1741-2 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Anne and Mehitabel, daughters of William Turner, Jan. 3, 1741-2.
Joseph, son of Joseph Hale, Jan. 10
Elizabeth, dau. of Samll Lowell, Jan. 10.
Jane, dau. of Jno. Danford, jr., Jan. 17.
John, son of Jno. Lull, jr., Feb. 28, 1741-2
William, son of Moses Gerrish, Feb. 28, 1741-2
Elias, son of Moses Cheney, Feb. 28, 1741-2
John Coarsar, jr., an adult person, Feb. 28, 1741-2.
Moses, son of Moses Ritter, Mar. 7

Record of Baptisms and Deaths, Beginning 1709

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