Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

F Surnames

Fagan, James W., to Fannie Dupree, Aug. 12, 1888. By J. M. V. Williams, J. P.
Fair, Edmond, to Susan Faircloth, June 18, 1826. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Fair, Toby, to Sarah B. Melton, May 29, 1878. By Arch. Harris, M. G.
Fair, Toney, to Mattie Arnold, Dec. 11, 1881. By Arch Harris, M. G.
Fair, Will., to Ida Landfair, Dec. 24, 1912. By D. F. Hendricks, M. G.
Fair, William, to Matilda Marchman, Nov. 11, 1877. By Arch Harris, M. C.
Fair, William, to Elizabeth Forehand, Jan. 7, 1851. By James J. Kinchens, J. P.
Fair, William, to Anna Taylor, April 11, 1888. By Alfred Barnswell, Rector of St. Luke Church.
Fair, William, to Claudia Harris, Dec. 14, 1899. By G. W. Hendricks, J. P.
Fairchilds, William H., to Margaret Stephens, Nov. 4, 1827. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Faircloth, Charles F., to Susan Brown, Nov. 25, 1888. By J. C. Nobles, J. P.
Faircloth, D. L., to Jewel Holmes, April 29, 1929. By J. H. Estes, M. G.
Faircloth, Dodge, to Edna Bass, April 6, 1924. By Alger Haskins, Ordy.
Faircloth, Delmar, to Evenis Yonis, May 1, 1927. By Elder H. B. Coleman.
Faircloth, Francis, to Millie Nelson, July 4, 1826. By B. A. Simmons, J. P.
Faircloth, Gabriel P. R., to Mrs. Ann Hodges, May 13, 1928. By Moses Pipkin, J. P.
Faircloth, James, to Mary Lou Anderson, Nov. 13, 1901. By A. M. Simms, M. G.
Faircloth, Joe Lee, to Lillian J. Mixon, Oct. 2, 1916. By J. A. Nelson, M. G.
Faircloth, John, to Martha Myers, Dec. 25, 1882. By Rev. T. J. Adams.
Faircloth, John E., to Ella Mae Braswell, Dec. 15, 1912. By A. C. Nelson, J. P.
Faircloth, J. W., to E. O. Pollock, July 4, 1916. By John Ewing, J. P.
Faircloth, John F., to Minnie Jones, Dec. 30, 1886. By T. J. Adams, M. G.
Faircloth, Thomas B., to Ida Brown, Oct. 5, 1888. By T. R. Bullington, M. G.
Faircloth, Theopheles, to Lydia Morris, Dec. 18, 1828. By Beverly Simmons, J. P.
Faircloth, Wiley C., to Lou Braswell, Aug. 17, 1893. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Fale, John, to Elizabeth Grace, April 16, 1865. By James W. Trawick, M. G.
Fales, Williams, to Lilian Graves, Dec. 25, 1879. By John M. Bridges, M. G.
Fann, Daniel R., to Julia Armstrong, June 15, 1879. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Fann, G. P., to E. V. Cordell, May 31, 1896. By J. F. Stokes, J. P.
Fann, James, to Allie McConnell, Aug. 28, 1900. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Fann, James H., to Sarah Thomas, Dec. 7, 1873. By F. M. Blount, J. P.
Fann, Jesse, to Levicy Miller, March 23, 1828. By Owen Dillard, J. P.
Fann, Uriah B., to Martha Rodgers, Aug. 1, 1844. By A. Odom, M. G.
Fann, John T., to Sarah A. Meaks, March 13, 1893. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Fann, Z. T., to Lula C. Ferguson, Feb. 25, 1891. By J. F. Eden, M. G.
Farnell, Elisha, to Priscilla Briggs, Feb. 6, 1823, By D. Cornell, J. P.
Farnell, James, to Mary Ann Bembry, Dec. 11, 1839. By John V. Mitchell, C. C. O.
Farnell, James C., to Mary E. Cross, March 11, 1851. By James J. McCullers, J. P.
Farnell, John, to Sarah Horne, Jan. 19, 1854. By Seaborn Southall, J. P.
Farnell, William, to Nancy Jelks, Jan. 23, 1823. By D. Cornell, J. P.
Farney, William, to Emiline Fenney, April 2, 1867. By James Hartley, J. P.
Farr, Tillman, to Annie Bell Atkins, April 29, 1906. By T. W. Grooms, J. P.
Faucett, Theo F., to Robert R. Wynne, Jan. 19, 1896. By D. E. Green, M. G.
Fauskey, Jacob B., to Sammie Lane, July 5, 1919. By D. Z. Ridley, J. P.
