History of Washington County and Adams County

Washington County, Idaho Pioneer Honor Roll

In 1940 and 1943, a survey of everyone who had lived in Washington County continuously for 50 years or more, was made by the Weiser American. These pioneer residents were especially honored at the Fall Festival held in the fall of both years. So far as is known, the list compiled by the survey is complete and perhaps the only record of its kind in existence.

The community loyalty and neighborly spirit that typifies this locality is our legacy from these early pioneers. Their sweat and toil made possible many luxuries that we of Washington County now enjoy. Their ambition and foresight resulted in far flung civic improvements that are of lasting benefit.

Washington County, Idaho Pioneer Honor Roll

Surname Given Name Middle Name/Title Address Came From Date Arrived
Adam Effie Mrs. Weiser Iowa 03/07/1879
Adams Francis Cambridge Cornwall, Eng. 03/07/1874
Adams Richard J Weiser Cornwall, Eng. 03/07/1874
Adams Vere Weiser Native 03/07/1890
Adamson Rosa Midvale Kansas 03/07/1884
Ader Bertha Mrs. Midvale 03/08/1881
Ader Arthur Weiser Missouri 03/07/1884
Allen Claude Mrs. Weiser 03/07/1889
Allison Alex B Cambridge Native 03/07/1875
Anderson Ernma O. / Mrs. Weiser Sweden 03/07/1887
Applegate William Weiser Oregon 03/07/1878
Barton Barbara S. / Mrs. Weiser Missouri 03/07/1882
Barton Carrie Mrs. Weiser 03/07/1882
Barton Mollie Weiser Native 03/07/1885
Beier Amelia Mrs. Weiser Utah 03/07/1882
Black Dora Mrs. Weiser Montana 03/07/1888
Boyd Lillian Hague / Mrs. Midvale Native 03/07/1881
Bradshaw Walter Weiser Illinois 03/07/1884
Branch B S. / Mrs. Midvale Native
Brooks Arthur S Weiser Native 03/07/1873
Buhl Thomas Cambridge 03/07/1869
Calwhite Mae Saling Weiser Native 03/07/1883
Calwhite Martin Weiser Germany 01/09/1887
Canary Lizzie Mrs. Weiser Montana 03/07/1881
Carpbbell Lena Weiser Native 03/07/1882
Carrick Bert Cambridge Kansas 03/07/1882
Connell Mary Mrs. Weiser Indiana 03/07/1880
Cope Ben Weiser Native 03/07/1882
Corbett J R Weiser Native 03/07/1883
Cornett Ollie Jones / Mrs. Midvale Native 03/07/1879
Cornett Isaac W Midvale Oregon 03/07/1882
Cousens W J Weiser 01/09/1882
Cowins Lewis Weiser California 03/07/1887
Cox Alice Mrs. Cambridge 03/07/1881
Crowell Lora Craven Weiser Native 03/07/1880
Daly Carrie M. / Mrs Weiser Oregon 01/04/1884
Dayton Mary Weiser Jerusalem, Idaho 03/07/1878
Devenny Geo Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1884
Dickerson L. M. / Mrs Weiser Boise 03/07/1869
Dickerson L M Weiser Kansas 03/07/1877
Dodge Maybelle Brooks Weiser Native 03/07/1868
Donart George Weiser Native 03/07/1890
Eccles William H Cambridge 03/07/1886
Edlin Laura Wilson Weiser Illinois 03/07/1886
Elliott Andrew Weiser Oregon 03/07/1887
Eshom Emma F. / Mrs. Weiser Kansas 03/07/1875
Evans Dudley Midvale 03/08/1881
Evans John Midvale Native 03/07/1882
Favre Louis Midvale Oregon 03/07/1889
Galloway Francis H Weiser Native 03/07/1871
Galloway A F Weiser Native 03/07/1877
Galloway Guy Weiser Native 03/07/1880
Galloway Katherine Weiser Native 03/07/1882
Gilderoy George Weiser Illinois 03/07/1871
Gilderoy N A. / Allie Weiser Native 03/07/1875
Gilderoy Mary Mrs. Weiser Oregon 03/07/1878
Glascock George Weiser Native 03/07/1882
Gray Clara E. / Mrs. Weiser Oregon
Gray Thomas W Weiser Native 03/07/1882
Grimmett William Weiser Oregon 03/07/1883
Hague George Weiser Native 03/07/1888
Harris Frank Judge Weiser California 03/07/1880
Harris Nettie O. / Mrs. Weiser Oklahoma 03/07/1881
Hauntz H J Weiser Missouri 03/07/1882
Hemenway J B. / Sr. Weiser Utah 03/07/1880
Hemenway J B. / Sr. Weiser Native 03/07/1881
Hixon C L. / Dr. Weiser Kansas 03/07/1882
Hoffstatter Mary Cambridge Nebraska 03/07/1879
Hopkins Lee A Weiser Ohio 03/07/1889
Hopkins Vernon J Weiser 03/07/1889
Hopper R A. / Mrs. Weiser Missouri 03/07/1876
Hopper John M Midvale 03/08/1883
Hubbard J W. / Mrs. Weiser 01/09/1882
Hubbard Cora A Weiser Illinois 03/07/1882
Hubbard J W Weiser Oregon 03/07/1886
Jackson Alex Weiser Missouri 03/07/1890
Jones Mary Mrs. Native 03/07/1872
Jones Ida . Weiser Kansas 03/07/1875
Jones A J Weiser Missouri 03/07/1878
Keithley S A Midvale 03/07/1876
