Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company H

Capt. Richard Douglas, Augusta
1st Lieut. Daniel W. Dunnett. Hutchinson, Kansas

Aximable, Edwin, Petosky
Bissell, Edwin, Hickory Corners
Burdick. J. Q., Glendale
Cooper, Lorenzo, Evart
Covert, Wm., Conneaut, Ohio
Darlington, Richard J., Northville
Dunn. Henry, 93 Baker St., Detroit
Fish, Perry G., Milo, Barry Co.
Fisher, Byron, Cressy’s Corners
Fisher, William, Richland
Forshey, Leverett, St. Paul Minn.
Foote, David G.,Mason
Haughy, Luke R., Kalamazoo
Harrington, James S., Ludington
Haugey, S. R., San Diego, Cal.
Holmes, Daniel, Cleon
Hudgett, Edgar, Kalamazoo
Hunt, Eli, Entrican
Jones, Robert, Moline
Kemp, Wm., Hubbardston
Kemp, Alfred, Greenville
King, Aaron, Milo
Knapp, Bradley, Hopkins Center
Lepper, John, Hickory Corners
Lewis, John, Moscow
Longman, Arthur, Fulton
Lyon, Wm., Kalamo
Mason, Chas. Battle Creek
Mead John P., South Haven
Merrill, T. J., North Lansing
Moore, Wesley, Lee’s Corners
Mowrey, Edward S., Cedar Creek
Nevers, Freeman, Leslie
Norwood, Robert, Delton
Norwood, Adelbert, Delton
Palcott, E. C., New York
Perkins, David, Saramac
Perry, Edward, Alamo
Perry, George, Alamo
Phillips, Ira I B ., Clio
Prentice, G. H., Lawton
Ryan, Esbon, Moore Park
Dobbins, Evan, St. Johns
Rowley, Win. H., Ypsilanti
Sullivan, M. D., 313 Cherry St. Detroit
Spirzer, Peter, Hudsonville
Smith, Win. H., Memphis
Stevens, W., Eureka
Throop, Phillip, Vestaburgh
Tracy, Wm., Lake View
Tyler, Luther G., Hickory Corners
Talcott, Edwin C., Syracuse, N. Y.
Vrooman Isaac W., Hastings
Van Gilden, Winard, Coldwater


Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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