Feagan, James D., to Ruth V. Vaughn, Nov. 28, 1909. By B. G. Mansfield, M. G.
Feilder, Earnest E., to Mattie J. Woods, Jan. 5, 1902. By George F. Hendricks, J. P.
Felts, James T., to Nancy M. Conner, Oct. 11, 1869. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Fenn, A. A., to Victoria Wood, Sept. 20, 1896. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Fennel, Green, to Mary Odom, Sept 17, 1846. By Berry Hobbs, M. G.
Fennell, James R., to Martha Ann Berry, Aug. 1, 1850. By James Lacey, J. P.
Fennill, George, to Frankie Mullis, July 14, 1887. By G. F. Powell, M. G.
Fennell, Thomas F., to E. Danie Smith, Sept. 13, 1891. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Ferguson, Walter J., to Ida P. Ragan, Oct. 25, 1895. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Ferguson, William, to Mary E. Fale, Feb. 22, 1881. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Ferney, John, to Martha Haskins, Aug. 29, 1872. By A. Harris, M. G.
Ferney, Willis E., to Fannie Davis, March 8, 1882. By Arch Harris, M. G.
Ferrell, D. B., to Nora Mae Hobbs, Oct. 1, 1932. By W. H. Budd, M. G.
Fends, Frederick M., to Nancy Ann Dickson, June 28, 1860. By J. W. Phelps, J. P.
Findley, Chris. D., to Dollie Meadows, Nov. 19, 1879. By E. H. Godwin, M. G.
Finleyson, Mark L., to Jewell E. Nelson, Oct. 13, 1915. By J. A. Sconyers, M. G.
Finleyson, Clarence, to Bernice Conner, Jan. 25, 1919. By W. B. Sheshire, M. G.
Finleyson, Clyde, to Eugene Slade, Nov. 22, 1916. By T. W. Tippett, M. G.
Finleyson, J. V., to Florence Feagan, Jan. 7, 1917. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Finleyson, J. Luther, to Sallie Horne, July 1, 1906. By J. A. Nelson, M. G.
Findleyson, James B., to Thelma E. Vanlandingham, July 27, 1924. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Finleyson, Leonidas F., to Mollie E. Hendley, Oct. 11, 1885. By R. E. Reynolds, N. P.
Finleyson, Leon H., to Sarah Ethel Conner, July 12, 1917. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Fish, William, to Vester Williams, Nov. 12, 1903. By O. A. Cook, A1. G.
Fisher, Thomas W., to Jeffie Jordan, Oct. 24, 1907. By J. W. Simmons, M. G.
Fisher, William, to Clara Pollock, April 5, 1867. By Alfred Dunn, M. G.
Fitchett, John S., to Maggie B. Gibbs, Dec. 21, 1887. By John S. Evans, M. G.
Fitzgerald, Charlie B., to Mary Emma White, June 9, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Fitzgerald, Cicero, to Mattie L. Vaughn, Dec. 10, 1885. By Redding Pope, M. G.
Fitzgerald, James, to Alvarilla Doster, Sept. 8, 1853. By R. O. Holton, J. P.
Fitzgerald, Miles, to Amanda M. McCullum, Sept. 13, 1860. By S. D. Everett, M. G.
Fitzgerald, Perry, to Lucy Ann Ashley, Dec. 29, 1856. By William D. Cooper, J. P.
Fitzgerald, William J., to Catherine E. Fitzgerald, Sept. 3, 1861. By Agustus Jeter, J. P.
Flanders, Louis W., to Sallie Moor, Nov. 9, 1902. By W. C. Jones, M. G.
Flecher, Wiley, to Eliza Jane McCormick, Sept. 2, 1841. By Wiley Holder, J. I. C.
Fleeman, Hershel T., to Cleo Horne, Sept. 2, 1924. By J. Lytle Jones, M. G.
Fleming, C. A., to Ida Owens, June 20, 1906. By S. R. Mitchell, M. G.
Fleming, E. G., to Mildred T. Jones, Dec. 10, 1876. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Fleming, D. G., to Sarah E. Fountain, Jan. 25, 1871. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Fleming, Duncan L., to Elda Lanier, June 23, 1831. By David Wood, M. G.
Fleming, Elam G., to Dora Lowden, Dec. 20, 1883. By W. R. Steely, M. G.
Fleming, James F., to Emma Gibson, Feb. 28, 1889. By E. M. Whiting, M. G.
Fleming, Julian D., to Margaret Mangham, Jan. 7, 1929. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Fleming, William G., to Mary Bembry, Jan. 4, 1843. By R. H. Buckhalter, J. P.