Keithley S A. / Mrs. Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Keithley Sarah Mrs. Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Keithley Seppie . Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Keithly Effie Mrs. Midvale 03/07/1881
Kimball Sallie R. / Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1877
Kiser Charles A Weiser Colorado 03/07/1881
Korup Franz . Weiser Germany 03/07/1888
Lafferty Zella Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1884
Lanning Rebecca . Weiser Kansas 03/07/1891
Ledington Calvin . Midvale Kansas 03/07/1883
Ledington Cal . Midvale Kansas 03/07/1883
Linder Minnie Mrs Midvale Utah 03/07/1870
Linder Thos M Midvale Colorado 01/09/1875
Linder Rose Midvale 03/07/1877
Linder Rose Groseclose Midvale 03/07/1877
Madison Dave . Weiser 03/07/1880
Martin Dora Kelly / Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1876
McCaw Florence . Weiser Missouri 03/07/1876
McCrea John J Weiser Native 03/07/1883
McCrea Chas O. Weiser Native 03/07/1887
McGinnis J A Weiser Illinois 03/07/1875
McGinnis Frank Weiser Boise 03/07/1882
McGinnis Ella Mrs. Weiser Kansas 03/07/1890
Michael Lora Adams Weiser Oregon 03/07/1875
Michael John Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Moore Noel Weiser Native 03/07/1890
Nesbit George V Weiser 01/10/1884
Newman N L Midvale 03/07/1882
Nixon Nina L. / Mrs. Brownlee Native 03/07/1871
Olds Edward S Weiser Missouri 03/07/1887
Olds Seldon Weiser Spolame 03/07/1888
Ottman Henry Weiser 03/07/1872
Pearson M Mrs. Weiser Illinois 03/07/1883
Pearson W M Weiser Kansas 03/07/1888
Pickett Joe Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Pickett Alma R. / Mrs. Midvale Native 03/07/1884
Potter W F Weiser Missouri 03/07/1884
Potter W F. / Mrs. Weiser Missouri 03/07/1884
Pringle Belle Mrs. Weiser Missouri 03/07/1880
Purcell O A. / Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1889
Rigg Maude Townley Weiser Iowa 03/07/1882
Ripper I. N. Weiser Oregon 03/04/1870
Roberts John W. / Bill Weiser Native 03/07/1890
Ross Ed Weiser Native 03/07/1886
Ryan Teresa Burke / Mrs. Weiser Iowa 03/07/1888
Sears Gus Weiser Kansas 03/07/1882
Shannon T S Weiser Utah 03/07/1880
Shannon Sadie B. / Mrs. Weiser Oregon 03/07/1883
Shaw W R Council Missouri 03/07/1866
Shaw W R. / Mrs. Council Utah 03/07/1879
Shaw Jess L Weiser Native 03/07/1885
Shearer Nancy E. / Mrs. Weiser Virginia 03/07/1889
Smith Chas H Weiser Native 03/07/1881
Smith Fannie M. / Mrs Weiser Oregon 03/07/1884
Smith Mary Taylor Cambridge Kansas 03/07/1884
Sommer Morris Weiser Germany 01/09/1887
Starr J L. Cambridge Iowa 03/07/1874
Stephens Carrie Cambridge Native 03/07/1884
Stevens Barbara Barton Weiser Missouri 03/07/1886
Stover William Weiser 03/07/1886
Sutton O. E. / Mrs. Cambridge Native 03/07/1878
Swanstrom S A Cambridge Payette 03/07/1890
Sweet Pearl Weiser Oregon 03/07/1890
Taylor Chet Weiser Native 03/07/1883
Taylor Marguerite Mrs. Weiser Texas 03/07/1890
Towell Frank Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Towell Richard Midvale Missouri 03/07/1881
Towell Margaret Mrs. Midvale 03/07/1888
Townley Harry Weiser Nevada 03/07/1882
Townley Frank Weiser Iowa 03/07/1882
Townley Charles Weiser Nevada 03/07/1882
Townley Bert Weiser Nevada 03/07/1882
Triplow Annie E. / Mrs. Weiser 03/07/1885
Waldrop Lottie S. / Mrs. Weiser Native 03/07/1877
Walker John Weiser Texas 03/07/1889
Walker John Mrs. Weiser Oregon 03/07/1891
Wallace W A Weiser 03/04/1879
Wallace Alice W. / Mrs. Weiser Kansas 03/07/1885
Waterhouse Annie B. / Mrs. Weiser Ohio 03/07/1889
Watkins Alfred W Weiser Oregon 03/07/1879
Watson Jess D Weiser Texas 03/07/1889
Weston Chas Mrs. / Sr, Weiser Nebraska 03/07/1880
Weston Charles Jr Weiser Native 03/07/1885
Widner Frank Midvale Missouri 03/07/1882
Widner Deilila Mrs. Midvale 03/07/1887
Wiggins Edward N Midvale Missouri 03/07/1877
Wilburn Mary Weiser Oregon 03/07/1880
Wilburn Bird Midvale Native 03/07/1887
Williamson Maude Mrs. Mann Creek Native 03/07/1883
Williamson Anna H Midvale Native 03/07/1890
Winiger Jessie Mrs. Midvale 03/07/1886
Winkler Jim Council Virginia 03/07/1878
Winkler Jim Mrs. Council Oregon 03/07/1888
Woodland C E Weiser Iowa 01/09/1883
Yongue W W Midvale Texas 03/07/1885
York Leanora Weiser Emmett 03/07/1885

Honor Roll,

Washington County ID,

Source: Harris, Frank,. History of Washington County and Adams County. Weiser, Idaho?: unknown, 1941?

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