Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company G

Capt. Bradley M. Thompson, Ann Arbor
1st Lieut. Geo. W. Hill, 55 E. Congress St., Detroit
2d Lieut. Butler S. Tubbs, Rose, Oakland Co

Ackley, Martin L., Leslie
Aldrich, Wm. D., Saginaw
Arnold, John, Portland
Barden, Wm. C., Battle Creek
Carl, Thomas, St. Charles
Chappell, E. W., Lansing
Cook, Benj., Albion
Cole, Emmett, Grand Ledge
Covell, Albert L., Grand Rapids
Courter, N. L., Terra Caia, Fl.
Cunningham Frank D., Pierce City, Mo.
Delbridge, Wm. A., Grand Rapids
Demorest, Geo., Lapeer
Elder, James, Saginaw
Eldridge, Wm., Nashville
Ellsworth, Samuel, Onondaga
Finch, Amos, Williamston
Fuller, Edwin, Pontiac
Geisler, Chas., Royalton
Hickman, Adam, Soldiers’ Home
Howe, Leonard, Lowell
Huxley, John, Owosso
Isham, James, Dowling
Kimball, Jas. P., Ypsilanti
Lamb, Isaac, Springport
Mann, Elam, Owosso
McMurphy, W. O., Saginaw W.
McCullough, Thomas L., Milford
McKee, John R., 86 Randolph St., Detroit
Moore, Emerson, Jackson
Murphy, Wm., Brant Center
Parker, Moses, Sugar Grove
Paul, John, Guilford
Peterson, Charles Grand Rapids
Rachford, James T., Soldiers’ Home
Shepley, Wm. C., Wallasburg, O.
Sairy, Louis, Detroit
Sheldon, Luther D., Ashland, O.
Tubbs, S. B., Rose, Oakland Co.
Van Alstine, Norman, Big Rapids
Weston Francis, Pulaski
Wagner, A. J., Easton
Whiting, Nathaniel, Woodland Centre


Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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