Fleminter, E. M., to Mattie Joiner, July 16, 1905. By H. C. Buckholz, M. G.
Floyd, Amos, to Martha Martin, July 7, 1872. By R. O. Holton, M. G.
Floyd, Amos E., to Elizabeth Blount, April 5, 1860. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, Arch, to Margaret J. Holland, Nov. 28, 1897. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, Baxton, to Eliza Wilson, Oct. 31, 1830. By H. L. Davis, J. P.
Floyd, C. H., to Nell Dupree, Oct. 25, 1916. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Floyd, Fred S., to H. E. A. Bass, May 16, 1880. By W. H. Fowler, M. G.
Floyd, Frederick, to Lucy B. R. J. Blount, Dec. 31, 1861. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, George W., to Savannah Davis, Dec. 19, 1875. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, George W., to Clarissa Asbell, July 13, 1902. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Floyd, H. F., to Irma Rakestraw, Feb. 7, 1926. By E. A. Price, M. G.
Floyd, J. E., to Mrs. M. S. Armstrong, Sept. 18, 1907. By W. B. Richardson, J. P.
Floyd, J. L., to Annie Grimsley, Nov. 22, 1895. By J. E. Floyd, J. P.
Floyd, James A., to Willie Simpson, Jan. 3, 1904. By George F. Hendricks, J. P.
Floyd, James C., to Maggie Ward, June 15, 1905. By G. R. Asbell, M. G.
Floyd, James E., to Mary V. Young, Dec. 25, 1884. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Floyd, James E., to Annie Holland, March 27, 1898. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, James L., to Matilda Fair, Nov. 14, 1875. By James F. Stokes, J. P.
Floyd, James P., to Mary Scarborough, Sept. 18, 1862. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Floyd, James W., to Ava Sanders, Sept. 17, 1903. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Floyd, John J., to Elizabeth Martin, Nov. 16, 1872. By A. Ham, M. G.
Floyd, John J., to Nancy E. Coody, Oct. 10, 1880. By Arch Harris, M. G.
Floyd, Joseph, to Aga Dykes, Aug. 5, 1819. By Green Brown, J. P.
Floyd, Morgan, to Addie Crosbey, Feb. 16, 1912. By B. F. Corden, J. P., Twiggs County.
Floyd, Robert, to Jessie Walker, Feb. 27, 1926. By A. J. Polhill, J. P.
Floyd, T. F., to Mary J. Bozeman, Jan. 7, 1912. By J. E. Stokes, J. P.
Floyd, T. Jeff., to Pet Cannon, Dec. 2, 1909. By T. J. Giddens, J. P.
Floyd, Shadrick, to Eliza Davis, July 1, 1866. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Floyd, Shadrick, to Mrs. Polly Paul, Dec. 14, 1902. By B. C. Lewis, M. G.
Floyd, William, to Fannie Hart, March 21, 1897. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Floyd, Shadrick, to Esther Yearty, Nov. 28, 1829. By E. Ryan Bancher, J. I. C.
Floyd, Washington J., to Susan Lister, Sept. 27, 1849. By D. C. McPhail, J. P.
Floyd, Willie E., to Sammie Munn, Jan. 10, 1900. By John B. Mills, M. G.
Floyed, Archie, to Florence E. Dailey, Oct. 27, 1889. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Floyed, Amos, to Anna Luttia McDaniel, April 4, 1841. By John Lee, J. P.
Floyed, Augustus D., to Laura Q. Stokes, Dec. 25, 1892. By J. B. Mills, M. G.
Floyed, Frederick, to Lee Hall, July 14, 1889. By E. M. Whiting, M. G.
Floyed, Ira, to Queen V. Crumpler, July 3, 1883. By E. H. Goodwin, M. G.
Floyed, John Thomas, to Mrs. Sallie Dykes, Dec. 22, 1889. By John F. Eden, M. G.
Floyed, Shadrick, to Bettie Burns, May 18, 1888. By James P. Barrs, M. G.
Floyed, William, to Lucy Hart, Dec. 23, 1889. By D. N. Farm, M. G.
Fokes, Aubin B., to Loretta Sparrow, Dec. 28, 1929. By Claud H. Hobart, Rector.
Folds, G. T., to Emma Atkins, April 29, 1928. By Alger Haskins, Ordy.
Folds, Gabe, to Lila Mae Herndon, Sept. 28, 1924. By W. A. Harvey, J. P.
Folds, O. L., to Bessie Camp, Dec. 31, 1913. By F. M. Chalker, J. P.
Folks, Amos, to Celey Loftly, Jan. 1, 1818. By Jas. Roach, J. P.
