Ida County, Iowa, Rural Teachers

A directory of rural teacher listings for Ida County, Iowa, covering the years of 1906-1956. Covers the towns of: Battle, Blaine, Corwin, Douglas, Galva, Garfield, Grant, Griggs, Hayes, Logan, and Maple townships. Battle Township Rural Teachers Blaine Township Rural Teachers Corwin Township Rural Teachers Douglas Township Rural Teachers Galva Township Rural Teachers Garfield Township Rural …

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Trustees Of Pulaski Academy

In the early days, each county had an academy to which the State would furnish small annual appropriations. The first commissioners of Pulaski Academy were: Furney F. Gatlin Nelson Clayton Hardy Vickers William Hathorn Robert Thompson. These were named as such in Act of the Legislature, approved December 25, 1822. In 1830, by another Act …

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Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Pulaski County Academy’s Records Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy was organized 1808. The date of 1st record is 1840 (Acts 1840, p. 13; Cobb p. 1194, 12/19/1840). 1821 Pulaski County Academy. 1832 Pulaski Walnut Branch Academy. 1840 Pulaski Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy. Number chartered 3 (Secondary Education in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher. Pulaski County Academy-Higher …

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The One-Day School

About seventy-five years ago, two young men, John Polhill and Dick Carruthers, who had just finished high school, were elected co-principals of the Hawkinsville Academy. The school opened auspiciously with quite a number of students. The school building consisted of only one large room. John occupied a seat at one end of the room and …

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The Hawkinsville Georgia School Census-1888

Town of Hawkinsville-Whites, Males 136; females 160. Colored, Males 174; Females 174. Hawkinsville District-Whites, Males 39; females 38. Town of Cochran-Whites, Males 105; Females 93. Colored, Males 90; Females 107. Salem and Tripville District-Whites, Males 217; Females 238. Colored, Males 183; Females 198. Walker District-Whites, Males 8; Females 10. Colored, Males 93; Females 99. Hartford …

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Pulaski County Georgia School Superintendents and Teachers

Superintendents A. T. Fountain, 1888-1891 W. A. Jelks, 1892 A. T. Fountain, 1893-1899 R. C. Sanders, 1900-1912 F. B. Asbell, 1912-1916 A. W. Fountain, 1917-1920 A. G. McKinney, 1921-1925 M. W. Harris, 1925-1926 D. R. Pearce, 1926-1935 Teachers Professor Brantley Prof. M. T. Hodge Prof. W. L. Harvard Capt. J. H. Martin M. N. McCall …

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