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Each Choctaw head of a family being desirous to remain and become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by signifying his intention to the Agent within six months from the ratification of this Treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to a reservation of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner shall be entitled to one half that quantity for each unmarried child which is living with him over ten years of age; and a quarter section to such child as may be under 10 years of age, to adjoin the location of the parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of the States for five years after the ratification of this Treaty, in that case a grant in fee simple shall issue; said reservation shall include the present improvement of the head of the family, or a portion of it. Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity.

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18 thoughts on “Armstrong Rolls”

    1. There is no Armstrong on these rolls, which is why you received no results. The roll is named after the man who was responsible for creating it, Benjamin Armstrong. Armstrong was an agent working on behalf of the United States government during the period of Indian removals. His role involved documenting the members of the Choctaw tribe who were entitled to land grants under the terms of the treaty.

  1. How does this search work? I type in a name, which is the only data I know, but there is no Enter/Submit button to select to get results.

    1. The search results populate after you’ve entered more than 3 letters into one of the search fields. I suggest you search using a computer and not a mobile device such as a phone. The search requires a large amount of data to be stored in memory and that may be too much for some mobile devices.

  2. Great, so “Nukatacha is my 24th great grandmother” should be ” Nukatacha is my 4th great grandmother”.

  3. Where can I find a description of exactly what the following means on the Armstrong Roll:
    Arm ID, cult (I thought the tribe used names), number, over and under. I never found an answer to the question about why the same person could be listed under two
    districts i.e. Leflore and Mushulatubbe. Can someone answer that. Researching Jeremiah Gardner, Arm ID 487 and 1282. Thank you. Doug Frizzell

  4. Linda,

    Yes, I was seeing quite a few extra records when I just tried entering names for Moshulatubbe claims.

    A search on my relative Lewis White returned a Moshulatubbe and a Laflore record, also.

    Figures were mostly the same, but the Moshulatubbe record for my relative had less-complete data; his Laflore record had more, but since he settled in Moshulatubbe I’m not sure he really ever had a Laflore claim.

    Armstrong Rolls content may be reviewed at

  5. Linda Logan Blanchard

    My ancestors are listed twice in the Armstrong Rolls. Once in the Leflore district and once in the Mushulatubbe District. The family information is the same. My 4th great-grandfather Cornelius McCann, my 3rd great-grandfather, Henry Pebworth (spelled numerous ways) and Nukatacha, Henry’s wife and Cornelius’ daughter. They each have two roll numbers. In addition, Henry is also listed in the Col. William Ward rolls. Did this happen to a lot of people?

      1. Richard F. Johnston

        Sueleta, 24th great grandmother is not possible since the Armstrong rolls were taken in 1830 which is less than 200 years ago. 20 years = one primitive generations times 24th great grandmother = 480 years ago.

    1. Linda,
      John Hardaway is my ancestor he married Sara Ann Hall. When John died, Sara married Simpson McCann and they had twins. I would much like to share stories with you!

    2. Linda, I have been researching a “possible ancestor” Lewis Robinson/Robertson who lived next door to your ancestors Henry Pebworth and Cornelius McCann. I have located a map that shows their property on the Tombigbee River if you are interested. Lewis is listed just above your ancestors on the Armstrong Roll. I am curious if you have come across his name in any of your research?

      Patricia Moore Taylor
      Grand Daughter of Loranza D Robinson

      1. Patricia Taylor…… I don’t know who you descend from under Lewis Robinson but I do now that 2 lines married children of Isaac Watson I refer to below.
        Isaac Watson my 4xgreat grandparent is also listed twice. Once in the Leflore district and once in the Mushulatubbe District. Both pretty much have the same information as well. I’m not sure I completely understand what this roll signifies, these are the Choctaw’s who stayed in MS? I know if that was the case then Issac Watson decided to relocate to the new country after the Armstrong Rolls since he was in now Oklahoma. I dont know when but I believe he & his wife died previous to 1885 in or near Nashoba. Does that mean his Armstrong claim would of been void? The two children meantime where followed by several others. In 1830 he & his wife were probably not married longer than 5-8 years & just starting their family. They actually have children with a wide range between them. Probably a few of the oldest being Elizabeth Watson Robinson (abt 1831) & William Watson whom married Betsy “Elizabeth” Robinson. They where still having children until about 1860 when Sophia Watson Williams was born which is the youngest child I could find on Dawes rolls still alive. They also had Joseph Watson born about 1841 & Amanda Watson Gibson aka Whale/Tikbattabe/Wilkins born abt 1850. I’m sure in the separated years many other children filled the holes but none I could prove at this time, mostly because they were already dead before the Dawes rolls. I have several suspisions. The 3 whom list Isaac Watson & wife Melvina/Lavina/Viny (whom I assume due to name is the same women) as parents on Dawes Rolls were, Elizabeth Robinson, Amanda Gibson & Sophia Williams, only still living at the time. So this couple had children spanning abt 32 years, the wife had to be very young when she started having children, probably 13-16.

    3. Bonnie Krajewski

      I believe there may be a couple of reasons for it. I found, for my ancestor Jack Jenkins, that one of the listings was under his Indian name Ona-Lubbee. and it seems it was changed to Jack Jenkins later. Another reason may be that one of the parcels was for his children since they were entitled to a parcel thru him.

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