Folsom, Ebernezar, to Margaret Vass, Nov. 17, 1829. By Clayton Bradshaw, J. P.
Folsom, John, to Racheal Folsom, Aug. 8, 1822. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Folsom, Randol, to Sarah Folsom, Feb. 17, 1820. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Folsom, Thomas, to Lucy Smith, Feb. 22, 1820. By Joseph Wood, J. I. C.
Folsom, William, to Elizabeth Folsom, Dec. 11, 1813. By David Brown, J. P.
Ford, Jesse, to Ada Durden, Aug. 6, 1905. By G. N. Smith, M. G.
Ford, John, to Pheoba Thompson, Jan. 14, 1820. By James Roach, J. P.
Ford, John, to Harriett Gilley, June 22, 1820. By R. W. Wynne, J. P.
Fordham, Benjamin F., to Florida A. Smith, May 15, 1892. By A. M. Butler, J. P.
Fordham, James W., to Alice A. Dillard, June 24, 1894. By John Davidson, J. P.
Fordham, Dr. Lamar P., to Leah Yopp, April 29, 1903. By G. W. Matthews, M. G.
Forehand, Daniel, to Rosa Jones, Jan. 28, 1912. By R. P. Powell, J. P.
Forehand, Eddie, to Rosa Powell, March 29, 1931. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Forehand, James M., to Mattie F. Grantham, July 14, 1889. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Forehand, R. H., to Cora Young, June 2, 1912. By George F. Hendricks, J. P.
Forehand, Dr. Rufus S., to Bettie Wilkinson, March 22, 1889. By J. W. Smith, M. G.
Forehand, Linkfield, to Maranda Walden, March 21, 1849. By Hardy Powers, J. P.
Foreman, G. G., to Mrs. Mary E. Lundy, Nov. 16, 1868. By G. R. McCall, 11l. G.
Forest, Robert F., to Charity Holland, Oct. 17, 1876. -By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Forrest, William, to Sallie Rollins, March 19, 1860. By R. E. Mills, M: G.
Fort, Thomas L., to Marinda Adams, Nov. 28, 1901. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Fort, Moses T., to Martha J. Lowe, Dec. 19, 1860. By S. M. Manning, J. I. C.
Forkey, Jacob R., to Verna Adams, April 6, 1900. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Foskee, Emery, to Elender Armstrong, Nov. 12, 1835. By H. L. Davis, J. P.
Fokey, Miles B., to Maggie Wynne, Dec. 31, 1893. By G. W. Floyd, M. G.
Foskey, Robert L., to Clara Asbell, Nov. 29, 1930. By H. A. Pierce, J. P.
Foskey, Aaron, to Aurelia Peavy, Jan. 29, 1934. By J. W. Chalker, J. P.
Foster, C. R., to Nora Stokes, Dec. 27, 1925. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Foster, J. D., to Pauline Horne, Sept. 8, 1934. By J. W. Chalker, J. P.
Foster, Lawson, to Lucy Smith, Dec. 16, 1900. By Geo. P. Jennings, J. P.
Foster, N. G., to Annie Bethea, Jan. 3, 1918. By A. Chamblee, M. G.
Foster, W. T., to S. A. Mann, April 20, 1891. By Chas. D. Adams, M. G.
Foster, William R., to Carrie E. Owens, Aug. 4, 1912. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Fountain, Allen T., to Edna A. Hendley, Nov. 19, 1878. By W. G. Trammell, J. P.
Fountain, Asa, to Nancy Shepherd, March 6, 1834. By Asa Pipkin, J. P.
Fountain, Augustus W., to Lula Pugh, April 18, 1897. By J. A. Clark, M. G.
Fountain, Esais, to Elizabeth Hendley, Dec. 23, 1853. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Fountain, H. S., to Aurelia Jennings, Dec. 3. 1920. By C. M. Ledbetter, M. G.
Fountain, J. F., to Nancy E. Powell, May 15, 1901. By J. N. Nobles, M. G.
Fountain, James A., to Emma Garett, Sept. 28, 1927. By J. B. Johnston, M. G.
Fountain, John I., to Margaret Foalson, Sept. 9, 1834. By Norman McDuffie, J. P.
Fountain, John L., to Mary L. Mann, Dec. 23, 1882. By William Trammell, J. P.
Fountain, John L., to A. E. Pollock, Feb. 22, 1867. By R. G. Fulghum, J. I. C.
Fountain, William J., to Jane M. Waters, Nov. 20, 1850. By Joseph M. Smith, M. G.
Fowler, Baron, to Evelyn Hamsley, May 4, 1930. By J. D. Means, N. P.
