Descendants of John Rogers of Mansfield, MA

The Rogers family, of which Mrs. David E. Harding is a member, is an old and prominent one of New England. She traces her descent from the martyr John Rogers, who was burned at the stake Oct. 14, 1555, at Smithfield, during the reign of Queen Mary. The first of the name in the old town of Norton was Benjamin Rogers, who married Oct. 8, 1761, Hannah Newcomb. He made his home in the town of Mansfield, and during the Revolutionary war enlisted and was appointed sergeant in Captain Williams’ company, Colonel Timothy Walker’s 22d regiment; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; engaged May 2, 1775, service three months and seven days; also company’s return dated Oct. 6, 1775, also order for money in lieu of a bounty coat dated Roxbury Camp, Dec. 27, 1775.

Descendants of David E. Harding of Mansfield, MA

DAVID E. HARDING, deceased, who for more than a half century was a leading business man and manufacturer of Mansfield, Mass., was born there May 6, 1826. He was a descendant of an old Cape Ann family, the founder of the family in America being Edward Haraden, who came from Ipswich, England, to Gloucester. The name is found variously spelled, appearing as Haraden, Hardon and Harding, etc.

Descendants of Veranus Filoon of North Bridgewater, MA

For several generation the family bearing the name of Filoon has live in Abington and North Bridgewater (now Brockton), where evidence of their thrift, solidity and respectability are manifest, and there also have lived the Bretty and Fullerton families, with which the more recent generations of the Filoons have been allied through marriage, the Brett family being one of the ancient families of the Old Colony and its progenitor an original proprietor of Bridgewater. This article is to particularly treat of the branch of the Filoon family to which belonged the late Veranus Filoon, who was long and prominently identified with the business and social circles of North Bridgewater and Brockton, and his son, the present Fred W. Filoon, who as his father’s successor is continuing the business with marked success, as well as the former’s brother, the present Henry H. Filoon, who has long been a leading and successful practicing dentist.

Knowles Family of New Bedford, MA

The family bearing this name in New Bedford, where it is one of nearly one hundred years’ standing one, too, of prominence and wealth, is a branch of the ancient Knowles family of the town of Eastham, Barnstable county, this Commonwealth. Reference is made to some of the descendants of the brothers Thomas and James H. Knowles of Eastham, several of whose sons – at least two of the former and one of the latter – in their earlier manhood cast their lot with the people of New Bedford. The firm of Thomas Knowles & Co. for many years was one of the greatest engaged in the whale fishery business in New Bedford; and its members in turn have been succeeded in business by younger generations who have most worthily worn the family name and sustained its reputation; and today the name continues of record in and about the city of their birth connected prominently with many of the most extensive commercial establishments and banking institutions of the locality.

Descendants of John Washburn of Duxbury, MA

The Washburn name in this country is a distinguished one. Perhaps it is as yet only a tradition that John Washburn, the ancestor of the Washburns here considered, was he who first served as secretary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Several governors of our States have borne the Washburn name and at one and the same time four of the name occupied seats in the United States Congress. And the branch of the Massachusetts Washburns seated in Middleboro and vicinity have borne no small part in the annals of the Old Colony and later Commonwealth. Capt. Amos Washburn was in command of a company in the American Revolution; one of his sons, a graduate of Harvard, was a talented lawyer at Middleboro; Edward Washburn, brother of Capt. Amos, was another patriot in the Continental army; and his son, Gen. Abiel Washburn, was one of the leading men of his time in Middleboro, the acknowledged leader of the Federal party, and for thirty-six years held commissions through the different grades of office in the State militia; while Luther, Cyrus and the late Bradford Sumner Washburn, in turn, were substantial citizens of the town, and the latter’s son, Judge Nathan Washburn, lawyer and present Justice of the Courts of Plymouth county, is giving a good account of himself.

Descendants of John Sanford of Taunton, MA

The town of Taunton, which included within its original boundaries the neighboring village of Berkley, has been the home of a branch of the Sanford family for about two hundred years. This Berkley-Taunton branch of the family, in the line of Capt. Joseph Sanford, an active patriot of the Revolution, has been more or less eminent in professional life. Four of the sons of Capt. Joseph Sanford were college graduates and ministers of the gospel; and several of their posterity have followed the learned professions. One of the grandsons of Capt. Joseph was the late Hon. John Elliott Sanford, of Taunton, lawyer, legislator, railroad commissioner, etc., who at the time of his death was characterized by the local paper as Taunton’s “first citizen.”

Jackson Family of Fall River, MA

Here in this article it is the purpose to treat of but one branch or family of the Massachusetts Jacksons – the family of John Jackson, who was a descendant of the Middleboro settler of the name, one John Jackson, and who in time removed to the State of Maine, the home State for several generations of the Fall River Jacksons in question. The first John Jackson came from England to New England and settled in Middleboro, where in May, 1714, he was married to Mary Smith. They had two children (if not more), John and Cornelius, the latter of whom was born in Middleboro Sept. 11, 1716. The father died in 1731.

Descendants of Nathaniel Newcomb of Norton, MA

Mr. Newcomb was born April 12, 1797, of the sixth generation in descent from Francis Newcomb, who was born probably in Hertfordshire, England, about 1605, and came to America in the ship “Planter” in 1635, accompanied by his wife Rachel, then aged twenty, his daughter Rachel (aged two and a half years) and son John (aged nine months). After residing in Boston three years Francis Newcomb moved his little family to Braintree (now Quincy, Norfolk Co., Mass.), where he died May 27, 1692, his gravestone says “aged one hundred years.” Tradition says he came from Oxfordshire, England, and was of pure Saxon blood. He owned several tracts of land in Braintree. He had ten children.

