A History of Sayville, New York

In the heart of Suffolk County, New York, lies a village with a history as rich as the soil upon which it stands. “A History of Sayville, New York,” penned by Clarissa Edwards in 1935, is an invaluable chronicle that sheds light on the early days of this often-overlooked locale. Published by the Suffolk County News Press, this work is a testament to the enduring spirit of Sayville, a village that has woven itself into the fabric of American history, yet remains scarcely mentioned in conventional historical texts.

The narrative begins with the purchase of land from the Nicoll grant by early settlers John Green, Willett Green, and John Edwards. These pioneers laid the groundwork for what would become Sayville, dividing the land amongst themselves in transactions that not only defined the village’s geographical boundaries but also its future. With meticulous detail, Edwards recounts the exchange of these lands, from Green’s Neck to the parcels along Brown’s Creek, painting a vivid picture of Sayville’s nascent days.

Beyond the acquisition of land, the book dives deep into the village’s evolution, tracing its development from a sparsely settled area to a bustling community. It acknowledges the presence of earlier settlers, hinting at a rich pre-colonial history intertwined with the Nicoll estate’s legacy. The narrative is supported by a reproduction of the original book through offset printing, a method that, while affecting the quality of photographs, preserves the essence of Sayville’s storied past.

“A History of Sayville, New York” reveals a comprehensive examination of Sayville’s journey through time, from early grants and settlements to the growth of West Sayville and the narratives of old families. Edwards does not shy away from diverse aspects of local history, including the interactions with indigenous peoples, the revolutionary period, and the economic backbone that sustained the village. The chapters on Sayville’s resources, occupations, and the maritime tragedies that have befallen its residents underscore the multifaceted nature of this community.

This copy of the original book has been reproduced by offset. Photographs consequently are not of original quality.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Early Grants and Settlements

Chapter II. The Indians

Chapter III. The Revolutionary Period Here.

Chapter IV. Sayville’s Resources and Occupations

Chapter V. The Growth of Sayville from 1735 to 1885

Chapter VI. The First Churches

Chapter VII. The growth of West Sayville

Chapter VIII. The Old Families

Chapter IX. A Sea Tragedy

Chapter X. Aunt Rachel Reminisces

Chapter XI. True Stories

Chapter XII. Fire Island

Map of Sayville, New York, in 1858
Map of Sayville, New York, in 1858


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Edwards, Clarissa, A history of early Sayville, Sayville, N.Y. : Suffolk County News Press, 1935.


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