Genealogy of James Baker

(a) Preserved: 1711-1777; m. Martha Harrington; owned and occupied the homestead property.
1. James: 1742-1803; last of the name of Baker to own and occupy the ancient dwelling house built by Richard for his son John.
A. Samuel: b. 1778; m. Charlotte Muncreef.
2. Samuel: 1744-1819; m. Elizabeth Clapp; m. (2), Sarah Clark.
A. Eleazer: 1784-1853; m. Susan Munroe; an ingenious mechanic.
a. George Washington: 1824-1888; m. Frances L. Shedd; m. (2), Elizabeth Abbot Daland; engaged in some form of mercantile business. Ch.: Charles Daland (b. 1872).
3. Preserved: 1746-1842; m. Submit Clapp.
A. John: 1780-1843; m. Patty Ellis; high sheriff of Norfolk County, appointed 1813.
a. George Ellis: 1816-1887; m. Eveline M. Stevens; private secretary to gov. of New York, 1855-56; in political and personal affiliation with William H. Seward, Horace Greeley and Thurlow Weed; during President Lincoln’s administration was “disbursing agent” of the dept. of State.
(1) George Fisher: b. 1840; m. Florence Tucker; elected president of the First National Bank of New York City, 1877. Ch.: George Fisher: b. 1878. b. John Joy: b. 1822; m. Harriette Pearson Titcombe.
(1) Alfred Titcomb: b. 1861; m. Mattie M. Nichols. Ch.: Harold Titcomb: b. 1888. c. Fisher Ames: b. 1837; graduated from Dartmouth 1859; admitted to the Bar 1860; served in the Civil War and retired as lieut.-col.; m. Catherine Whiting Fisher.
B. Benjamin: 1786-1857; m. Lydia Thayer.
(b) Samuel: 1719-1759; m. Johanna Kiteley; employed in the paper making business.
1. Samuel: 1751-1838; m. Patience Jones; paper making and later a toll gate keeper.
A. Edward: b. 1786; m. Susan Gilman Young; in 1838 he sailed from Eastport on a voyage to New Orleans and was never again heard from.
a. John Hague: 1829-1880; m. Elizabeth Hunt. Ch.: George Taylor (b. 1856; studied medicine and practicing dentist, Boston); John Walter
(b. 1860; is past asst. surgeon in U. S. Navy); Frederic Wallace (b. 1870).
B. Joel: 1801-1880; m. Diantha Albee; mechanical draughtsman and pattern maker.
a. Joel: b. 1827; m. Lucy Hixon. Ch.: Joel Herbert. Willie Marcellus, George Hixon.
b. Haydn Mozart: b. 1833; m. Martha A. Coombs. Ch.: Hadyn Mozart, John Maurice.
2. Thomas: 1755-1796; m. Abigail McDaniels; paper maker.
A. Thomas: 1779-1851; m. Hannah Bright.
a. Jeremiah Smith: b. 1813; m. Adeline Sturtevant; 1. in Perinton, N. Y.
B. David: 1785-1818; m. Eliza Bright; m. (2), Catherine Fort.
a. Daniel Fort: b. 1816; m. Eliza Rich; m. (2), Susan Chapman.
(C) Abijah: 1690-1761; m. Hannah Lyon; moved to Medfield, Mass.
(a) Ebenezer: 1714-1797; m. Esther Kingsbury.
1. Ziba: 1757-1846; m. Millie Cleveland; an extensive and prosperous farmer.
2. Ebenezer: 1775-1811; m. Lucy Maxfield. A. William: 1801-1829; m. Amelia Hunkins. a. George William: b. 1834; m. Georgie W. Atherton; m. (2), Ellen …. ; had George William, Jr.
b. Frederick Hewes: b. 1837; m. Mary F. Fairbanks; m. (2), Ellen Evelyn Dorr. Ch.: Frederick William (b. 1882), Frank Wallace (b. 1882), Howard Dustin (b. 1887).
B. Ebenezer: 1803-1864; m. Relief Drake.
a. Ebenezer: b. 1834; m. Martha Ann Davis; m. (2), Sarah Ellen Whittier; real estate broker. Ch.: Ebenezer Albert: b. 1862; m. Mary Huxford.
(b) Abijah: 1718-1780; m. Esther Hill.
1. Preserved: 1745-1792; m. Elizabeth Daniels.
A. Amos: 1772-1841; m. Abigail Smith; moved to Richmond, Vt., with some of children.
a. Amos: b. 1798; m. Olive Fisher and 1. in Providence, R. 1.
b. William H.: b. 1806; m. Sally Montgomery; two of his sons died in service during the Civil War. Ch.: Amos (1845), Cyrus (1847), Asa (1850), Charles (1855).




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