Location: Byfield Massachusetts

Records of Byfield Parish

Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records

736 Byfield Massachusetts parish records recorded by a Rev. Hale from 1709-1743. These baptisms may include residents from Newbury, Rowley and Georgetown. The first pastor of the church in the parish was Rev. Moses Hale, who died Jan.16, 1743-4. The following are all the records of baptisms in the parish from the founding of the church to the time of Mr. Hale’s decease.

1710-11 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Hannah, dau. of John Homes, Jan. 21. Samuell, son of Isaac Adams, Feb. 18. Mehitabel, dau. of John Haseltyne, Feb. 25, 1710-1. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Goodridge, Mar. 4, 1711. Mary and Jemima Boynton, daughters of Joshua Boynton, jr., Apr. 1, 1711. Thomas, son of Jno. Dresser, May 6. Rebecca, dau. of Stephen Thurston, June 17, 1711. Jane, dau. of Sam’l Hale, Aug. 5, 1711. Sarah, dau. of Edmund Goodridge, Aug. 12

1738-9 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Hannah, dau. of Samll Lowell, Jan. 14. Ruth, dau. of Nathan Plumer, Feb. 4. Jacob, son of Joseph Gerrish, Feb. 11. Sarah, dau. of Eben Tenny, Feb. 18. Thomas, son of Benj. Stickney, jr., Feb. 25 Oliver, son of Stephen Stickney, Feb. 25

1739 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Joshua, son of Joshua Noyes, Apr. 22. Jedidiah, son of Samll Stickney, May 6. Eunice, dau. of Moses Hale, June 3. Benjamin, son of Samll Wallingford, June 10 John, son of Elkanah Lunt, June 10. Mary, dau. of Nathan Wheeler, jr., June 17, 1739. Joseph, son of Joseph Sweatt, June 24, 1739 John, son of Samll Searl, June 24, 1739. Ezekiel, son of Samll Northend, June 8. Silas, son of Caleb Burbank, July 29. Samuell, son of Moses Gerrish, Aug. 19. Sarah, dau. of Samll Lowell, Sept. 9. John, son of Jonathan Thurlo, Sept. 23. Dorothy, dau. of Dea. Samll

1740 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Mehitabel, dau. of Samll Hovey, Apr. 6 Sarah, dau. of David Boynton, Apr. 6. Daniel Boynton and wife ownd ye Coyt ye Same Day. Mary, dau. of William Tenney, May 18. Mary, dau. of Lt. Samll Northend, July 27, 1740. Abigail, dau. of Jonathan Pearson, Sept. 7, 1740. Parker, son of Enoch Dole, Sept. 14. Ruth, dau. of Samll Searl, Oct. 5. Ann, dau. of Jonathan Pearson, jr., Oct. 19, 1740. Eunice, dau. of Jonathan Stickney, Oct. 26 Mary, dau. of John Danford, Oct. 26. Rufus, son of Moses Wheeler, Nov. 23. Mary, dau. of Joseph Mooers, Dec. 28.

1735 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Enos, son of Joshua Noyes, Mar. 30. Henry, son of Moses Gerrish, Apr.6. Benjamin, son of William Tenny, Apr. 20. Stevens, son of Roger Chase, May 4. Abigail, dau. of Dea. Samuel Moodey, May 7, 1735. David, son of John Boynton, June 8, 1735 Jonathan, son of John Bayley, June 8, 1735. Bartholomew, son of Bartholomew Pearson, June 29, 1735. Moses, son of Andrew Duty, Aug. 31, 1735 Elizabeth, dau. of Moses Hale, Aug. 31, 1735 Elizabeth, dau. of James Calf, Aug. 31, 1735. Samuel, son of Stephen Hidden, Sept. 20, James, son of Andrew Stickney, Sept. 28 William, son

1735-6 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Mary, dau. of Joseph Gerrish, Jan. 4, 1735-6 Mercoy, dau. of Samll Lull, Jan. 4, 1735-6. Hepzibah, dau. of Samll Killburn, Jan. 11. Hannah, dau. of Jonathan Burpe, Feb. 15. Joseph, son of David Woodman, Feb. 29. Sarah, dau. of Edmund Cheney, Feb. 7 John, son of Elkanah Lunt, Feb. 7. Judith, dau. of Richard Stuartt, Mar. 14

1736 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Mary, dau. of John Plumer, Apr. 18. Samuell, son of the Widow Sarah Adams, May 16 Abigail, dau. of Joseph Noyes, May 16. Samuell, son of Jonathan Stickney, May 30, 1736. Mehitabel, dau. of Ens. Benj. Pearson, June 13, 1736. Sarah, dau. of Samll Jewett July 18 Elizabeth, dau. of Aaron Dresser, July 18. Samuel, son of Nathn Dumer, July 25. Samuell, son of Dea. Samll Moody, Sept. 5, 1736. Jedidiah, son of Joseph Russell, Sept. 12. Richard, son of William Tenney, Oct. 3. Samuel, son of James Calf, Dec. 12 Bethya, dau. of Jno. Danford, jr., Dec. 12. Sarah,

1736-7 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

John, son of Joshua Noyes, Jan. 16. Sarah, dau. of James Lacount, Jan. 23. Rebecca, dau. of Nathan Wheeler, Feb. 13 Mary, dau. of Timo. Jackman, Feb. 13. Benjamin, son of Benj. Stickney, jr., Mar. 6, 1736-7. Samuel, son of Samll Wallingford, Apr. 16. Jonathan, son of Jonathan Pearson, Feb. 27, 1736-7