Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company K

Capt.. Heman N. Moore, Grand Rapids
1st Lieut. Hiram J. Ingersoll, Chadron, Daves County, Neb

Barnes, E. W.,Iona
Barnhardt, Eugene, North Adams
Buckingham, Chas., Holt
Cadran, Michael, Mackinaw
Campbell, James, Hastings
Chamberlin, Myron, Charlotte
Champlin, Acil, Charlotte
Chapman, Andrew, Mackinaw
Conley, Edgar M., Corunna
Crawfoot, Oscar W., Assyria
Dunsenberry Wm., Humbolt, Ca
Gallop, James B., Flushing
Genia, Henry, Mackinaw
Hamilton, Win., Alpena
Harper, Benj., Sherman City
Kielman, David, Lamont
Lucas, Isaac W., Benton Harbor
Lambert, Gregory, Mackinaw
Lewis, Merritt, Washington, D. C.
Long, Daniel Sr., Chelsea
Marondette, Antoine, Mackinaw
Marshall, Geo., Mackinaw
Metener, Lewis, Mackinaw
Montgomery, Robt. B., Eaton Rapids
Osgood, Wm. W., Orangeville
Osgood, Colburn, Hastings
Pankin, Peter A., St. Ignace
Pelot, Gabriel, Mackinaw
Rogers, Levi B., Petoskey
Searles, Fitch M., Orangeville
Staley, Joseph, Martin
St. Andrews, Adolphus, Mackinaw
St. Andrews, John, Mackinaw
Taylor, W. H., Mackinaw
Wheelock, Geo. C., Cheboygan
Watson, Cyrus, Hickory Corners
Wilkinson, Arthur L., Centralia, Ills.
Young, John L., Prairieville


Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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