Harvard, J. P.
Goodrich, James, to Sarah Marlow, May 15, 1836. By Samuel W. Holt, J. P.
Goodrich, James, to Mary Brown, Oct. 22, 1818. By Benj. S. Lanier, J. P.
Goodwin, James, to Sarah Ann Johnson, Jan. 16, 1857. By Darling Jones, J. P.
Goodwin, John M., to Beula Morris, Sept. 23, 1917. By John T. Harvard, J. P.
Goodwin, Joseph B., to Susie Holt, March 31, 1861. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Gordon, Allen, to Emma Fountain, Dec. 4, 1895. By A. C. Pipkin, J. P.
Gorden, John D., to Mary B. Kellam, July 8, 1838. By D. B. Halsted, J. P.
Gordon, Joseph B., to Margaret C. Gray, June 14, 1928. By Silas Johnson, M. G.
Gorden, J. Wright, to Callie Lee, March 13, 1898. By S. J. Nobles, M. G.
Gorden, R. A., to A. E. Gorden, Feb. 26, 1871. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Gordon, Wright, to Rosey Pope, Feb. 2, 1847. By Berry Hobbs, M. G.
Goset, John D., to Rebecca Doughlas, Nov. 15, 1866. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Goss, Galder, to Mozelle Sorrow, Nov. 22, 1931. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Gossett, W. W., to Libbie Hutchingson, May 29, 1920. By H. C. Ewing, M. G.
Grace, A. H., to C. C. Carrithers, July 22, 1867. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Grace, Matthew, to Emily L. Grace, Aug. 13, 1843. By Chas. F. Patillo, M. G.
Grace, Matthew, to Liza Laidler, July 21, 1857. By Edwin McGehee, M. G.
Grace, Roy T., to Bertha C. Hudson, April 28, 1928. By G. Ried Smith, M. G.
Grace, Roy T., to Cornelia Scarborough, March 9, 1929. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Grace, Sam W., to Jessie Riley, Dec. 9, 1924. By Alger Haskins, Ordy.
Grace, Thomas, to Elizabeth Dillard, Dec. 5, 1865. By James W. Trawick, M. G.
Grady, Daniel, to Martha Holland, Oct. 27, 1839. By Simeon Russ, J. P.
Graham, Daniel, to Patsey Daniel, Dec. 18, 1822. By D. Cornwell, J. P.
Graham, Green G., to Margaret Ann Daniel, Dec. 19, 1854. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Graham, James, to Charlotte Butler, Jan. 26, 1851. By Hardy Powers, J. P.
Graham, Jasper D., to Jenye Singletary, Dec. 18, 1907. By O. G. Frier, M. G.
Graham, John, to Missuri Hart, Jan. 2, 1873. By S. M. Blount, J. P.
Graham, John, to Pinkney Davis, April 29, 1900. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Graham, Joseph, to Ruth Livingston, Feb. 17, 1867. By John J. Rozar, J. P.
Graham, Joseph, to Mattie Warren, Oct. 28, 1917. By T. J. Giddens, J. P., Bleckley Co.
Graham, Joseph M., to Elmira Saunders, Jan. 12, 1861. By C. Minchew, J. P.
Graham, Joseph S., to Anne Adaline Adams, Jan. 25, 1844. By Simeon Russ, J. P.
Graham, L. E., to Dollie Bullington, Dec. 31, 1831. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Graham, Samuel, to Nora Pusser, July 14, 1907. By G. W. Crooms, J. P.
Graham, Shade, to Cora Giddings, Dec. 11, 1904. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Graham, Shade, to Mary J. Saunders, Jan. 22, 1869. By T. F. Walker, J. P.
Grant, Posey B., to Ida B. Watson, June 22, 1897. By John Jordan, M. G.
Grantham, Andrew P., to Sarah M. Cooper, Aug. 9, 1877. By J. M. Woodward, M. G.
Grantham, Coley, to Lelia Arnold, Feb. 28, 1906. By W. F. Mullis, J. P.
Grantham, D. G., to Dovie Pugh, Nov. 18, 1894. By G. W. Stapleton, M. G.
Grantham, Gent, to Nellie Lanfair, Feb. 22, 1903. By Gedeon Horne, M. G.
Grantham, Henry, to Rebecca Yearly, Nov. 6, 1856. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Grantham, J. B., Jr., to Leona Mulling, Oct. 2, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Grantham, J. J., to Ella Fair Harrell, March 21, 1869. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Grantham, J. Quincy, to Lelia Arnold, Feb. 28, 1906. By W. F. Mullis, J. P.
Grantham, Robert, to Lavenia Rawlins, Feb. 7, 1865. By B. E. L. Giddings, J. P.
Grantham, W. M., to Lena Skipper, July 27, 1899. By G. M. Scarborough, J. P.
Grantham, William, to Letty Crutchfield, March 8, 1821. By H. King, J. P.
Gray, C. F., to Agnes Nighton, Dec. 16, 1906. By W. M. Allen, J. P.
Gray, F. W., to Elizabeth Ann Martin, Oct. 16, 1856. By Thomas C. B. Law, M. G.
Gray, Franklin W., to Elizabeth Horne, Nov. 25, 1847. By John Lee, J. P.
Gray, John, to Catherine Shipwash, Oct. 26, 1863. By James M. Wood, J. P.
Gray, John W., to Ester E. Rucker, Nov. 19, 1933. By C. A. Ginn, M. G.
Gray, Joseph, to Elizabeth Murphy, Feb. 28, 1850. By James Lacey, J. P.
Gray, Josiah, to Sarah- Wiggins, July 26, 1825. By B. A. Simmons, J. P.
