Records of Ingham County Michigan Pioneer Families

These records were typed from manuscript copies of the original records made by George L. Hammell, which were willed to the Michigan State Library by Mr. Hammell of E. Lansing, Mich. who died Sept. 26, 1952. They consist of a variety of typed sources including Bible records, cemetery records, family records, and probate records for early families of Ingham County, Michigan.

Table of Contents

Silas Beebe, Sr. Administrative Notice, p. 1
Gertrude Low Chapel’s Bible, p. 2
Plat of Old Cemetery of Stockbridge, p. 3
Bible of Minor Townsend, p. 6
Stockbridge Township Records – Ostrander, p. 7
Bible of Mrs. Robert R. Mitteer, p. 10
Bible of John R. Bowdish, p. 11
Bible of Cory Bowdish, p. 12
Bible of David Rogers, p. 13
Information by Mrs. Asquith, p. 14
Family of Daniel Dutcher and Maria Bullock, p. 16
Bible of Mary J. Presley, p. 16
Bible of Mrs. Carroll J. Stephens, p. 18
Coulson Family Records, p. 19
Pierce Family Records, p. 19
Family of Duncan McKenzie and Elizabeth Burt, p. 20
Coulson Family Records, p. 20
Royal Stephens, p. 20
Felton Family Records, p. 20
Reason Family Records, p. 21
Hayner Family Scroll, p. 21
Family of Isaac Lewis and Hannah Reynolds, p. 23
Family of Henry Saunders and Eveline Smith Clark, p. 24
Bible of Mina Coulson, p. 24
Family of Elias Smith and Mahala Whitteker, p. 26
Bible of Mrs. Edward Kitchen, p. 27
Interview with Chauncey P. Rolfe, 1936, p. 28
Data by Mrs. Alron Jewett, p. 28
Bible of C. C. Rolfe, p. 29
1888 Journal of Charles C. Rolfe, p. 30
Bible of Chester H. Rolfe, p. 30
Bible of Hiram B. Fuller, p. 31
Bible of George W. Shafer, p. 33
Family of Ephraim Rolfe, p. 34
Bible of Fred Searl, p. 35
Bible of James Baker, p. 36
Bible of Carrie Esther Baldwin, p. 37
Family Record of Warren Buckland, p. 38
Bible of Willett Gale, p. 38
Bible of Mary Russell, p. 39
Bible of Mrs. Clyde Andrews (nee Lyons), p. 41
Bible of Allan R. Edwards, p. 42
Bible of Grace Lucy Buckland, p. 43
Bible Record of Mrs. Amos Frink (nee Hazelton), p. 45
Hazelton Family Records, p. 45
Bible of Mrs. Aaron Jehiel Rayner (nee Reynolds), p. 46
Bible of Mrs. Russell Hammond (nee Gillet), p. 48
Bible of Chauncey Hoyt, p. 48
Bible of Mrs. N. W. Laird (nee McCloy), p. 49
Ewing Family Records, p. 50
McCloy Family Records, p. 50
Henry Speer, p. 50
Bible of Leah Ann King Ewing, p. 51
Bible of Randolph W. Whipple, p. 51
Bible of Arthur E. Phillips, p. 52
Will of Silas Beebe, p. 53
Bible of Miss Jennie Bowdish, p. 55
Bible of Mrs. Harvey Hayner (nee Lowe), p. 56
Branch Family Records, p. 57
Stocking Family Records, p. 58
Wheaton Family Records, p. 59
Bible of Mrs. Hilliard Bravender (nee Wheaton), p. 60
Some Stockbridge Cemetery Records, p. 61
Farmer Family Records, p. 61
Family of John Newkirk and Elizabeth Acker, p. 62
Low Family Records, p. 63
Bible of Gertrude Low Chappel, p. 63
Bible of Catherine Sticking Milner, p. 64
Low Family Records, p. 65
Bible of Mrs. Randall (nee Chappel), p. 65
Bible of Silas Holt, p. 65
Bible of Jedson Felton, p. 66
Townsend Family Records, p. 67
Proctor Family Records, p. 68
Townsend Family Records, p. 68


Hammell, George L., Bible and Family Records of Ingham County Pioneer Families, Lansing, Michigan : Michigan State Library, 1950.


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