Trail of Tears Evaluation

The Trail of Tears Roll is the name given by researchers to two different lists, both individually important, which provide an early glimpse into the Cherokees who went west in the early 1830’s. Lending to the confusion is the fact that both lists were created in 1835. If you read the reports listed under the 25 Congress, 3rd Session, that we’ve documented as the “Trail of Tears Roll” you will have a better understanding of this roll and the information contained in these reports. Hopefully this information will lead you to some of your ancestors.

The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek contains a long list of individuals (3547) receiving land reservations and positively recognizes these people as members of the tribe in a legally binding fashion. Many of these land recipients are elsewhere identified as countrymen or mixed bloods. There can be little doubt that they were accepted as leaders and members of the tribe. The various claims to land and claims for other reasons are found in American State Papers and offer positive identification of mixed bloods in individual cases. They also help pinpoint the location of mixed-blood land holdings. 1

Cherokee, Roll,

United States Congress. 25th Congress, 3rd Session Senate Report. United States Government. 1838.

  1. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal, Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987, University of Southern Mississippi. Copyright Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987-2009.[]

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  1. Hi I am a descendent of Geronimo, is what I have been told and I am looking for the Shananaquet full family tree. If anything can help I would appreciate it as I would like to be in touch with me Heritage

  2. I am seeking the “story” of my 3rd greatgrandmother, Ellenore Minerva Riley born 1823 in Tennessee, married William Shehorn in Missouri in 1843 and birthed her daughter, Minerva Ann in 1854 in Illlinois. Her parents were Judge Looney and Rachel Stuart Riley of the Eastern band in Tennessee and part of the Trail of Tears. Both died in OK in 1883. Any details will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. I have heard many stories about my Granny Gillard. Was told by my dad that she was Cherokee indian. her moms name is Sallie Chestnut Smith Pullen.She is buried in the Princeton Cemetery i Princeton, Collin County, Texas.
    I have been told by an Uncle and Aunt and 2 cousins that verify that we had gone to an indian burial ceremony. I know I had to be really young. I also Know, that there are times, that I see things like I am soaring over the earth and I see people in my family and others around them. before my dad passed, he told me that it was because of where I came from. my great grandmas husband s name is Robert Lee “Josiah” Smith. this is a list of my grannies siblings.
    Sallie Chestnut Smith Pullen Chaney
    Lillie Estella Smith Gaddy
    William Lark Smith
    Dorthy Vick Smith Talley
    Virgil C. Smith
    Carrie Smith
    Harry Walker Smith
    Tilda Bell Smith Melton
    Frances Smith Bingle

  4. Looking for family members of the South family that were drove out of Georgia or North Carolina on the trail of tears

    1. Im trying to find some information about my great- great Grandmother Alice. My family doesn’t know much about Alice because my Great grandfather who was Alices son, was shunned from the tribe after the death of his mother Alice. My Great Grandfather was not whole Cherokee he was half. My Great Grandfather was also half Irish. He was shunned by the tribe at a very young age. He was about 7 or 8 when his mother passed. Alice had 3 other children who were older then my Great Grandfather. My Great grandfather knew very little about his mother and father. He was so young when he had to defend himself . He was a hobo traveling on trains at 7 years old. Hes no longer alive today. All the info that Ive gotten from my grandmother is very spotty. We dont have Alices last name. But my Great Grandfathers last name was watkins. Im not sure if that was his fathers or mothers last name. Alice and her tribe walked that horrific trail of tears. She died of a very young age from cancer. Atleast thats what my Great grandfather was told. I just want to get some information about my lost family heritage. My grandmother who is a quarter Cherokee has been trying to find anything about Alice but she hasnt had much luck. I feel that the tribe that my Great- Great grandmother is from didnt want anything to do with the Europeans. I dont think alices family wanted anything to do with the Europeans way of documenting the deaths or births of thier people. I think thats why we are having such a hard time finding anything about Alice or her family. If you need any more info please email me. Im very appreciative for all of your help. Thank you and GOD Bless.

  5. I am researching my family tree and have found that my family was on the Trail Of Tears and that I am from the Chickamauga Cherokee (Wolf clan) and I am related to a long line of Chiefs, Leaders and warriors of the Cherokee tribe on my father’s mother’s side, grandmother Guinenevere Fly, such as one of my grandfathers, Chief Attakullakulla and his son, Chief Dragging Canoe, which I am a direct descendent of. As for my mother’s father’s side, John Clark Reeves, I know that I have Cherokee and found as expected, but I want to know if his family was apart of the Trail Of Tears, as well.

  6. I am looking for Sally Webb formerly Flatfoot aka Chawawook, She is on my Grandmothers side -Hudson-Ray-Webb, Sally was in the Trail of Tears, I have found her daughter and I have found a name for the husband Elic Webb–I got the name from a cousin but can’t find him in any sources. This is her daughter-Cathrine Catharine Berry (1828 – 1902)

    Any help I would appreciate

    1. I too am a decendant of Sally and Catherine Webb and my grandmother was a Ray. Interesting to know she was in the trail of tears so I will check that out as well.

      1. My lineage goes back to Adam palone and mahala moton…my great grandparents are Fred S. Palone and Gertrude Maupin
        Fred E. Palone and Georgia clyde Crittenden

      2. I too am a descendant of Sally and Katherine (and Alec Webb too). I matched to Earlene via DNA a while back. My line is Mary Lucinda Ray, sister to Nancy Catherine Ray, both daughters of Alec and Katherine Berry Webb. Mary Lucinda Webb married William Rice Ray and he is my great-great-grandfather.

  7. My grandmother OdessA Hancock father was on Army lifer with purple heart he was born in Georgia last name Hancock..he said that i uad creek indian blood before he died 8 years ago.. I cant find her maiden name all ive found is last names bowen ware and hancock
    Anyone know what he meant by the bloodDNA of creeks runs on the female side. ThAnk you

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