Biographical Sketch of Jacob Worthen Hall Ames

Rev. JACOB WORTHEN HALL AMES, son of Jacob Ames, was born May 7, 1838, and died at Middletown, Ct., June 12, 1866. He was married July 12, 1864, to Miss Tillie Mathison, of Middletown. He fitted for College at the New Hampshire Conference Seminary, and graduated at the head of his class from Wesleyan University in 1864. He received his first regular appointment in 1864, and was stationed at Berlin, Ct., where he remained one year. He was then transferred to the N. E. Conference and stationed at Chelsea, Mass., and at the end of the year was re-appointed to the same place. On account of ill health he resigned his pastorate in May, and spent some six weeks among his native hills in vain search of health. He survived his return to his family at Middletown but twenty-four hours. As he had been a favorite at College, his sudden death cast a deep gloom over the place. He was buried with much honor. A most touching tribute- “Farewell, my Husband” -written by his wife, on the morning of his funeral, was sung in church by Prof. Harrington, and a beautiful Hymn, entitled ” Gathered Home,” written by Prof. H. for the occasion, was sung by the students and faculty at the grave. Mr. Ames had been invited to be present and invoke the Divine blessing upon the assembled sons and daughters of his native town at their centennial jubilee, but Providence bad ordained it otherwise, he died on the evening before. His body was quietly sleeping in its shroud in his much loved home, and his spirit was mingling with a nobler and brighter throng above.



Partridge, Dennis N. Croydon New Hampshire Genealogy.

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