Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy was organized 1808. The date of 1st record is 1840 (Acts 1840, p. 13; Cobb p. 1194, 12/19/1840). 1821 Pulaski County Academy.
1832 Pulaski Walnut Branch Academy.

1840 Pulaski Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy.

Number chartered 3 (Secondary Education in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher.
Pulaski County Academy-Higher Branches of Education taught. The number of Students taught, according to report of Commission from Academy Returns 1833, is 91 total. 35 male and 56 female.

(Second Ed. in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher.

Academies Pulaski County
That Robert N. Taylor, Jacob Watson, John Rawls, William L. Took be and are hereto added to the Commissioners of the Pulaski County Academy. (Georgia Laws 1830, page 21.)

The above is signed by Asbury Hill, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Thomas Stocks, President of the Senate. Assented to, Dec. 20, 1830.

Pulaski County Academy was organized 1808 (Acts 1821, p. 125, Cuthbert No. 97, 12/25/1821; Prince, p. 962).

Name changed to Hawkinsville Academy in 1831 (Cuthbert No. 34; Acts 1831, p. 5).
Walnut Branch Academy was organized in 1808. The date of the 1st record is 1832. (Acts 1832, p. 5; Prince, p. 962.)

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