Biographical Sketch of Ryon, W. M., Colonel

Mier Prisoner

Colonel William M. Ryon, of Fort Bend County, one of the most gallant of the heroes known to Texas history, was born in Winchester, Kentucky, resided for several years in Alabama, and came to Texas in 1837, landing at the mouth of the Brazos, where he clerked, kept hotel, and followed various occupations for a time. In 1839 he was a member of a surveying party that laid off the town of Austin, the newly selected site for the seat of government of the Republic of Texas, and later went to Fort Bend County, and made that his home. In 1842 he organized a company and joined the army of General Somerville for the invasion, of Mexico, and was one of the 300 who did not return home after the disbanding of the army on the Rio Grande. They completed a regimental organization on December 19th, 1842, composed of companies commanded by Captains Ewing Cameron, William M. Ryon, William N. Eastland, J. G. W. Pierson, Claudius Buster, John R.. Baker, and C. K. Reese. William S. Fisher was elected Colonel, and Thomas A. Murray, Adjutant, and the command marched across the Rio Grande and, captured the town of Mier, and fought the battle which has already been described, in which Captain Ryon received three wounds, and, like Captain Davis; was carried on with the other prisoners, and was in the fight for liberty at Salado, being among the foremost men led by Captain Cameron when they rushed upon the guards. He suffered with the balance all that has before been described, and “when finally liberated returned to Richmond, Fort Bead County, in April, 1845. He married Miss Mary M. Jones, and engaged in farming, stock-raising and merchandising, which pursuits he followed about four years. The family lived in Houston; three years, and then, returned to Richmond.

Colonel Ryon was a member of the Episcopal Church and Masonic fraternity. He died October 31st, 1875, at the home of Captain W. S. Davis, at Richmond, admired and respected by all. Mrs. Ryon’s, parents were Henry and Nancy Jones, of Richmond, Texas. She was born at that place December 28th, 1826, and reared in Port Bend County. They had nine children, only three of whom lived to be grown. They were James E. who married Miss Josie Dagnel, of Richmond, and who died in 1895 at forty-four years of age. Susan E. married Judge J. H. P. Davis, of Richmond, and died October 30th, 1884, leaving two children Mildred, who first married James Wheat, of Richmond, and who was killed at his home, and her second husband was F. I. Booth, of Richmond.



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