Surname: Russell

Daubenspeck Cemetery

Daubenspeck Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on land once owned by J. Daubenspeck, and thus its name. At one time a Methodist Church stood here, and presumably this cemetery is associated with that church. It is located on 96th Street, near State Road 421. There were many broken or buried stones not transcribed below. This cemetery is also known as Calvary Cemetery.

Slave Narrative of Benjamin Russell

Interviewer: W. W. Dixon Person Interviewed: Benjamin Russell Location: South Carolina Age: 88 Ex-Slave 88 Years “I was born fourteen miles north of Chester, S.C. the property of Mrs. Rebecca Nance. After eighty-eight years, I have a vivid recollection of her sympathy and the ideal relations she maintained with her slaves. “My father was just Baker, my mother just Mary. My father was bought out of a drove of slaves from Virginia. I have been told my mother was born on the Youngblood place. (Youngblood name of my mistress’ people in York County.) My father was a slave of a

Hodgen Cemetery, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

Hodgen Cemetery, Hodgen, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

To get to Hodgen Cemetery take Hwy #59 south from the main intersection in Hodgen about 1/2 mi, then right. This is the cemetery for the town of Hodgen, and still active. Our thanks to Paula Doyle-Bicket for the submission of these cemeteries to our online collection. [box]Source: Copyright © 2004, by Paula Doyle-Bicket. All Rights Reserved[/box]

Slave Narrative of Francis Bridges

Person Interviewed: Francis Bridges Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Red River County, Texas Date of Birth: 1864 Age: 73 Occupatio I was born in Red River County, Texas in 1864, and that makes me 73 years old. I had myself 75, and I went to my white folks and they counted it un and told me I was 73, but I always felt like I was older than that. My husband’s name is Henry Bridges. We was raised up children together and married. I had five sisters. My brother died here in Oklahoma about two years ago. He

Biographical Sketch of William Russell

William Russell, an early inhabitant, located upon the farm now owned by his grandson, N. W. Russell, and raised a large family of children; only one is now living, Mrs. B. J. Myrick, who resides in town. But his descendants are numerous–probably would take the prize, if such was offered, for the greatest number. He died in 1829.

Biography of William Russell

William Russell, Manager of the Manufactory of Gurney, Russell and Co., of Dundas, was born in the Township of Ancaster, within one mile of Dundas, May 18, 1837. His father, John Russell, was born near Glasgow, Scotland, coming to Canada in 1835. His mother, whose maiden name was Janet Smillie, was also from Scotland. When William was a small child the family moved to another part of Ancaster, eight miles from Dundas, where our subject aided his father in clearing two farms in the dense forest, in what is now known as the “Scotch Block,” picking up, meanwhile, such knowledge

Biography of Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell, a pioneer settler in the township of Caledon, county of Peel, dates his birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 16, 1802. His father George Russell, was a mining engineer. His mother, before her marriage, was Euphemia Tweedie, both parents being Scotch. Thomas had a high school education, including Latin; learned the baker’s trade; was two years in business for himself in Edinburgh, and subsequently a merchant in the same city, leaving Scotland in 1834, and emigrating to Canada. He took up land in Caledon, adjoining the village of Alton, where he opened a farm, which he still owns and

Biography of Alexander J. Russell, C. E.

Alexander Jamieson Russell, son of Alexander and Jeanette (Jamieson) Russell, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, April 29, 1807. His maternal uncle, Rev. John Jamieson, emigrated from Scotland, and settled in Ohio soon after the close of the American Revolution. An elder brother of Alexander, Professor William Russell, was for years sole editor of the American Journal of Education, Boston, Mass., and subsequently the Principal of different institutions of learning in that State, standing very high as an educator. He died at Lancaster, Mass., in 1873. The subject of this sketch was educated at the Glasgow High School, and by private

Biographical Sketch of Dr. James Russell

Dr. James Russell, dentist, Albion, has resided at Albion the past two years, engaged in the practice of medicine and dentistry, making a specialty of the cure of cancers, in which he is said to be very successful. He has also been engaged in developing his farm, in Greeley County, Neb., during his residence in Albion. He has been engaged in the practice of dentistry during the past twenty years. He was born in Middlesex, Vt., in 1823, living there until 1859, when he moved to Wisconsin where he resided about ten years. He then went to Howard County, Iowa,

Biographical Sketch of Frank G. Russell

Frank G. Russell came to Champaign after an extensive business as a meat merchant both in local houses and on the road, and now enjoys high financial rating and a successful business as proprietor of the Chicago Market Company, dealers in meats and packing house products. Mr. Russell was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, October 1, 1888, a son of William and Emma (Braiser) Russell. His father was born in Burlington, Iowa, and his mother at Terre Haute, Indiana. Both are now living at Danville, Illinois, where his father for many years has been in the sign business. There were