First Methodist Church Hawkinsville Georgia

History of Pulaski County Georgia

First Methodist Church Hawkinsville Georgia
Hawkinsville, ca. 1948. First Methodist Church located on Merritt Street stood 1895-1949
Courtesy of Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, Office of Secretary of State

The History of Pulaski County Georgia: Provides histories of the churches, newspapers, and schools, along with a list of school administrators and teachers, public officials, muster rolls, and register books. All of these histories record events prior to the 20th Century.

Archaeologists believe that humans have lived in Pulaski County for at least 12,000 years, perhaps much longer. Clovis and Folsom points, associated with Late Ice age big game hunters have been found in the Ocmulgee River Valley. The Hartford Mounds and village site, plus the Shelly Mound are the two best known Native American archaeological sites in the county.

Attracted by the lush countryside and abundant wildlife, the area was home to the Creeks until the turn of the nineteenth century when treaties declared the land American territory. However, no assumption should be made that the only tribes which resided within the present Pulaski County area consisted of Creeks. There is evidence of Oconee and Yuchi occupancy as well. While many of the full-blood Creeks left after the treaty, many of their mixed-blood brethen remained. Both White-Indian and Black-Indian descendants remain within the area of Ocmulgee River basin. For an in-depth look at the aboriginal history of Pulaski County see:

Pulaski County was created by an act of the Georgia General Assembly on December 13, 1808 from a portion of Laurens County. In 1870, Dodge County was partially created from a section of Pulaski County by another legislative act. In 1912, the northwestern half of Pulaski County was used to create Bleckley County via a constitutional amendment approved by Georgia voters. Pulaski County’s land area began to grow in 1826 when the upper part of Dooly County was added.  The General Assembly later granted Pulaski a portion of Houston County, which is currently the City of Hawkinsville.

For a look at the lives of over 100 of Pulaski County’s earliest residents see:

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Pulaski County GA,

Baggott, Rev. J. L. History of Pulaski County Georgia. Daughters of American Revolution. 1935.

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