1835 Henderson Roll

The following is the 1835 Cherokee East of the Mississippi Census or otherwise known as the Henderson Roll. This is only an index of the names. Researchers should consult the full roll in order to get more specific information on each family listed.

In 1835, the Cherokee Nation contained almost 22,000 Cherokees and almost 300 Whites connected by marriage. This roll enumerates 16,000 of those people under 5,000 different families.

1830 Map of Cherokee Territory in Georgia
1830 Map of Cherokee Territory in Georgia
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5 thoughts on “1835 Henderson Roll”

  1. I have a great-great grandmother named Susan Ann “Sussiane” Bell born around 1846 in Georgia, married Rueben H Dyess in Alabama in 1866, and lived in Indian Territory in Oklahoma. I was told she was native american but cannot find any birth record, name change, etc. No real record before getting married. Would appreciate any help you may give me. She has a daughter named Ida Emily and a grand daughter Lucille Hudson (my grandmother)

  2. Any information on Ethelred Fish
    Born 1825 in North Carolina..
    Settled in 1872 Indian Creek De Kalb County Tennessee

  3. I am looking for information on the bird clan and what the Mitchell name was in Cherokee before they changed it to Mitchell

  4. I stopped by the Cherokee Heritage Center and found the 1880 Cherokee Census For Indian Territories for Oklahoma by Barbara L Benge, Heritage Books Inc. and listed:

    122 Blue Buzzard 27 dead
    123 Stephen Sittingdown 6 1511
    124 Cyntha Buzzard 4 dead

    I would like to know more information on Blue Buzzard, if possible.

    Thank you

    Colleen Phipps-Cochran
    [email protected]

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