Surname: Pringle

Ancestor Register of Esther Steelman Adams

A Genealogy of the Lake Family

A genealogy of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbour in Old Gloucester County in New Jersey : descended from John Lade of Gravesend, Long Island; with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. This volume of nearly 400 pages includes a coat-of-arms in colors, two charts, and nearly fifty full page illustrations – portraits, old homes, samplers, etc. The coat-of-arms shown in the frontspiece is an unusually good example of the heraldic art!

History of Washington County and Adams County

Washington County, Idaho Pioneer Honor Roll

In 1940 and 1943, a survey of everyone who had lived in Washington County, Idaho continuously for 50 years or more, was made by the Weiser American. These pioneer residents were especially honored at the Fall Festival held in the fall of both years. So far as is known, the list compiled by the survey is complete and perhaps the only record of its kind in existence.

Biography of Jacob F. Pringle

Jacob Farrand Pringle, Judge of the County Court, was born in the City of Valenciennes, France, June 27, 1816. His father, James Pringle, was a Lowland Scotchman, of the Torsonce Pringles; was born near Edinburgh, and was an officer in the British army; his mother, before her marriage, was Ann M. Anderson. In 1817, when Jacob was little more than one year old, the family came to Canada, settling near Cornwall, the father serving as Clerk of the Peace for the United Counties of Dundas, Stormont and Glengarry, for a long period. Jacob received an English and classical education; in

Biographical Sketch of Norman Pringle

Norman Pringle, of Connecticut, settled in Warren County in 1819. He was a very intelligent man, and was frequently solicited to run for office, but always refused, because he had so great a dislike for politics. He married Sally Kellogg, by whom he had nine children Jane, Judith, Helen, Harriet, Huldah IL, Virgil, Mark, Norman O., and Charles W. All of the children except Mark (who died a bachelor) married, and most of them live in Warren County.