Ida County, Iowa, Rural Teachers

A directory of rural teacher listings for Ida County, Iowa, covering the years of 1906-1956. Covers the towns of: Battle, Blaine, Corwin, Douglas, Galva, Garfield, Grant, Griggs, Hayes, Logan, and Maple townships. Battle Township Rural Teachers Blaine Township Rural Teachers Corwin Township Rural Teachers Douglas Township Rural Teachers Galva Township Rural Teachers Garfield Township Rural …

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Trustees Of Pulaski Academy

In the early days, each county had an academy to which the State would furnish small annual appropriations. The first commissioners of Pulaski Academy were: Furney F. Gatlin Nelson Clayton Hardy Vickers William Hathorn Robert Thompson. These were named as such in Act of the Legislature, approved December 25, 1822. In 1830, by another Act …

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Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Pulaski County Academy’s Records Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy was organized 1808. The date of 1st record is 1840 (Acts 1840, p. 13; Cobb p. 1194, 12/19/1840). 1821 Pulaski County Academy. 1832 Pulaski Walnut Branch Academy. 1840 Pulaski Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy. Number chartered 3 (Secondary Education in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher. Pulaski County Academy-Higher …

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The One-Day School

About seventy-five years ago, two young men, John Polhill and Dick Carruthers, who had just finished high school, were elected co-principals of the Hawkinsville Academy. The school opened auspiciously with quite a number of students. The school building consisted of only one large room. John occupied a seat at one end of the room and …

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The Hawkinsville Georgia School Census-1888

Town of Hawkinsville-Whites, Males 136; females 160. Colored, Males 174; Females 174. Hawkinsville District-Whites, Males 39; females 38. Town of Cochran-Whites, Males 105; Females 93. Colored, Males 90; Females 107. Salem and Tripville District-Whites, Males 217; Females 238. Colored, Males 183; Females 198. Walker District-Whites, Males 8; Females 10. Colored, Males 93; Females 99. Hartford …

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Pulaski County Georgia School Superintendents and Teachers

Superintendents A. T. Fountain, 1888-1891 W. A. Jelks, 1892 A. T. Fountain, 1893-1899 R. C. Sanders, 1900-1912 F. B. Asbell, 1912-1916 A. W. Fountain, 1917-1920 A. G. McKinney, 1921-1925 M. W. Harris, 1925-1926 D. R. Pearce, 1926-1935 Teachers Professor Brantley Prof. M. T. Hodge Prof. W. L. Harvard Capt. J. H. Martin M. N. McCall …

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1910 Census of Fort Shaw Industrial Indian School

Fort Shaw Industrial Indian Boarding School opened in 1891 in Montana. It was discontinued 30 June 1910, due to declining enrollment. In 1904, it had a famous girls’ basketball team that barnstormed its way to St. Louis playing basketball and performing, and won the “World Championship” at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This census …

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