Biographical Sketch of John Paul Liechti

Liechti, John Paul; accountant; born, Aaram, Switzerland, April 19, 1864; son of Leo and Carolyn Strebel Liechti; educated, Aaram, Switzerland, graded high school and preparatory college or university school; made rapid progress in studies and graduated at fourteen and a half years of age, from second year University school; married, Wheeling, West Virginia, Jan. 15, 1885, Julia M. Hullien; issue, one son and four daughters; mgr. W. H. Price, Superior Bldg.; member Knights of Columbus, Gilmour Council; taught self the art of engraving and knowledge of three modern languages.

Aaram, Switzerland

It’s highly plausible that the location “Aaram, Switzerland” might be a misspelling. Switzerland is known for its multitude of small towns and villages, often with names that can be easily confused or misspelled, especially in historical documents where transcription errors are common. Considering the date of birth in 1864, it’s also possible that the name of the place has changed over time or it was a local name not widely recognized outside the immediate area.

To identify the correct location, we might consider similar-sounding names or look for historical regions or municipalities in Switzerland that have undergone name changes or were known by different names locally. It would be useful to consult historical records, maps, or databases focusing on Swiss geography to pinpoint the exact location. Without more specific details, it’s challenging to identify the correct place with certainty. If you have additional context or details, such as the canton or nearby landmarks, it could significantly aid in the search for the accurate geographical location.

A possible suggestion would be the town of Aarau, Switzerland.



The Book of Clevelanders: A Biographical Dictionary of Living Men of the City of Cleveland. Burrows Book Company. 1914.

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