Letter of Administration of John Concklin, Jr. – 1666

“JOHN CONCKLIN, Jr., of Hashamomack, neare Southold, in the East Riding of Yorkshire,” having married Sarah, “late widow of Wm. Salmon, who had then divers young children, of whom he hath had greate care, and been at considerable expense in bringing them up,” Letters of Administration on estate of William Salmon were granted to him in November, 1665, and confirmed March 19, 1666.

Whereas, John Concklin, Jr., of Hashamomack, did intermarry with Sarah, widow of Wm. Salmon, late of Southold, with whom he left six children, four of which he had by Katharine his former wife, and the other two by his wife Sarah, the said Katharine having formerly been the wife of one Matthew Sunderland, a seaman, who formerly improved some part of Hashamomack, as an agent of Mr. James Farrett, deputy to the Earle of Stirling, of whom he purchased several tracts of land — one on the east side, another on the west side of Oyster Bay, and also an Island not far from the same; all which fell to his said wife Katharine, for her maintainance, having very little to leave to her for her livelyhood; and forasmuch as Hashamomack aforesaid being the place of their residence, and never under any Jurisdiction until his Majesty’s late Letters Patent given to His Royal Highness James Duke of York, were published in this Island; Therefore the said John Conckling in the right of Sarah his wife, and the said six children, Petitions this Honourable Court fom Letters of Administration.

Petition granted at Court of Sessions in Southampton November 16, 1665. Jonas Holdsworth, Clerk of ye Sessions.

At a Court of Sessions held at Southold June 5, 1666, Whereas John Conckling, Jr., of Hashamomack, near Southold, petitioned to the Court of Sessions in November last, concerning the settling of the estate of Wm. Salmon to Sarah, his relict, and six orphans, i.e., one son and five daughters; and four of the overseers of Southold namely, Barnabas Wines, Thomas Terry, Richard Terry and Thomas Hutchinson – were desired by the Court to take an inspection into said estate, and after they had perused the Inventory then taken found that the eldest son’s portion came to £31 11s. 4d., and the other five children’s portions were each £15 15s. 8d.; they did not allow anything to said Conckling for bringing up the young children, but left it to the Court;

It is orderded that the said John Conckling, Jr., give good security to the next Justice of the Peace, to pay to five of the children, namely, John, Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Hannah Salmon, the sum of £84 as followeth: To John £28 when he comes of age, and to each of the aforesaid daughters £14 when of age; the eldest daughter, Mary, having already received her portion. And when they arrive at the age of twenty-one years, they are to discharge him from all claims, and in the meantime they are to continue in obedience to him and his wife. By order of Court, Jonas Holdsworth, Clerk.

LIBER 1-2, page 16

Concklin, Salmon,


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