Muster Roll of a Detachment of Georgia Cavalry Mounted Riflemen

Muster Roll of a Detachment of Georgia Cavalry Mounted Riflemen under my command stationed at Fort Mitchell, Hartford and on an Indian Scout from the 9th of November to the 22d of December 1814. Both dates included.

Allen Tooke, Co. Lt., commencement of service Nov. 9, 1814; expiration of service Nov. 22, 1817; stationed Ft. Mitchell.

Captain, R. H. Thomas
1st Lt. Jas. L. Perry
2nd Lt. Furney F. Gatlin
Private Thos. Sutton

1st Sergts.
Thos. J. Johnson
Jos. B. Colson
Hardy Gatlin
Jacob Watson

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James W. Shines
John Jones
B. J. Thomas
Chas. Carden

Isham Adams
Dennis Adams
Bartlett Barker (extra services as Sergeant Major)
Elijah Barker
John Bird
Bartlett Brown
John Bush
Moses Brian
John Brown
William Brian
Matthias H. Beard
John Bradshaw
Thomas Carden
James Crawford
Noah Cole
David Cumming
Robert Daniel
Win. Davidson
Jordan Deese (lost a bayonet in Flint river)
James A. Everett
Moses Franklin
Solomon Franklin
Thomas Folsome
Wm. Folsoine
Obadiah Garrett
I. Gilstrap
Jeremiah Gilstrap
Joshua Harris
James Holly
Benjamin Howell
Stephens Hagens
Eli Horn
Absolom Holsom
Aaron Johnson
John Jean
James Ivey
Daniel Kirklen
Washington Lancaster
William Lions
George Little
Wright Lancaster
Christopher McRae
Matthias McCormic
John McCormic
Elisha Morgan
Benj. Newton
Spice Mill
John Mayo
Charles Mayo
William Mayo
Henry Moses
Jesse Moses
Gilbert McNear
Francis J. Norris
Archibold H. Odom
Zelah Pullen
James Powers
Wm. Ramsey
James Ramsey
James River
Joel Reeves
Nathaniel G. Robinson
Archibold F. Robinson
William Ray
Henry Senterfield
Jesse Senterfit
Rogers Singleton
Arthur Tooke
Sterling Tooke
Hugh Taylor
Wm. Taylor
Robt. Thompson
Jas. Tomlerson
John Tinsley
John M. Vass
Alexander Varner
Danl. Wadkins
R. Wamble
Danl. Wamble
Richard Wingate
Wm. Wigam
Robt. Warren
H. Hope Williams
James Williams
H. M. Wilkinson
Hinkley Warren
Wm. Ward
Seth Watson
Geo. Walker, Jr.
Lewis Yarborough
Moses Yarborough
Uriah Yarborough

Capt. Wm. Permenter, commencement of service Nov. 11, 1814; expiration of service, Nov. 22; stationed at Fort Mitchell.

Lt. Laurence McGhee
Ensign C. Burke
Sergt. Wm. Burke

Lewis Bennett
Hodge Hicks
Luke Farmer

James Alexander
Wm. Brazeel
Richard Brazell
John Davis
King Farmer
Hardy Hunter
Nathnl. Littlefield
Hazwell Littlefield
Joseph McKinnion
John Noland
Henry Troutman
George Wilson
Drury Williams
William Young

Capt. Thomas W. Harris, commencement of service Nov. 13, 1814; expiration of service, Nov. 22d; stationed at Ft. Mitchell.

Lt. Wm. Hemphel
First Lt. Samuel Passmore

Matthew Wood

First Sergts
Greeg Simm Bateman
Bird Dennard

Danl. Pane
Robt. Rabb
Lewis Hunt
Wm. Greene

John Arnold
Randal Bennett (Nov. 20 sentenced to Court Martial to forfeit wages),
Abner Bishop
Samuel Bozeman
Edward Bennett
James Brown
John Burke
David Crumpton
Thos. Connell
Thos. Carter
John L. Craig
Isaac Dennard
Jeremiah Dixon
John Dennard
J. John Dennard
Thomas Elliot
Edward Epps
James Frederick
John H. Gray
S. Guilder
Benj. Granthony
Jas. Hutcheson
Peter Harvey
Henry Harris
James Harris
John Hair
Brice Halley
Roht. Jameson
Henry Jameson
John Jemison
Alexander Johnson
John Lanair
Edward Morgan
Elial Mosley
Clement Milton
James McClendon
William Martin
John Martin
Jonathan Martin
Henry Matthews
Robt. McKinney
Aaron Parker
Robert Radford
John Bailey
Josiah Bailey
Richard Smith
Frederick Smith
Benj. Sexton
Powel Smith
Willis Vaper
Joseph Williams
Martin Wood
Lewis Wood
John Wommack
George Young

I certify upon honor that the above Muster Roll contains each man’s name that served in the expedition out to the Indian Nation, agreeable to the muster roll returned to me by Capt. R. Thomas,
Capt. T. W. Harris
Capt. Wm. Fermenter
November 22, 1814.

Baggott, Rev. J. L. History of Pulaski County Georgia. Daughters of American Revolution. 1935.

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