Carlisle School Gymnasium During Graduation Exercises

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates 1889 – 1895

The Carlisle Indian School is situated in the heart of the great Pennsylvania agricultural belt on the edge of Carlisle, in the beautiful Cumberland Valley, about nineteen miles from Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania one hundred twenty miles from Washington DC. The climate is very healthful, there being great extremes neither of cold nor of heat.

For years there had been a cavalry barracks located on the present site of the school. In the early history of the Colonies, this had been a frontier military post, and it was here that, in 1775, Benjamin Franklin made a treaty of peace with the Indian Tribes of Pennsylvania.

There were graduating classes at Carlisle Indian School from 1889 to 1895. Listed below are the Graduates Name, Tribe, Home and Occupation.

Class of 1889 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Esther Miller Dagenette, Miami, Denver, Colorado, Housewife

Joseph Harris, Gros Ventre, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Farm Hand

Kish Hawkins, Cheyenne, Darlington, Oklahoma, Farmer

Cecilia Londrosh Herman, Win. Winnebago, Nebraska, Housewife

Edwin Schanandore, Oneida, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Disciplinarian

Joel Tyndall, Omaha, Walthill, Nebraska, Farmer

Julia Powlas, Wheelock, Oneida Keshena, Wisconsin, Matron, I.S.

Class of 1890 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Nellie Robertson Denny, Sioux, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Manager Outing System, I.S.

Rosa Bourassa La Flesche, Chippewa, Chilocco, Oklahoma, Clerk, Indian Service

Benjamin Lawry, Winnebago, Winnebago, Nebraska, Carpenter

Levi Levering, Omaha, Macy, Nebraska, Indian Trader

Stacy Matlock, Pawnee, Pawnee, Oklahoma, Bank clerk

George Means, Crow, Manderson, South Dakota, Carpenter

Julia Bent Prentis, Cheyenne, Darlington, Oklahoma, Housewife

Verona Holiday Raiche, Chippewa, Odanah, Wisconsin, Housewife

Lawrence Smith, Winnebago, Winnebago, Nebraska, Partially blind

William Tivis, Comanche, Cement, Oklahoma, Farmer

Benjamin Thomas, Pueblo, Bibo, New Mexico, Rancher

Dennison Wheelock, Oneida, West De Pere, Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent

Percy Zadoka, Keechi, Anadarko, Oklahoma, Farmer

Class of 1891 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Martin Archiquette, Oneida, Ft. Simcoe, Washington, Discip,. I.S.

Henry Standing Bear, Sioux, Chicago, Illinois, Show Business

Levi St. Cyr, Winnebago, Winnebago, Nebraska, Lease Clerk, I.S.

Charles Dagenette, Peoria, Denver, Colorado, Supr. Of Indian Emp., I.S.

Harry Kohpay, Osage, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Clerk, Indian Service

Yamie Leeds, Pueblo, Laguna, New Mexico, Pottery Worker

Josiah Powlas, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Physician

Class of 1892 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Benjamin Caswell, Chippewa, Cass Lake, Minnesota, Supt., I.S.

Luzena Choteau Roscamp, Wyandot, Chafey, Nevada, Housewife

Isabel Cornelius Denny, Oneida, West De Pere, Wisconsin, Housewife

Frank Everett, Wichita, Anadarko, Oklahoma, Interpreter, I.S.

Lydia Flint Spencer, Shawnee. Wyandotte, Oklahoma, Seamstress, I.S.

Benajah Miles, Arapaho, Calumet, Oklahoma, Farmer, I.S.

Thomas Metoxen, Oneida, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Farmer

Fred Peake, Chippewa, Ogema, Minnesota, Lawyer

Class of 1893 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

John Baptiste, Winnebago, Winnebago, Nebraska, Asst. in Study of Ethnology

Fred Bighorse, Sioux, Cut Meat, South Dakota, Farmer

Malcolm Clarke, Piegan, Browning, Montana, Rancher

Arthur Johnson, Wyandot, Anadarko, Oklahoma, Farmer, I.S.

John G. Morrison, Chippewa, Ponemah, Minnesota, Storekeeper

Emily Peake Robitaille, Chippewa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Housewife

Class of 1894 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Thomas Blackbear, Sioux, Porcupine, South Dakota, Farmer.

William Denomie, Chippewa, Odanah, Wisconsin, Clerk in Store.

Florence Wells Davis, Alaskan, Genoa, Nebraska, Housewife.

Flora Campbell Fitzgerald, Alaskan, Sitka, Alaska, Housewife.

James Flannery, Alaskan, (Unknown), Band Man.

Howard E. Gansworth, Tuscarora, Buffalo, New York, Manager Publicity Dept.

Minnie Yandell Lesieur, Bannock, Ross Fork, Idaho, Housewife.

Florence Miller Gardner, Stockbridge, Red Springs, Wisconsin, Housewife.

Siceni Nori, Pueblo, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Chief Clerk, I.S.

Hugh Soucea, Pueblo, Denver, Colorado, Carpenter.

Martha Napawat Thomas, Kiowa, Anadarko, Oklahoma, Housewife.

Ida Warren Tobin, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Asst. Manager

Henry Warren, Chippewa, Bena, Minnesota, Supt, I. S.

Ida Powlas Wheelock, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Housewife.

Class of 1895 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates

Antoine Donell, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Farmer.

Henrietta Fremont, Omaha, Walthill, Nebraska, Student of Law.

William Hazlett, Piegan, Ft. Cobb, Oklahoma, Editor, Farmer.

William Lufkins, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Printer.

Susie McDougall, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Clerk, Ind. Ser.

Ida La Chapelle McTavish, Chippewa, Park Rapids, Minnesota, Housewife.

William Moore, Sac & Fox, Prague, Oklahoma, R.F.D., Farmer.

Alice Lambert Otto, Chippewa, Ogema, Minnesota, Housewife.

Chauncey Yellow Robe, Sioux, Rapid City, South Dakota, Teacher, I. S.

Melissa Green Schanandore, Oneida, Wisconsin, Housewife.

Oneida, Samuel Sixkiller, Creek, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Cashier.

David Turkey, Wyandot, Newtown, Pennsylvania, Farm Hand.

George Warren, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Farmer.

Catalogue, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle Indian Press, Printed by Students, 1912.

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    Your Carlisle Graduating Class of 1891 lists 7 students. However, I have an original and official photograph (probably by Chote) and it has 11 identified graduates in it.



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