Pierce Family of North Bridgewater, MA

The Pierce families of this country are and have long been very numerous. Early in the settlement of New England came representatives from England, most of them not related, so far as now known. Among them were Abraham, of Plymouth, 1623, who became one of the original purchasers of Bridgewater in 1645; Daniel, of Newbury, blacksmith, who came from Ipswich, County of Suffolk, in 1634, aged twenty-three years; John, of Dorchester, mariner from Stepney, Middlesex, before 1631; another John, of Dorchester and Boston; John, of Watertown, 1638; Capt. Michael, of Hingham and Scituate; Richard, of Portsmouth, R. I.; Robert, of Dorchester; Thomas, of Charlestown, who was admitted to the church there in 1634; and Capt. William, of Boston, who was a distinguished shipmaster of his time.

Descendants of Leonard Crocker Couch of Taunton MA

COUCH (Taunton family). The family bearing this name at Taunton whose representative head is now Leonard Crocker Couch, Esq., who since boyhood has been a resident of the city, occupied in mechanical and business lines, and for years one of the substantial men and useful citizens of the community, is one of long and honorable …

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Articles of Association of The 7th Michigan Cavalry

Whereas, we surviving members of the 7th Michigan Cavalry Volunteers, desiring to establish an organization for the purpose of preserving the friendship formed while defending our country against armed rebellion and treason, and to honor the cause for which we fought and the memory of our comrades who gave their lives that our nation might …

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Battles of the 7th Michigan Cavalry

Participated during the Civil War. 1. Hanover, Virginia, June 30, 1863. 2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July. 3, 1863. 3. Hagerstown, Maryland, July 6, 1863. 4. Boonsborough, Maryland, July 8, 1863. 5. Falling Waters, Maryland, July 14, 1863. 6. Culpepper, C. H., Virginia. September 14,1863. 7. Brandy Station, Virginia, October 11, 1863. 8. Buckland Mills, October 19, …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company M

Capt. Jas. B. Loomis, Helena, Montana 1st Lieut. Munson P. Henry, Easton, Md 2d Lieut. John B. Masten, Adrian Austin, John, Fishville Allen, Edgar, Richmond, Va. Bowen, Silas, Richmond Burch, Melvin, Petoskey Castle, John, Spring Lake Cobb, Josiah, Grand Haven Cooley, Wm. H., Sheridan Crane, Albert T., N. Lansing Drew, A. W., Chicago Dolph, Wm., …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company K

Capt.. Heman N. Moore, Grand Rapids 1st Lieut. Hiram J. Ingersoll, Chadron, Daves County, Neb Barnes, E. W.,Iona Barnhardt, Eugene, North Adams Buckingham, Chas., Holt Cadran, Michael, Mackinaw Campbell, James, Hastings Chamberlin, Myron, Charlotte Champlin, Acil, Charlotte Chapman, Andrew, Mackinaw Conley, Edgar M., Corunna Crawfoot, Oscar W., Assyria Dunsenberry Wm., Humbolt, Ca Gallop, James B., …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company L

Baird, David, Carrolton Blanchard, Edward, Jackson Baur, Raymond, Bengel Becker, Jacob, Detroit Bedell, Byron, Walla Walla, Ore Bennett, D. J., Stanton Brown, Wm. W., St. Joseph Brunke, John, Royalston Campbell, Eugene, Lowell Carl, Thomas, St. Charles Carson, James, Big Rapids Covey, Ira, Hastings Canton, Amos, Augusta Eccleston, Sylvester W., Saginaw Geisler, Charles, Royalton Hadendorph, Geo., …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company A

Capt.Wm. H. Fisher, 497 Trumbull Ave., Detroit 1st Lieut. Geo. E. Smith, St. Joseph 2nd Lieut. F. P. Nichols, Encinitas, Cal Anthony, H. L.,Sturgis Allen, Henry, Hickory Corners Alexander John, Belle Fourche, S. D. Badge, N. H., Cadillac Baker, H. E., Hiawatha, Kan Baker, James, Lee Bellinger, Marshall, Banfield Beers, Rufus, Hawkhead Bennett, Nelson, Harbor …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company H

Capt. Richard Douglas, Augusta 1st Lieut. Daniel W. Dunnett. Hutchinson, Kansas Aximable, Edwin, Petosky Bissell, Edwin, Hickory Corners Burdick. J. Q., Glendale Cooper, Lorenzo, Evart Covert, Wm., Conneaut, Ohio Darlington, Richard J., Northville Dunn. Henry, 93 Baker St., Detroit Fish, Perry G., Milo, Barry Co. Fisher, Byron, Cressy’s Corners Fisher, William, Richland Forshey, Leverett, St. …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company I

Capt. Myron H. Ellis, New Boston Capt. John A. Clark:, Laredo, Texas 2nd Lieut. Wm. E. Harrington,% 9Addison 2nd Lieut. E. R. Havens, Lansing Allen, A. A.. Athens Austin, Samuel, Noamiville, Iowa Beckwith, Chas., Hastings Bennett, A. L., Eaton Rapids Bitgood. Wm. W., Orangeville Billinger, Geo. W., Mt. Pleasant Bixby, Omar M., Elsie Bowman, Michael, …

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company F

Capt. Stephen P. Mann,% 9Glenwood, Fla Capt. James L. Carpenter, Blisstield 1st Lieut. Winchester T. Dodge, Imiav City 1st Lieut.. Asa B. Isham, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati 2nd Lieut. Geo. Av. Ferris, Rawlings, Wyoming Alexander, Richard, Grand Rapids Andsen, E. A., Lansing Armstrong, Henry J., Louriston, Minn. Armstrong, Wm. H., Pittsford Beardsley, Clark H., Marcellus Billings, …

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