Biographical Sketch of Lydia Sanger

ISAAC, JOHN, PHINEAS, LYDIA, ELIZABETH and PHEBE SANGER came to Croydon in 1770, and were regarded as an important accession to the town. The brothers had families, the sisters were unmarried. Their descendants are characterized by a great fondness for books and the remarkable facility with which they acquire literary and scientific knowledge. Very many of the distinguished sons of Croydon are proud to trace their lineage from the Sangers. John and Phineas left town. Isaac died of the heart disease, while crossing Croydon Mountain in 1780, leaving three daughters-one of whom married Barnabas Cooper, and another william Gibson.

Lydia married John Powers, and Phebe married a Mr. Noyes. Elizabeth, or, as everybody called her, “Aunt Lizzy,” remained single, and was really one of the best specimens of an old maid the world has ever produced. Turning instinctively away from all allurements to matrimony, she preferred to remain, “In maiden fancy free.”

She was “an angel of mercy,” and “went about doing good.” She seemed to be everywhere present when needed -chiding the erring, comforting the sick, helping the needy, and cheering the desponding, The memory of “that good woman” is cherished with lively interest by all the early settlers of Croydon. But tradition says she bad her one fault-she was a firm believer in witches. Many an urchin has feared going to bed alone, after listening to her wonderful tales of ghosts and hobgoblins. She lived to a good old age, and went to her rest with many benedictions. God bless her.



Partridge, Dennis N. Croydon New Hampshire Genealogy.

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