Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company L

Baird, David, Carrolton
Blanchard, Edward, Jackson
Baur, Raymond, Bengel
Becker, Jacob, Detroit
Bedell, Byron, Walla Walla, Ore
Bennett, D. J., Stanton
Brown, Wm. W., St. Joseph
Brunke, John, Royalston
Campbell, Eugene, Lowell
Carl, Thomas, St. Charles
Carson, James, Big Rapids
Covey, Ira, Hastings
Canton, Amos, Augusta
Eccleston, Sylvester W., Saginaw
Geisler, Charles, Royalton
Hadendorph, Geo., Wexford
Hicks, John, Toledo
Hovey, Munson, W. Bay City
Jasper, Alfred, St. Joseph
Jarvey, Julius, Saginaw
Kimble, Isaac, Fenton
Knight, Aldis R., Milton, Macomb Co.
Kelley, Timothy, Eaton Rapids
Kennedy, Henry, Marengo
Lewis, Wm. A., Battle Creek
Loughney, Thomas, Walla, Walla, Wash.
McLean, Chas. L., Frost
McOmber, Spencer F., Croton, Lee Co., Iowa
Mufley, Joseph L., Ceresco
Onderdonk, Chas., Denver, Colo.
Ormsby,Reuben N., Armada
Reed, Edward, Hubbardston
Rich, Edwin, Ryerson
Riley, George W., St. Joseph
Slaughter, Edward, Soldiers’ Home Washington City
Sloan. John N., Clio
Stringham, Wm., Augusta
Smith, John, Missouri
Terry, James B., Saginaw, E. S.
Vanorman, Abe, Mountpelier, Bear Lake Co., Idaho
Wattles, V. C., Battle Creek
Webster, Amos N.,Flint
Wickard, Josiah, Charlotte


Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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