Fowler, J. E., to Mary Lou Fuqua, April 4, 1916. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Fowler, Jesse I., to Lula Dye, Feb. 28, 1900. By E. F. Dye, M. G.
Fowler, Jesse J., to Susie A. Stokes, June 6, 1897. By W. J. Barton, M. G.
Frances, J. J., to Mary Bradley, June 8, 1875. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Frances, John H., to Dora Mercer, Aug. 30, 1908. By J. T. Sweargia, J. P.
Francis, Charlie, to Aurelia Dixon, Sept. 25, 1892. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Francis, J. W., to Lila Barlow, Jan. 10, 1904. By J. M. Pritchett, M. G.
Francis, John H., to Martha J. NeSmith, Dec. 19, 1898. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Francis, John F., to Nancy L. Bradley; Nov. 7, 1889. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
Francis, John J., to Sarah Ann Barlow, July 10, 1862. By H. Harrell, J. P.
Francis, Joseph V., to Lula Croombs, Sept. 27, 1903. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Francis, Richard, to Georgia Mullis, Dec. 23, 1866. By H. Harrell, J. P.
Francis, Richard H., to Emma Mullis, Oct. 30, 1898. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Francis, Wm., to Ida Bell Barlow, Dec. 20, 1891. By J. C. Newman, J. P.
Franklin, J. R., Dr., to Lilian Oakley, Oct. 12, 1911. By C. L. Greaves, M. G.
Fraser, Andrew M., to Martha M. Thomas, Aug. 26, 1841. By John Bozeman, J.1. C.
Fraser, James P., to Eliza Crenshaw, April 11, 1869. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Fraser, W. Martin, Dr., to Mrs. Elizabeth J. Thomas, Feb. 10, 1852. By F. D. Lowry, M. G.
Fraser, William Martin, to Georgia V. Paine, Nov. 18, 1845. By Rufus M. White, M. G.
Frasier, Floy, to Nancy Pipkin, July 23, 1837. By Henry Anderson, J. P.
Frasier, John F., to Sallie F. Walker, Feb. 20, 1884. By George C. Clark, M. G.
Frasier, W. H., to Zilla Coombs, Feb. 28, 1883. By George C. Clark, M. G.
Frazier, David, to Penelope Crawford, Oct. 4, 1825. By W. B. McGehee, J. P.
Frazier, J. F., to Dora Keith, July 14, 1903. By T. J. Meadows, J. P.
French, Laurence M., to Winny Jordan, Nov. 29, 1840. By Daniel Dupree, J. I. C.
Fretwell, John L., to Nancy Dunn, Sept. 10, 1885. By J. W. Floyd, M. G.
Fretwell, William H., to Almina Handley, Sept. 17, 1896. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Frink, James S., to Alice Newman, Nov. 28, 1880. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Frost, Clinton, to Maude Etheridge, Feb. 1, 1930. By R. N. Cobb, J. P.
Fulcher, Daniel, to Margaret Simmons, July 1, 1830. By D. A. Simmons, J. P.
Fulghen, Redmond G., to Permenia Lacey, May 24, 1849. By John A. Wynne, J. I. C.
Fulghum, Felix S., to Permelia T. Cobb, Oct. 19, 1876. By Levi Harrell, J. P.
Fulghum, Henry H., to Margaret Miles, Jan. 23, 1831. By Hugh Gilmore, J. P.
Fulghum, J. L., to Ava L. Fuqua, Sept. 25, 1895. By P. A. Jessup, M. G.
Fulghum, Readman G., to Martha J. Burrors, April 17, 1902. By P. T. McGriff, Ordy.
Fulghum, Thomas, to Amanda Vaughn, April 11, 1869. By D. C. Daniel, J. P.
Fullington, Caleb, to Nancy Kent, Feb. 14, 1828. By Joseph Carrithers, J. P.
Funderburk, John M., to Endicie C. Chalker, Jan. 8, 1885. By R. E. Reynolds, J. P.
Furney, Bartholomew, to Winny Wynne, March 31, 1823. By John B. Bush, J. P.
Furney, John, to Nancy Davis, Feb. 3, 1886. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Furney, Willie, to Sallie McLamore, Dec. 31, 1893. By J. F. Sparrow, J. P.
Fuqua, A. C., Jr., to Susie Mae Hancock, April 30, 1911. By L. C. Harrell, J. P.
Fuqua, Henry Candler, to Jessie Hardy, July 13, 1922. By J. M. Henderson, M. G.
Futch, Jasper, to Sarah E. Harrell, May 5, 1878. By A. C. Pipkin, J. P.

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Pulaski County GA,

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