Green, A. N., to E. E. Wynne, Jan. 4, 1891. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Green, Chapman, to Carrie Lyles, Nov. 23, 1911. By J. H. Tripp, J.P.
Green, Dempsey, to Julia Hughs, April 1, 1847. By John A. Wynne, J. I. C.
Green, Jarrett, to L. L. Pery, Jan. 10, 1886. By D. E. Green, M. G.
Green, Peter B., to Sarah W. Ingram, Jan. 12, 1819. By Joseph Wood, J. I. C.
Green, Robert, to Lizzie A. Abney, July 16, 1879. By E. H. Godwin, M. G.
Green, T. B., to Maud Harris, March 19, 1916. By J. M. Snellgroves, J. P.
Green, West B., to Gracy Anderson, April 7, 1907. By E. W. Evans, M. G.
Green, William, to Cealy Thigpin, June 28, 1844. By M. P. Giddins, J. P.
Greer, John W., to Edna Roberts, June 30, 1908. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Greer, William, to Mary Hawkins, Sept. 22, 1830. By John Bozeman, J. I. C.
Gregory, Cauley, to Ruth Cohen, May 21, 1921. By D. H. Holt, J. P.
Gregory, Isaac L., to Emily Pipkin, Jan. 10, 1892. By Levi H. Harrell, J. P.
Gregory, James, to Elizabeth Holt, Jan. 11, 1857. By Duncan C. Daniel, J. P.
Gregory, John, to Susan Handley, March 9, 1874. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Gregory, John J., to Bulah Lancaster, April 27, 1879. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Gregory, John J., to Ella Braswell, Dec. 3, 1882. By R. E. Reynolds, N. P.
Gregory, Thomas H., to E. Aurelia Mullis, Aug. 2, 1893. By P. A. Jessup, M. G.
Gregory, Thomas H., to Bettie Mullis, Aug. 1, 1900. By C. M. Ledbetter, M. G.
Gresham, Charles T., to Virginia E. Watts, July 5, 1911. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Gresham, Cornelius, to Nellie Summers, Feb. 2, 1856. By Thomas L. Taylor, Ordy.
Griffin, Edmond A., to Mary A. Chalker, July 26, 1876. By C. P. Churchwell, J. P.
Griffin, Ira B., to Mary Kent, May 17, 1907. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Griffin, Jefferson, to Jennie Rogers, Aug. 10, 1873. By J. F. Ryle, N. P.
Griffin, Orley, to Nancy J. Mullie, Jan. 5, 1903. By W. F. Mullis, J. P., Dodge Co.
Griffin, G. F., to Annie Champion, Feb. 18, 1923. By Joe M. Pritchett, M. G.
Grigers, Thomas, to Beersha Sealman, Dec. 10, 1868. By Duncan C. Daniel, J. P.
Grigory, David, to Mary Winborn, July 14, 1833. By Amose Killam, J. P.
Grimsley, Benjamin S., to Bessie Chance, Oct. 4, 1908. By J. Newby, J. P.
Grimsley, Berry, to Ida Holder, Dec. 27, 1903. By Martin Coney, J. P.
Grimsley. Frank, to Nanie Schofield, Dec. 25, 1887. By G. W. F loyd, M. G.
Grimsley, G. J., to Harriett Floyd, Dec. 31, 1865. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Grimsley, George T., to Mabel E. Smith, Nov. 2, 1889. By T. J. Adams, M. G.
Grimsley, J. C., to Margaret Pope, Nov. 22, 1868. By P. W. Powers, J. P.
Grimsley, Jesse, to Annie Perkins, May 12, 1895. By W. F. Davis, J. P.
Grimsley, John, to Lilie Sapp, Sept. 18, 1905. By J. A. Taylor, M. G.
Grimsley, Sidney M., to Mrs. Carrie M. Grimsley, Nov. 8, 1896. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Grimsley, Thomas E., to Sarah Davis, Jan. 25, 1887. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Grimsley, Wm. T., to Carrie Sanders, March 27, 1892. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Grimsley, William, to Martha Coleman, July 10, 1864. By B. E. L. Giddings, J. P.
Grinstead, George, to Sallie Hobbs, Dec. 11, 1879. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Grinstead, George M., to Jennie Lee Hunt, Oct. 26, 1881. By R. O. Holton, M. G.
Grinstead, George W., to Nancy E. Williams, July 3, 1879. By Redding Pope, M. G.
Grinstead, Walter, to Mrs. Eloise Bolton, July 19, 1908. By C. McKinney, J. P.
Grinstead, Willie F., to Hattie Jones, Feb. 1, 1914. By Jno. M. Carroll, J. P.
Grinsted, Fendall, to Celia Greer, March 2, 1848. By John N. Wynne, J. I. C.
Grinsted, George, to Nancy Budd, Aug. 24, 1854. By Asa Pipkin, J. I. C.
Grinsted, George D., to Mrs. Mary Ann Hawkins, Sept. 17, 1839. By R. H. Burkhalter, J. P.
Grinsted, William R., to Amanda Morris, March 15, 1851. By Silvesta Walden, J. P.
Grogan, C. W., to Maud Meadows, Dec. 23, 1912. By E. T. Mullis, J. P.
Grooms, George, to Charlotte Whitten, Oct. 21, 1869. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Groomes, Hosey, to Safroniah Haddock, April 16, 1867. By J. G. Davis, D. D.
Groomes, Sandford, to Mattie Taylor, May 13, 1866. By Robert C. Smith, J. P.
Groover, Denmark, to Mary Porter McCall, June 4, 1912. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Grubb, Edgar Allen, to Mary Emma Roden, Sept. 15, 1921. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Gun, William, to Candasa Conner, Feb. 3, 1842. By W. B. Brown, J. P.

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