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Seminole (Creek: Sim-a-no’-le, or Isti simanóle, ‘separatist’, ‘runaway’ ).  A Muskhogean tribe of Florida, originally made up of immigrants from the Lower Creek towns on Chattahoochee river, who moved down into Florida following the destruction of the Apalachee (q. v.) and other native tribes. They were at first classed with the Lower Creeks, but began to be known under their present name about 1775.  Those still residing in Florida call themselves Ikaniúksalgi, peninsula people’ (Gatschet).

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  • Seminole-Nation-IT – A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Seminole Nation, Indian Territory
  • Seminole-Surnames – Sharing of information regarding Native American surnames associated with the Seminole Nation
  • NA-NEWBIES – A mailing list for anyone new to Native American Research, all Tribes and Nations.
  • NATIVEAMERICAN-BURIALGROUNDS Discussing and sharing of information regarding remaining and lost Native American burial grounds in the United States
  • NATIVEAMERICAN-CHIEFSA mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the chiefs of the Native American tribes/nations in the United States.
  • Indian Rolls – One for each state.  Ask questions to find the location of your ancestors
  • INDIAN TRIBES-LOCATION, One for each state.  Ask questions to find the location of your ancestors
  • INDIAN CEMETERIES, A place to share the location or transcriptions of Indian Cemeteries
  • NEW-ENG-NATAM Native Americans of New England and New York

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The list of tribes and organizations below are not federally recognized. Many of them are state recognized organizations only or working towards federal recognition. We will provide a listing for any Native American organization or tribe.  If you would like your organization listed please submit the information here.

Seminole Indian Rolls


Seminole Indian Treaties

Seminole Indian Suggested Reading

The Seminole Indians of Florida, by Clay MacCauley
At the beginning of my visit I found but one Seminole with whom I could hold even the semblance of an English conversation. To him I am indebted for a large part of the material here collected. To him, in particular, I owe the extensive Seminole vocabulary now in possession of the Bureau of Ethnology.

Laws, Decisions and Regulations Affecting the work of the Commissioners to the Five Civilized Tribes
Provides information on many of the laws used by the The Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Department of the Interior.

Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, by Frederick W. Hodge
During the early exploration and settlement of North America, a multitude of Indian tribes were encountered, having diverse customs and languages. Lack of knowledge of the aborigines and of their languages led to many curious errors on the part of the early explorers and settlers

Indian Races of North and South America, by Charles De Wolfe Brownell
n describing the adventures and proceedings of the pioneers in the settlement and civilization of the Western Continent, the interesting nature of the narrative may have led the author, in some instances, away from the immediate object of his attention.

Indian Linguistic Families of America North of Mexico, by John Wesley Powell
The terms “family” and “stock” are here applied interchangeably to a group of languages that are supposed to be cognate.



AccessGenealogy. Tribal Genealogy Research: Directory of online resources for specific tribes. Web. 2009-2013.

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