Pulaski County Georgia Board of Education

The Board of Education has been a most vital factor in the development of the school to the high standard it now holds. Serving without pay, the members of the Board of Education have displayed an unusually whole-hearted interest in school life and activity. The harmonious accord of their decisions has helped the school to climb upward and has united the Board of Education, the City Commission, the teachers and the patrons in the desire to develop the best citizens in America from the youth of Hawkinsville.

Those who have served on the Board from 1926-1935 are:
H. F. Lawson
D. E. Duggan
C. S. Glisson
J. F. Saunders
J. D. Dupree
Neede Goode
M. W. Harris
J. F. Lee
E. C. Brown
H. S. Fountain
G. W. Newsome
R. F. DeLamar, Jr.
Marion Turner
C. T. Warren
J. B. DeLamar
S. A. Way
DeVaughn Polhill

Members-of the Board of Education in 1935:
Dr. E. C. Brown, chairman
H. S. Fountain, vice chairman
J. F. Lee
D. E. Duggan
S. A. Way
J. B. DeLamar
W. N. Pate

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