Pulaski County Georgia School Superintendents and Teachers


A. T. Fountain, 1888-1891
W. A. Jelks, 1892
A. T. Fountain, 1893-1899
R. C. Sanders, 1900-1912
F. B. Asbell, 1912-1916
A. W. Fountain, 1917-1920
A. G. McKinney, 1921-1925
M. W. Harris, 1925-1926
D. R. Pearce, 1926-1935


Professor Brantley
Prof. M. T. Hodge
Prof. W. L. Harvard
Capt. J. H. Martin
M. N. McCall
Prof. G. R. Glover
Prof. R. C. Sanders
Mike Hodge
Dick Carruthers
John Polhill
Prof. Lee Henderson
Prof. N. E. Ware
Prof. Hugh Ware
Prof. Thomas Polhill
Prof. H. D. Knowles
Prof. W. W. Carter
Rev. D. C. Bussell
Rev. F. B. Asbell
A. M. Duggan
Miss Allie Lancaster (Mrs. R. T. Bembry)
Miss Helen Carrithers (Mrs. Henry Sparrow)
Miss Mary Hodge
Miss Annie D. Lancaster
Miss Mae Buchan (Mrs. E. C. Sparrow)
Mrs. A. A. Smith
Miss Lily Jelks
Miss Edna Roberts (Mrs. J. Greer)
Miss Rosa Joiner (Mrs. S. Y. Henderson)
Mrs. Evie Glover
Miss Carrie Waterman (Mrs. W. N. Parsons)
Miss Lee Bennett
Miss May Woodward
Miss Mae Michael
Mrs. J. D. Humphries
Miss Rebecca Bozeman (Mrs. E. A. Saxon)
Miss Georgia Turner (Mrs. Robert Scarborough)
Miss Claude McDonald
Mrs. Grace Watson
Miss Irene Ridley
Miss Marilu Ridley
Miss Sarah Smith
Miss Olga Smith
Miss Christine Smith (Mrs. Howard McRea)
Miss Pearl Lancaster (Mrs. Charlie Reynolds)
Miss Minnie Ryan
Miss Josie Anthony (Mrs. A. T. Fountain)
Miss Lelia Buchan (Mrs. Frank Chambers)
Miss Lou Fleming (Mrs. Scarborough)

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