1759, December 12, Fort Loudoun


I have Received a Letter from Lieut. Coytmore of the 6th Instant by John Arcy, by which he acquaints Me, that your Excellency’s Orders were: that Old Hop shou’d b informed that the Little Carpenter, of any other Head Man, shou’d be appointed, to come down to Keowee with Power to settle matters, as shou’d be found requisat to make things Straight, as He himself was present.

Accordingly I sent for him to come to the Fort, and that I had a Letter to communicate to him; but the Old Fellow sent me severall excuses, saying that it was cold Weather, and that he had the care of a littlechild, therefore he cou’d not come. As it hapned then that the Warrior of Tennesee, and the Great Warrior’s Mephew were at my House, I acquainted them, with what Old Hop had said; and farther told them, that as the Old Fellow by his severall talks, had made the Path bloody, it was not My businefs to go to him, but for him to come to the fort to me, to hear what your Excelleny required: and that his excuse at this present time, look’d very foolish, by saying that he was to look after a Child, when the Governor of South Carolina, hath left his Province, and was come as far as Keowee, with all the Head Men of the Cherokee Nation; to endeavour to make everything Straight. Therefore I desired him, without any Delay, to acquaint Some Body to act for him.

The Warrior of Tennesee promised me that he wou’d tell him, what I told him: and Yesterday the said Warrior, came to me, and said, that as the Little Carpenter and Willele had pafsed through his Town, without acquainting him where they were a going, or what they were about, therefore he wou’d not appoint him as his representative: to which I answer’d that the Little Carpenter had heard so many bad talks of him; that he did not think worthe his while to acquaint him where he was going: on which the Warrior of Tennesey said, I believe I am the Man appointed to go to Keowee, to wait on the Governor, and I shall Set out tomorrow; and I am going immediately to the Town House, to hear what the Old Man has got to say to Me. I am very certain,that his intents are very bad.
I am with great Respect


Your Excellency’s
Most obedient and
Most Humble Servant

Paul Demere

P.S. Since I wrote this Letter, a Runner has come tome to acquaint me, that an Indian called the Seed of Settico, who went to Warr, three Months, and a half ago; was coming back, having killed three of the Twightwees, and two Women, and bringing three Children alive: and that he expected to be with me tomorrow at the Fort.

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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