Choctaws Who Served in 1794

Choctaws who served a campaign under General Anthony Wayne in 1794


In Leflore’s district


Mushulatubbee’s district

AtokoliMushulatubbee’s district
TishlerwelblueMushulatubbee’s district
AchuckmatibiMushulatubbee’s district
TishumikoMushulatubbee’s district
HikatibiMushulatubbee’s district
ShikopoommaMushulatubbee’s district
HepoeMushulatubbee’s district
PashitunabiMushulatubbee’s district
PashistubiMushulatubbee’s district
HollabbeeMushulatubbee’s district
ShophanchobiMushulatubbee’s district
YakkayaMushulatubbee’s district
JishkeatokaMushulatubbee’s district
LanchebiMushulatubbee’s district
John LocusMushulatubbee’s district
HanothommaMushulatubbee’s district
JapenahommaMushulatubbee’s district
LockaMushulatubbee’s district
FalasnerMushulatubbee’s district
OklohaMushulatubbee’s district
HikatibiMushulatubbee’s district
AholhtinaMushulatubbee’s district

Total number now living is 24, and only 20 are provided for.

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