1712 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Ann, dau. of Ebenezer Stewart, Apr. 6, 1712.
Jane, dau. of Thomas Colman, Apr. 6, 1712.
Margarett, dau. of Jonathan Boynton, Apr. 6, 1712.
Stephen, son of Abraham Adams, Apr. 20, 1712.
Mehitabel, dau. of Thomas Plumer, April 27.
Lydia, dau. of Judah Colman, April 27.
Jonathan, son of Ephrahim Brown, May 4, 1712.
Amos, son of Daniel Jewett, May 4, 1712
Hannah, dau. of Eldad Cheney, May 25.
Samuel, son of James Wheeler, Aug. 24
Nathaniel, son of Richd Boynton, Aug. 24.
Abigail, Alice, Benjamin and Dorothy, children of Benjamin Rawlins, Oct. 26.
Hephzibah, dau. of Maximilian Jewett, Nov. 2, 1712.
Nathaniel, son of Jonathan Spafford, Nov. 23, 1712.
David, son of Joshua Boynton, jr., Dec. 21, 1712.

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